WWE Uses Cart to Carry Big Men to the Ring During Royal Rumble Match (PHOTOS)

Last night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view was at The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. With The Alamodome being so large, WWE said that the entrance ramp for the event was about 60 – 65 yards long.

As you can imagine, this must’ve been quite the problem for WWE’s big men wrestlers. There are two minutes in between Royal Rumble entries and if you think about someone like Mark Henry getting down the ramp, the two minutes may be close to up by the time he actually enters the ring.

However, the above scenario was not the case at all last night. WWE’s resident big men got to the ring in reasonably quick time, and we have special WWE carts to thank for this!

After one of WWE’s big men would enter, the camera would initially be on them walking down the ramp, but then cut away to the action in the ring. During the time where WWE camera’s were not on them, WWE’s big men were being driven down to the ring in a cart in order to speed up the process.

Members of the WWE Universe who were in attendance last night and seated by the entrance ramp took pictures of this (as you can see below). The guys who used cart’s last night were Braun Strowman, Big Show, Mark Henry, Big E and Bray Wyatt.

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Mark’s reaction: Reading this news now makes things a little more clearer for me. I remember watching Mark Henry make his entrance last night, and right before the camera cut away from him it looked like he was stepping to the side and walking away/off the ramp. I thought it was weird, but he made it to the ring in kind of a timely fashion, so I assumed everything was okay. Now I know he was just making room for the cart to come by and pick him up!