Triple H “Buried” Recent Road Dogg Pitch For Dexter Lumis

Dexter Lumis

The Road Dogg had an idea he thought would help advance the character of Dexter Lumis, however Triple H shot it down straight away.

Dexter Lumis was brought back in to WWE shortly after ‘The Game’ took the helm of creative from the retiring Vince McMahon. Lumis kept the characteristics which had previously been seen in NXT, and has recently been in an ongoing feud with The Miz.

However, in his role as a producer The Road Dogg thought that Lumis should be from somewhere other than Recluse, Wyoming as he is currently billed.

In a discussion on his Oh You Didn’t Know? podcast, The Road Dogg talked about his idea to bill Dexter Lumis from Skinwater Ranch, however Triple H buried it before it got off the ground.

I wanted him to be from Skinwalker Ranch. There’s a show called Skinwalker Ranch and there’s a place called Skinwalker Ranch, and the truth about Skinwalker Ranch is that there’s a bunch of paranormal activity that happens out there, or [at least] it’s reported. A lot of UFO sightings, a lot of cow mutilations, a lot of stuff. The show had just come on and I had just started watching it. I was like ‘Oh man, show is cool.’ …[Hunter] just buried it straight away and [now] he’s from somewhere [else].

The Road Dogg also recently weighed in on how he feels it was the pressure from Vince McMahon which caused Lars Sullivan to walk away from professional wrestling.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.