Adam Copeland Opens Up About His Most Controversial WWE Storyline

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Adam Copeland has given his honest opinion on the most controversial story from his career as WWE’s Edge.

During Adam Copeland’s rise to the top of WWE as Edge, a real-life situation was played out on TV To make him like a very bad guy. In 2005, it became known that Lita cheated on her longtime boyfriend Matt Hardy with Edge.

It was a bad situation that became known among wrestling fans online and it would lead to chants in the arenas as well. It was so personal that Matt was even fired for a few weeks due to concerns WWE had at the time. Matt was eventually brought back that summer and a couple of big matches with Edge that included Matt beating Edge in a terrific cage match at the September 2005 show called Unforgiven.

After the feud with Edge & Matt concluded, Lita remained with Edge for most of 2006 as well. The couple Edge & Lita weren’t afraid to show off their affection, which included a “Sex Celebration” on Raw in January 2006. that’s what led to Adam getting the “Rated R Superstar” nickname that he uses today.

In an interview with Sam Roberts on Not Sam Wrestling, Adam Copeland was asked about WWE using his real-life situation on television.

“It was pretty quickly. I wanted to get into it sooner than we did. Just face it head on and let’s go. We eventually got there when they brought Matt back and I was like, ‘Okay, here we go.’ Now, at least, all under the same roof, now we can get to work on trying to make something from this because it’s already out in the ether anyway so let’s use it and in a perfect world, we get it put behind us and in a perfect world we’re all in a better place, at least professionally, after the fact.”

“At that point, that’s the only positive I could think to pull out of it. ‘Okay, I f**ked up, now what do I do?’ That was really the first instance, lousy way to get there, but I feel like that’s almost when I stepped into manhood. When I fully went, I have to be not a kid anymore, I’m on the road and having fun. Now there are bigger things and I have to face them.”

After 25 years in WWE as Edge, Adam Copeland signed with AEW and debuted at their WrestleDream PPV in October 2023.

Adam Copeland Wins And Loses TNT TItle At AEW Worlds End

The final AEW PPV of 2023 was Worlds End with Adam Copeland competing in a chaotic No DQ Match against TNT Champion Christian Cage, who is Copeland’s best friend for the last 40 years (both men are 50 years old).

That match between Copeland and Cage was a chaotic battle featuring tables (including a flaming one), ladders and chairs, which both men are known air. Copeland managed to find a way to beat his rival Cage.

After the match was over, Killswitch (fka Luchasaurus) attacked Copeland from behind. This was a big deal because Killswitch earned a TNT Title shot earlier in the night. That’s when the “Patriarch” Christian Cage intervened and made Killswitch give Cage the contract, which led to Cage beating Copeland to win back the TNT Title.

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