Adam Copeland Details How He Stays In Ring Shape At 49 Years Old

Adam Copeland AEW Dynamite

Adam Copeland is still going strong, and he revealed how he stays ring-ready as he approaches the age of 50.

At WrestleDream on October 1st, Adam Copeland shocked the world by making his debut in All Elite Wrestling. Just as his former tag team partner Christian Cage was about to deliver a one man con-chair-to to a fallen Sting, the familiar sounds of Metalingus rang out throughout the arena, eliciting a monstrous ovation from the Seattle crowd.

Adam Copeland made his in-ring debut for the company on October 10th, successfully defeating Cage’s ally Luchasaurus.

Speaking in a recent interview with The Masked Man Show, the former Edge says he feels great at the age of 49, though he admits he needs to take more care to keep his body in ring shape than he did in his younger years.

“I feel great, I really do, there’s just a lot more work that goes into it now. There’s a lot more post work, in terms of, I’m hopping in the cold plunge and the sauna and I’m stretching an hour a day now, things that I took for granted before that I just didn’t do before.

“Also, when I was on the road the last time, there wasn’t meal prep companies, there wasn’t any of that stuff. If you got out of the building at midnight, it was Waffle House if you were lucky. So, that has greatly helped in terms of maintaining yourself. I bring my meals with me on the road, I heat them up so nothing feels out of wack. It’s just, that’s honestly the full time part of the job now, is maintaining where I need to try and maintain to still pull this off.”

Adam Copeland Wants To Retire Before His Body Fails Him

Continuing, Adam Copeland explained that he only wants to keep going in the ring as long as he can perform at a high level. He feels he has about two years left in him.

“Yeah, there’s more of a fallout now and there’s all of these things, but back to maximizing this thing, I just want to do it until I feel like I can’t do it at the level I need to. I still want a young guy to look at [me] and go, ‘Man, I can’t wait to get in there with him.’ The minute that stops, that’s when I just need to be done. I think that’s going to end before we get there, that’s my plan. I really just feel like we can tell a couple of years worth of really good stories and even in just those names I’ve mentioned, we can eat up that two years. I’ve got a gym in the house so I have no excuse.”

h/t Fightful