Tue. News (03/22): Braun Strowman Fan Altercation After WWE Raw, Luke Harper Injured, Angle Speaks And More!

At last night’s WWE Raw event from the Wells Fargo Arena, Philadelphia, PA, a fan struck Braun Strowman in the face during the dark main event of the evening. The match was The Wyatt Family versus Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns. To Strowman’s credit, it’s being reported that he kept his cool and simply pointed the man out to nearby security who was quickly pulled from his seat and escorted out of the arena by event security. After several incidents involving fans last year, WWE stated that they would be looking to press charges for all and any future incidents.

It was unfortunately a bad night for the Wyatts last night. Not only did Braun Stowman have the altercation mentioned above, but it looks like Luke Harper suffered a knee injury. He reportedly went down as soon as the match began when his knee gave way and buckled beneath him. He went to the outside of the ring where he was checked upon by WWE medical staff, and then helped to the back. Below are a few photos taken by fans at the event:

There’s no word on the severity of Harper’s injury. We should know more later today or tomorrow.


Kurt Angle Interview: TNA Thoughts, Possible WWE Return?

Kurt Angle recently appeared on Live Audio Wrestling, he spoke in length about why he chose to leave TNA, and what the company should be doing going forward. You can hear the interview here, but below are some highlights:

On The Decision to leave TNA: I did this on purpose. I needed a break. I’ve been under contract for the past 17 years and didn’t have much time to spend with my family. I just wanted to do my own thing for a year. I finished up my contract with TNA, I was really happy with my career there, very happy with my career in WWE. I really don’t have much else to prove, I’m not going to be retiring though. I will be coming back to wrestling eventually.

I’ve been signing contracts mainly because of the money. Thank god, the money has always been good for me. WWE and TNA, they’ve both treated really well but I just got to the point where I wanted to do my own thing for a little while. I didn’t want to be obligated to going anywhere, I wanted to do my own thing and see how that goes, see where it takes me. I also wanted to start working on my acting career, I signed with an agency, APA in Hollywood. I’ve been doing some reads, just doing my own thing. I like it, it’s good to be off and not have to worry about showing up somewhere every week.

On His Advice to TNA: They’ve always been looking for former WWE talent, former WCW talent, any big name of the past. In the last couple of years, they’ve been learning that the only way to make that company work is to create their own talent and they’ve been able to do that. You look at someone like Eric Young or EC3, they’re guys that they actually build up themselves and it wasn’t happening for years. The talent they were creating, there were a few great ones like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, but then it got stagnant. There wasn’t much talent being created in TNA, they were always just looking for the next star that left another company. I was one of them, Sting was one of them. We were the faces of that company for years.

It’s hard, you go from Spike to Destination America to Pop TV, three networks in a little under a year and a half. It’s tough on the wrestlers, it’s tough on the company. They just have to find their sync, hopefully Pop TV will continue to do what their doing with promoting TNA but it’s going to take a while. I’m confident they can do it, it’s going to come down to John Gaburick who’s in charge of talent relations, he’s doing a pretty good job. He was a producer in WWE. He’s doing a good job, you’re seeing talents starting to come through. The Miracle is doing a good job, EC3, Drew Galloway, Bram. You’re seeing talent that was formerly from WWE, their training ground NXT, you can legitimately say that TNA has created them because they never really made it on the main roster of WWE. Now they’re big names in TNA and that’s what TNA has to continue to do.

On a Possible WWE Return: We’ll see what happens. I haven’t talked to TNA or WWE about doing anything in the future. I want to take this whole year off but I will start talking negotiations in the fall. We’ll see what happens but yes, it does feel good. I heard about Pittsburgh, I didn’t really watch but I heard they were chanting we want Angle. I saw a lot of tweets going out there, I do believe I started trending that night. I’m sure that was quite a surprise to WWE. I know that the fans wants me back, I understand. I had a great career there, it’s where I started and obviously a lot of people want me to finish there.


In Other News

* Last night’s episode of RAW opened with an “In Memoriam” graphic for Mary Katharine Stewart. It is now known that Stewart was the daughter of one of WWE’s longtime cameramen. Mauro Ranallo tweeted the following below.


Reports from WLWT in Cincinnati say that Stewart fell from a cliff at the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary in Lexington, Kentucky on Saturday afternoon. Firefighters attempted to rescue her and after an hour they recovered her body. They then attempted to move her using a boat on a nearby river but the boat capsized with the firefighters and Stewart on board. They swam to safety and then recovered her body around 5:30pm that day. She died of blunt force injuries.

All of us here at TJRWrestling send our condolences to the Stewart family and friends.

* As you may well know, Hulk Hogan was victorious in his lawsuit against the Gawker website for releasing a teaser of a sex tape that he had unwillingly been a star of. The jury found in his favor and awarded him $115 million. We wrote about it here at TJRWrestling.

Yesterday, the punitive damages were awarded to Hogan, and again, CNN media reporter Tom Kludt tweeted the result, as seen below:

For those that don’t know, Nick Denton is the founder and proprietor of Gawker and AJ Daulerio is the former editor-in-chief at Gawker.

Will Hogan be seeing any or all of his damages? I honestly don’t know as Gawker themselves have said they are appealing. All I know right now is, if I’m ever stuck for some cash, I’m going to be hitting Hogan up on Twitter and appeal to his generous nature…..

* It seems that Dean Ambrose has a lot of hardcore legends that want to give him something special for his bout against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32. Last week Mick Foley gave him his barbed wire baseball bat, lovingly called “Barbie”. This week, Terry “Chainsaw Charlie” Funk gave Ambrose his chainsaw, as you can see below.

I’m loving were they’re going with this. Dean being given all these weapons from past hardcore stars as inspiration, to tap into his darker side to defeat Brock at The Show Of Shows. Does make me wonder who could be next though? A certain appearance from the “Innovator Of Violence” Tommy Dreamer perhaps?


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