TJRWrestling Podcast Episode #1: Introduction, WWE Raw, NXT Takeover, HIAC & More!

It’s here! It’s here! The first ever TJRWrestling Podcast has arrived!

This is the beginning of a new journey for us at TJRWrestling since I decided to launch a weekly podcast dedicated to professional wrestling with a focus on World Wrestling Entertainment.

The show is hosted by me, John Canton, and a good friend of mine named Rey Moralde of As you can hear in our first episode, we are good friends with a lot in common and I’m excited about hosting the show with him. We will have guests in the future, but for now it’s just the two of us.

Here’s what we discussed in this episode:

– I discussed some history of TJRWrestling as well as how I got started writing about wrestling. We both talked about how we got into the wrestling business as well. It’s a standard intro for a new show.

– There was a lot of Raw discussion. We spoke about the Rollins/Kane angle with Rollins booked to lose again, that awesome Cena/Ziggler match and the bad Roman Reigns promo among other things.

– We had a chat about the NXT Takeover Respect show from last Wednesday that I was fortunate enough to attend.

– We went over the seven matches at the Hell in a Cell PPV and what we think some of the match results will be. What might happen to John Cena, who isn’t in a match now? We offer our thoughts.

Where can you go to listen to the show? We have set up a Podbean page that you can bookmark and you’ll see when we upload the show every Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

You can play play the show off the browser, get it on your smartphone, save the MP3 and listen to it when you want.

The show isn’t on iTunes yet because you have to send it in to get approval, so it might be one or two weeks for it to show up there. When it gets uploaded on iTunes all you will have to do is search “TJRWrestling” and it will show up. For now, please use the Podbean page.

I’ve also embedded the episode below, so if you want to play it off here you can do that too. It’s that easy!

Follow me on Twitter @johnreport and Rey on Twitter @TheNoLookPass.

The show is weekly, so the next one will be up next Tuesday or Wednesday. We welcome any feedback you may have.