Adam Copeland On How Vince McMahon Viewed Him

Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland has opened up on what he feels Vince McMahon originally thought of him, and what the turning point was to change it.

Despite now making AEW his home, the majority of Adam Copeland’s career was spent in WWE where he became a multi-time title holder.

However, it would seem the former Edge didn’t have the closest of relationships with his boss at first.

In a discussion on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast, Copeland talked about how he thinks Vince McMahon originally thought he was too nice.

We were always civil. We always… not a connection per se. I think what he thought was I was a nice guy, maybe too nice a guy. And it wasn’t really until the whole real-life thing blew up in my face when he thought, ‘Oh, maybe he’s an as*hole too.’ I truly think that was kind of the tipping point for him to see more than just the smiling guy who’s happy to be here.

Copeland On McMahon: “I Didn’t Think He Was Watching”

Continuing on, Copeland discussed the promo he feels turned things around, and that he didn’t think McMahon was actually watching it.

It was, again, that promo in Pittsburgh, I think it really built our connection because he watched it, and I didn’t think he was watching it. And he came up to me after, that’s for him when he saw, ‘Right, I got something here.

With his career now seemingly winding up, Adam Copeland has a unique idea for his retirement match.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.