AEW Announcer Left Thinking “What The F*ck Are We Doing?” At Double Or Nothing

Darby Allin AEW Double Or Nothing Flamethrower

One AEW announcer was left questioning what the company was thinking as anarchy definitely ruled at Double Or Nothing.

At Double Or Nothing, Anarchy In The Arena was as wild as ever with Jack Perry and Darby Allin stealing the show with one frightening spot. Backstage, Jack Perry put his hands on Tony Khan again, dragging him out to the entranceway. However, Darby Allin was lying in wait and used his flamethrower to set Perry on fire.

Perry was quickly doused with fire extinguishers by The Young Bucks and ultimately it was Perry who picked up the win for his team after nailing Bryan Danielson with a knee to the side of the head. And while Perry was winning that match, Darby Allin swung upside down suspended from a rope completely helpless.

Tony Schiavone Stunned By AEW Double Or Nothing Craziness

Speaking on his What Happened When podcast, AEW announcer Tony Schiavone who had an up close and personal look at the carnage unfolding, admitted he wasn’t sure what was going on:

So some things happened in that match. Obviously, the one thing that happened was Jack Perry getting burned, but a lot of things happened in that match. Darby being tied up by his legs. As that’s going on, to be honest with you, I’m thinking, ‘What the f*ck are we doing?!’

Again, you’re right. It’s memorable. It’s things that happened that you’re going to remember for a long long time. When people say, ‘Hey, did you ever see AEW Double or Nothing?’ They’re going to say, ‘Yeah, I remember when they burned Jack Perry and they tied Darby Allin upside down, and he wore a face guard with thumbtacks on.’

Following the show it was confirmed that both Jack Perry and Darby Allin were alright after their wild exploits. However, Adam Copeland now needs surgery after his crazy leap from the top of a cage as he successfully defended the TNT Title against Malakai Black.

h/t Fightful