Samoa Joe is poised to make a big splash on WWE’s main roster very soon. When will be that exactly? Nothing is official yet, but a main roster debut at the January 29 Royal Rumble event seems like the right time for it.

The Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer reports that “there is an idea on the table where Joe will debut with a major push and be in one of the top few matches at WrestleMania.”

It’s important to note that he just said there’s an idea and that doesn’t make it a sure thing by any means. It just means that Joe’s set to begin on the main roster very soon.

Regarding Joe’s future, he was not a part of the most recent NXT tapings, which likely means that the main roster debut is imminent.

There’s no indication as to what show Joe would join on the main roster. He could fit in as a face or a heel on either Raw or Smackdown. If the “monster push” happens then that could put him in the main event scene on either show right away.

TJR Thoughts: I’d like to see Joe vs. Cena at WrestleMania. It’s a match we’ve never seen before. Joe vs. AJ Styles would be cool, but I’ve seen them wrestle dozens of times in TNA Wrestling. It would be cool on the WrestleMania stage for sure, but Joe vs. Cena is a dream match for a lot of people. Plus, they have history going back to 2000 when they trained to wrestle together in California. It would be easy to build up Joe as the heel with Cena as the face. If Cena’s the WWE Champion they could do it with Joe winning the Rumble although I’m not sure if the “major push” would include that.

I’m excited about Joe on the main roster. He certainly deserves to be there.