TJRWrestling Writer Search - Decisions On Monday

This is just a quickie post to say that I’ll be making decisions on the TJRWrestling writer search on Monday. I’ve had people that submitted stuff already writing me back asking me for more info and I get that, but I really don’t want to rush this.

It was Monday August 24 when I opened up the search, then Tuesday April 1 when I said no more submissions and thankfully didn’t get any late ones. I still have over 20 I need to read and then to decide from there. When there are nearly 100 samples, it’s really tough to narrow it down to six or seven. On top of that, life is really busy with my writing I do for WhatCulture and personal stuff being busier than usual too.

This weekend’s actually a long weekend with Labour Day and I’m not going out of town because I have writing, reading and deciding to do. It never stops lol.

Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to be a part of this if you sent something in. In a few days I’ll make those final decisions and then in the days that follow, we’ll be having a lot more new content here on TJRWrestling, so thanks for being a part of that.

John Canton Owner & Editor-in-Chief