Adam Cole Reveals Gruesome Injury Details On AEW Dynamite

adam cole aew dynamite foot

Adam Cole provided an injury update on AEW Dynamite following a freak accident one week earlier.

During the September 20th edition of AEW Dynamite (Grand Slam), Maxwell Jacob Friedman was defending the AEW World Championship against a difficult opponent – Samoa Joe. In the final few minutes of the match, MJF’s best friend Adam Cole went down to ringside to watch the match.

Unfortunately for Cole, he went running down the ramp and when he jumped from the ramp to the floor, he twisted his left ankle badly. Cole hobbled around ringside as MJF found a way to beat Joe, but Cole was clearly hurt. There was no update on Cole’s status all week other than there were concerns it could be a serious injury.

On AEW Dynamite from Broomfield (Denver), Colorado, the ROH World Tag Team Champions MJF & Adam Cole went into the ring for a promo. Cole was accompanied by crutches along with a big brace on his left leg and a black boot. Cole sat in the ring to deliver this terrible news.

“Last week I got hurt. My ankle broke in three different places, and I tore ligaments last week. I have to go get surgery. There is nothing more soul crushing than hearing this, but I will do everything in my power to get back as soon as possible.”

While there was no specific timeline given for when Adam Cole may be able to wrestle again, he is likely out of action for the rest of 2023 and perhaps some time in 2024 as well.

MJF plans to defend ROH Tag Team Titles without Adam Cole

The team of MJF & Adam Cole won the ROH Tag Team Titles at AEW All In one month ago. They were set to defend those titles this Sunday, October 1st at the AEW WrestleDream PPV. Now that Cole is hurt, there have been questions about what was going to happen to that match.

As Cole continued with his promo, it sounded like he was going to forfeit the ROH Tag Team Titles, but that’s when MJF spoke up.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn’t wrestle twice in one night to win these and then have to relinquish our titles to the Righteous! Let’s keep it real. You wouldn’t be hurt if I didn’t need your help at Grand Slam. I know how much those ROH World Tag Team Titles mean to you. And I want to make sure that when you come back here, and you will, these will be waiting for you. Righteous, October 1st, I’m going to defend these titles against you in a handicap match and we are going to win!”

The fans loved the passion shown by the AEW World Champion MJF. That means as of right now, the match is on for WrestleDream with MJF defending the ROH Tag Team Titles by himself in a handicap match against The Righteous duo consisting of Vincent & Dutch.

Adam Cole is dating former AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker, who posted these comments and photos about her boyfriend’s injury.

Everybody at TJRWrestling wishes Adam Cole all the best as he recovers from the broken ankle injury.