Absent WWE Star “Fine” And “Waiting For Creative”

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It would seem it’s just a case of biding his time for one WWE star currently off our screens.

There has been talk lately as to why we haven’t quite seen the return of Johnny Gargano yet. There are currently reports that whilst he’s had a shoulder injury over the last couple of months, he is now medically cleared but hasn’t been used on television yet. Some of the speculation surrounding this is that he’s going to reform his partnership with Tommaso Ciampa to bring back DIY, although that’s yet to be confirmed.

If Gargano and Ciampa were to team up again, it raises a separate question mark over the status of Dexter Lumis who has also been absent from our screens. At times he has been part of The Way since it reformed in WWE after many of its members returned, but with Gargano gone he hasn’t been seen in recent weeks.

A new report from Fightful Select has confirmed that Lumis isn’t currently sidelined with injury. The report also states that it’s simply a case of waiting for the right creative idea and time to bring him back in to the fold. This may well have been the same for Gargano if he has been cleared in recent weeks and even backstage at Raw one time, however the decision was made not to use him.

There have clearly been various thoughts on what could be the right direction for Dexter Lumis during his time in WWE, as was demonstrated last year when The Road Dogg had one creative pitch shot down by Triple H.

Will “He” Be Back Soon?

The hints about the return of Johnny Gargano have become even more direct, with Tommaso Ciampa even noting in a backstage interview recently that “he” will be coming back soon.

The obvious inclination there is the return of DIY, however as a couple of weeks have now passed with no sign of Gargano, it could maybe be someone else.