WWE Announces Beth Phoenix for 2017 WWE Hall of Fame

Beth Phoenix will be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017. The news was first reported by USA Today and then WWE.com reported it as well.

Beth started on WWE’s main roster in 2006 as a rival of Mickie James, who became her biggest rival during her WWE career. She went on to win the Women’s Title four times and the Divas Title one time. She retired in 2012 when she was 31 years old. She goes by the name Beth Copeland now and is currently married to WWE Hall of Famer Edge (Adam Copeland). The couple has two daughters together. They were married last year.

It was noted in the USA Today article that Phoenix was informed of the news in January. Here are some of Phoenix’s comments on the honor in the article that appears on USAToday.com.

On being chosen for WWE’s Hall of Fame:

“When you are in WWE, you dream of that moment (in the future) when you get to reflect on your career and the things that you did and you get that wonderful individual honor. It seemed so far off in the distance for me (when I was wrestling). I didn’t know when — or if — I’d ever experience that feeling. I certainly didn’t think I’d have that opportunity this early in my life. It’s amazing and very, very humbling.”

On the reaction from her Hall of Fame husband Edge:

“He was like, ‘Oh, OK.’ He wasn’t shocked by it at all. He’s like, ‘Of course, you deserve it.’ I was shocked by that response, too. I said, ‘You think I deserve this? Is this the right time?’ He was 100 percent confident and he made me feel like a million bucks about it. He is super excited. We’re still celebrating it and looking forward to seeing everyone at WrestleMania and enjoying the experience.”

On having fun with Santino as part of the ‘Glamarella’ duo:

“That was probably the most fun I had during my entire run with WWE because of the person that I got to play opposite. I love those times. I look back on them so fondly. They were a huge part of what made me memorable in the WWE.”

On the current women wrestling in WWE:

“There are a couple of girls that I love watching. I love watching Charlotte. She gets better and better with each match and she is becoming a legend in the making. … Nia Jax is an untapped resource where it would be interesting to see her have an opponent in there that can give her a run for her money.”

Phoenix joins Kurt Angle, Diamond Dallas Page, Rock N Roll Express and Teddy Long in the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame. There should be more names added in the next few weeks as well.

TJR Thoughts: Congrats to Beth. I always liked her as a performer. She had a very good six year run where she was one of the top women in the company and had a lot of good matches along the way. I think she’s very deserving. Happy for her and her family.