Adam Copeland Has Unique Idea For Retirement Match

Adam Copeland speaking to Christian Cage in AEW

Adam Copeland has thought about his final match as a pro wrestler and has chosen a special venue for it.

For 25 years year from 1998 to 2023, wrestling fans knew Adam Copeland by his WWE name Edge. When his contract with WWE expired, he chose to take his talents to All Elite Wrestling in October. Since then, Copeland has wrestled six matches.

At AEW Worlds End in December, Adam Copeland won AEW’s TNT Title for the first time by beating his best friend Christian Cage in a No Disqualification Match in a match between two men who are 50 years old.

Unfortunately for Copeland, he was attacked by Killswitch (Luchasaurus) after the match with moves including a Chokeslam onto a chair. Killswitch earned a TNT Title match by winning a battle royal earlier in the night, but Chrisitan convinced his buddy Killswitch to give Christian the title match. Christian hit a Spear on an injured Copeland and regained the TNT Title. That meant that Coepland’s TNT Title reign lasted about one minute.

During an interview with Sam Roberts on Not Sam Wrestling, Adam Copeland mentioned an idea he had for a final match.

“I don’t think it needs to be triumphant, I already had that. I don’t know if it’s Christian anymore. It’d be nice to give that final shot in the arm to that person, or the person who is already there, but it isn’t going to hurt.”

“In a perfect world, to me, the place is really important. I would love to do it in Maple Leafs Gardens. That I would love to do. Even if it means I have to start an Indie for a day and I have to book Maple Leafs Gardens and I have to film it and get a production team and get the talent.”

“To be able to do it in the place that I first saw wrestling live. To be back in that place. If I could do it in Maple Leaf Gardens, there is no other place and there is no other ending after that. It’s just done and it’s just it.”

Maple Leaf Gardens is a famous venue that is where Copeland’s beloved Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL used to play until 1999 when the arena now known as Scotiabank Arena was built.

Adam Copeland Specifies How Much Longer He Will Wrestle

In the same interview, Adam Copeland admitted that at 50 years of age and four years since his WWE comeback in 2020, he feels like he has about a two-year window in terms of how much longer he can wrestle.

“I can do this for a limited time, because it is all limited. Even though it’s been four or five years back now, it’s not like I got another four or five in front of me. I know I don’t. We’re looking at like a two year window here to be able to get as much done as I can get done, tell as many stories as I can, and try and help talent along the way with that and I need to be there more and to do that and I want to be there more to do that because even still, it’s not like the schedule was back when I was riding 220 or 250 days a year.

At most, it’s two times a week and that’s very doable to still be the dad I need to be, to be the partner I need to be. I still have the time and the energy to do that because it’s not as all consuming as it was. I don’t let it be as all consuming as it used to be either. But by the schedule, it just becomes less all consuming. I wanted to be able to do as much as I could while I could and that felt like the place I was going to be able to be allowed to do that. That’s when it really, I was like, that’s where I gotta go.”

While also talking about his career, Copeland opened about his most controversial WWE storyline as well.

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