Adam Copeland Says Infamous WWE Segment Sucked

Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland has revealed his disdain for an infamous WWE Raw segment.

‘The Rated R Superstar’ climbed to the top of the WWE mountain at New Years Revolution on 8th January 2006, cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase to prise the title away from fan favourite John Cena, who had just defended the gold in a gruelling Elimination Chamber match against Carlito, Chris Masters, Kane, Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels.

The Canadian Superstar promised to celebrate the achievement in style on WWE Raw the following evening and decided upon a ‘live sex celebration’ with then-girlfriend Lita on a bed set up in the centre of the ring.

It was a first, and last, of it’s kind in WWE, with the raunchy pair ultimately interrupted by ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair in a segment that drew an impressive 5.2 rating, the highest number for Raw in over a year at that stage.

Copeland reflected on the shocking events in Hershey, Pennsylvania during a recent interview with Chek Media, explaining that he would not agree to participate in the angle in the current day and age:

“Well Adam Copeland now would say no to that. But Adam Copeland then was like, ‘I guess this is part of the gig, this is what I got to do.’ Knowing even at the time, even with time differences or anything like that, it’s like, ‘Well, this sucks,’ and it did. It really did.

Now I have the confidence in myself, confidence as a performer. To know ‘nah I don’t gotta do that. I bring more than that to the table.’ I can do more with my eyes. than I can with trying cheap stuff like that. So that’s nice that the industry has grown from that because yeah, it’s easy to go for low-hanging fruit.”

The 50 year-old would go own to admit that the business had changed in a positive fashion since those times and encouraged today’s Superstars to reject any creative ideas they were not comfortable with:

“I think that’s one thing that wrestling did a lot of, and thankfully I think has learned its lesson. I think as society has progressed, as everyone has just kind of progressed and moved forward. I think thankfully, it has too, which wasn’t always the case.I feel like now it’s different, and in a good way.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with, no matter what your age, going ‘Nah I think I’m good.’ The power of no, is a beautiful thing.”

Adam Copeland Reveals How Close He Came to Retirement In 2023

Adam Copeland departed WWE following a critically acclaimed bout with Sheamus during an episode on SmackDown held in his home town of Toronto, Canada on 18th August 2023.

He would make the move to AEW shortly after, where he currently holds the TNT Championship. Despite having made the switch to Tony Khan’s organisation, Copeland recently revealed that he came close to retiring at the conclusion of his contract with WWE.

H/T: SEScoops for the above transcription.