The TJRWrestling writer search is over and before I list the names of those that have been chosen to be a part of our team, I just want to say thanks to everybody that sent in a sample. I asked for them two weeks ago, gave people a full week to send something in and then spent the last week reading them again. Then I read a lot of them again in order to try to figure out how many people we wanted to add to the team.

In the end, I ended up picking nine new columnists and three news writers. All of them were contacted late on Sunday night, so if you got that email then you know. If you didn’t get that email, then I’m sorry, but we aren’t going to be adding you at this time.

Here are the names of the nine new columnists.

Matt Corton
T.J. Love
Marc Madison
Howie Mandella
Hank McAllen
William McCormick
Ron Pasceri
Kevin Pinto
Hab Rich

There were over 80 columns sent in. It was tough to narrow it down to a number I liked. In the past when I did the writer search in 2011 and 2013, I thought about keeping seven. This time, I felt like it needed to be however many were at such a high level that it would have been hard to say no.

What you’ll see from those nine gentlemen are regular columns that are posted here at TJRWrestling.net that will get all of us talking about the wrestling business even more than we currently do. They aren’t getting paid for it. They are doing it because they want to do it.

In addition to that, we’ve also added three news writers because I want this site to grow. In order to grow, we need more posts with commentary on the various wrestling news items that are out there. Here’s who we have added there.

Wayne Tomkins
Mark McAllen
Robert Kojder

Here’s a gif of The New Day celebrating the new members of our team.

In the coming days, our new contributors will be set up with accounts and we’ll have a lot more daily content on here.

To those that didn’t make it, I hope you’re not mad at me for it. I can’t pick everybody and trust me, there were a few people that were very close to making it.

I want TJRWrestling to grow and I know that we will with your continued support. Also, once we get everybody going I’ll be writing more columns here myself, but there’s a lot of administrative stuff to do too.

Thanks for reading. No more site related posts any time soon. We’ll keep it about the wrestling business as usual.

John Canton
Owner & Editor-in-Chief of TJRWrestling