Wednesday News (1/27): WWE's Post-Royal Rumble Raw Increases Significantly In Viewership, Lucha Underground Season 2 Debuts Tonight & More!

The daily news updates are back again. We’re going to have different members of the TJRWrestling news team doing different days of the week, John Canton included. The TJR News updates will be a Monday through Friday thing. The schedule we set up will see John handle it on Monday and Thursday, Wayne Tomkins on Tuesday and Friday and then I get Wednesdays. What’s nice about the daily news updates is that we’ll get to link to all the recent reviews, news and columns by the TJRWrestling team, but we’ll also get to talk about some of the smaller wrestling news stories; stories that don’t warrant writing a whole news piece on but are interesting nonetheless and worth mentioning. These daily updates will be posted in the morning, usually by Noon ET at the latest, so it’s a nice way to kick off your day. We hope you enjoy!

This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw (January 25) took a big step forward in the ratings. The post-Royal Rumble Raw averaged 4.098 million viewers. This is up an incredible 17 percent from last week’s Raw which averaged 3.496 million viewers. The final rating for the show was 2.93. This is the highest rated episode of Raw since last year’s post-WrestleMania 31 Raw. It finished #1 for the night in viewership.

The hourly breakdown for this week’s Raw is as follows (in millions):

Hour 1: 4.140

Hour 2: 4.183

Hour 3: 3.972

Seeing the second hour of Raw increase in viewership from the first hour is rare as the second hour usually always takes a dip from hour one. Although hour three was the lowest viewed hour of the show, it still did nearly 4 million viewers. WWE officials have to be happy with this news. For this era in WWE, getting over 4 million viewers is a big deal, especially since Raw’s ratings were seeing all-time lows over the past few months. This week’s Raw featured The Rock’s surprise return, fallout from the previous night’s Royal Rumble and AJ Styles’ Raw debut. I’m sure all helped play major roles in increasing and keeping the ratings as high as they were.

John Canton reviewed the show, writing his usual WWE Raw Deal column live on Monday night. You can read all about the highly viewed post-Royal Rumble Raw as well as John’s thoughts on it by clicking here. Thanks to PWTorch for the numbers.


Lucha Underground Season 2 Debuts Tonight

The second season of Lucha Underground premieres tonight at 8:00 pm ET on the El Rey Network. Click here to find out if your cable provider has the El Rey Network. Although I’d love to watch tonight, my cable provider unfortunately got rid of the channel this year; so I’ll probably be looking through different mediums to find this season’s episodes. If you’re in a hurry to catch up on Season 1 or just need a refresher since its been a while, Matt Striker’s here to fill you in on everything you need to know in under 10 minutes.

Lucha Underground Season One Recap l El Rey Network

Some of Lucha Underground’s wrestlers were on ESPN SportsCenter last night promoting tonight’s debut. I watched some of the clips from their appearance this morning and they did a good job. Johnny Mundo (formerly known as John Morrison), Rey Mysterio, and King Cuerno were there. They talked a little but about the show, how it’s different from WWE, and even did a little wrestling without a ring. To check out their wrestling segment on last night’s SportsCenter, you can click here as the video has yet to be released to YouTube. Here’s a clip of Mundo, Mysterio, and Cuerno’s talking about what makes Lucha Underground so special.

In Other News

– Jeff Hardy has re-signed with TNA Impact Wrestling. We don’t know the specifics of the contract yet, so it could be a one-year deal for all we know. This came as a bit of a surprise to some people, as he was on Ric Flair’s podcast last month talking about how much he’d like to end his career with the WWE. He also talked about wanting the Hardy Boyz to return and have on last go at the Dudley Boyz. It’s still very possible, we’re just going to have to wait a little longer. You can check out the full coverage of this story and my thoughts by clicking the link above.

– Owen Hart will not be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, according to his brother Smith Hart. You can read more details on this story, such as Smith’s Facebook post about hearing this news from Bret, right here.

– Lana has more backstage heat on her, as if her engagement photo with Rusev and her Twitter war with Paige were not enough. This was reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. Here’s Wayne with the details as to why she continues to be in such bad graces with the company.

– James Storm was recently interviewed. He talked about his time in NXT and compared NXT to TNA, insinuating that the two brands are more similar than you think. You can read his comments here.

– Nikki Bella is scheduled to undergo potential career-ending neck surgery today. You can read all of Nikki’s comments on her injury and subsequent surgery here. It seems like her ‘Rack Attack’ finishing move was the cause of her injury as well, which is unfortunate. We wish her the best of luck on a safe surgery.

Her boyfriend John Cena tweeted out this pic and message of support for her.

Update: Nikki Bella’s surgery was a success. The following was tweeted from The Bella Twins official Twitter account.

– recently wrote up an article titled ‘Why you need to know about AJ Styles‘. The piece talks about his career and accolades thus far. The funny part is that in this article, they somehow manage avoiding the words TNA at all costs; even if this means quickly brushing over his 12-tenure with the company. By brushing over I mean summing up his years in TNA as, “He battled Sting and Samoa Joe in Florida.” You can read more information on this as well as reports of Styles’ first feud in the WWE right here.

– For the gamers out there, yesterday WWE 2K16 released their next DLC installment titled as the WWE 2K16 Future Stars Pack. This pack includes Samoa Joe, Blake, Murphy, and Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando). I haven’t gotten to use Blake and Murphy or Los Matadores yet, but I had to play at least one match with Samoa Joe. He’s got a fun moveset and it’s great to finally have him in the game; which means I can finally stop having to download him in Community Creations haha.

Samoa Joe


Read Our Stuff

Lots of Royal Rumble talk!

– Here’s Hank McAllen’s thoughts on this year’s Royal Rumble and what he would have liked to see done differently. He also talks about Roman Reigns not being recepted well by the Orlando crowd and whether or not the WWE dropped the ball during the actual 30-Man Royal Rumble match.

– Since the Royal Rumble is obviously a hot topic this week, Ron Pasceri also offered his thoughts on the event and how he liked it much better than the previous two ‘Rumble’ matches.

Mike Holland broke down some of the elements of the Royal Rumble and Monday Night Raw the next night that worked for him and didn’t work for him. He does it in a fun way by either giving it a Slam (positive) or a Sham (negative); make sure you check it out!

– Although John Canton only reviewed half of the Royal Rumble live on Sunday, he finished reviewing the rest of the card as well as adding lots of final thoughts on the PPV. You can click the link above to check that out, and again, here’s his WWE Raw Deal review column from the following night.

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