TJRWrestling Podcast #64: Our Most Memorable WWE Moments of 2016 and Smackdown Review

This is Episode #64 of the TJRWrestling Podcast. hosted by John Canton and Rey Moralde. Podcasts on back-to-back nights!

We talked a bit of news (such as Zack Ryder’s status) and reviewed this week’s Smackdown. Also, we talked about the most memorable moments in WWE for the year 2016. There were QUITE a lot of them that we opted to do a Top 10 instead of a Top 5. We also read some moments from readers/listeners as well. We left a lot of them out and I’m sure you’ll see more when John writes about the annual Johnny Awards next week.

It’s our last show of 2016. We’ll be back strong in the first week of 2017! Thanks for listening, guys!

“Fabulous” (Carmella’s theme)
“Get Ready To Fly” (A.J. Styles’ TNA theme)

This episode ran 74 minutes.

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Thanks for listening! We’ll be back for a new episode on January 4! Happy New Year!