Adam Copeland Gives Candid Take On Christian Cage In AEW

Adam Copeland Christian Cage AEW

Adam Copeland tried to reunite with his friend Christian Cage in AEW but Cage seems more interested in being the most loathed man in wrestling.

Adam Copeland shocked the world when he joined AEW at WrestleDream. The man formerly known as Edge in WWE came to the rescue of Sting and Darby Allin after Cage had defeated Allin to retain his TNT Title after Nick Wayne turned his back on Allin to fall under the tutelage of Cage.

Copeland tried to speak sense into his longtime tag team partner but Cage had just three words for his friend as the two seemed destined to meet one-on-one. The first meeting between them saw Cage retain his TNT Title as Nick Wayne’s mother, Shayna Wayne, cost Copeland the match to the shock of everyone after all the disgusting things Christian Cage has said about her in the past.

Cage and Copeland faced off once again in a brutal brawl at Worlds End that saw Copeland win the TNT Championship but any joy was short-lived. Christian Cage forced Killswitch to hand over the TNT Title shot he had won earlier in the night and cashed it in immediately on Copeland who had been taken out by the former Luchasaurus.

Adam Copeland Explains Why Christian Cage Makes Such A Good Villain

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Adam Copeland explained that Christian Cage is so good at being hated because he doesn’t try to be cooler than everyone else:

He does this so well because he wants to be one. Somewhere along the way, that’s got lost. Heels became cooler than the babyface. That’s not how it should be. That’s not how he sees it, either. I mean, the man wears a cut-off turtleneck. There’s nothing cool about what he’s doing.

He’s fully committed to it. He’s a Bond villain and loving it. It’s fun to be involved with.

Adam Copeland is currently holding his ‘Cope Open’ on AEW TV as he gives the up-and-coming stars of AEW – and the occasional Japanese legend – the chance to go one-on-one with him. His ultimate aim is to move up the rankings to get his hand on Christian Cage and his cut-off turtleneck one more time.