TJR Wednesday News (10/28): The Undertaker To WWE Smackdown UK, John Cena's Return & More!

The Undertaker will be appearing on Smackdown in Manchester, England on Tuesday, November 10 according to this article on The article notes that Raw is sold out one night earlier, but there are still tickets left for Smackdown, so that’s a big reason why they are advertising The Undertaker.

It says on WWE’s post that this will be The Undertaker’s “only” UK appearance during WWE’s tour from November 5 to 14, so if you want to see him and you’re in the area, you better get to that show.

It makes sense that he will be on at least one of the televised UK shows since he is going to be in a featured elimination tag match at Survivor Series on November 22 against The Wyatt Family. However, I think it makes a lot of sense to have him on Raw if he’s going to go all the way to England to be on Smackdown. For now, he’s not on Raw. That could change.

I’m glad that he’s making that appearance just like his recent matches in Mexico. All of this seems like it is part of some retirement tour for him because he’s working more dates in 2015 than he did in the last few years. He’s feeling good and wants to keep going as much as he can, even at 50 years old. Good for him.

Speaking of The Undertaker, WWE posted some WWE2K16 entrance video mashups that are pretty funny. Here’s one of The Undertaker and Kane doing the Usos entrance. I found it pretty funny.

The Usos of Destruction: WWE 2K16 Entrance Mashups

Here’s Mark Henry doing the Ultimate Warrior entrance.

The World's Strongest Ultimate Warrior: WWE 2K16 Entrance Mashup

I’ll stop there. What can I say? I’m easily amused.


News On John Cena’s WWE Return To Action

It has been well known for a few weeks that John Cena asked for and was granted time off from Sunday’s Hell in a Cell event to late December when he would return at a live event on December 26. However, it appears that the plan has changed.

According to a report from, Cena’s return may have been moved up to December 13 TLC PPV in Boston. It’s expected that if Cena returns at that show then he will get his rematch at current United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. Plus, Cena’s from Boston, so will likely get a big reaction especially since he’ll be out of action for nearly two months.

If Cena’s return is at TLC then that means the only PPV he will miss is Survivor Series. With Survivor Series having big matches like Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Title and Team Wyatt Family vs. Team Undertaker in a traditional Survivor Series match, Cena likely won’t be missed that much.

This is one of those stories that could change in the weeks ahead, but I can understand WWE wanting him to be back for a PPV event. For now, I guess we can pencil in Cena for TLC.


In Others News

I haven’t done a news update since Friday, but I’m just going to hit on ones from the last couple of days.

– There are rumors of the Bella Twins taking a break from WWE just like Cena since Nikki is dating him and Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan is off the road due to his concussion injury. They were on Raw, so maybe it starts next week or maybe they won’t take a break at all. Here’s Rob with more info on that.

– A report surfaced about Vince McMahon being furious at the blood loss of The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar at Hell in a Cell. Other reports came out on Monday saying Vince was more mad about Lesnar shoving the doctor away when he tried to tend to him the second time. I don’t think they bladed, but I think they did moves to cause the blood to flow. It was on purpose, but not in the way of a blade…at least that’s my opinion on it. Could be wrong.

– Alberto Del Rio’s return was a surprise to many of us (including me) and he apparently got a sweet deal that will mean less live events in his WWE future. We don’t know if he got a raise, but it’s possible that he did. Here’s Rob with some more info on that story.

– The Young Bucks are a sought after tag team in the wrestling business with questions about where they might sign long term. They announced that they signed a deal with Ring of Honor, so here’s Wayne with that story. If you were hoping WWE would be the place, too bad. Maybe down the road. I don’t mind them being in ROH on a more regular basis because they’re an awesome team and they have several other awesome teams right now.

– Ronda Rousey is a busy woman that is preparing for a major UFC Title defense in Australia and an acting career that is growing as well. She’s a big WWE fan that has openly talked about wanting to wrestle in WWE one day. When it will be? It may take years, but here’s Mark looking at some recent quotes from her wanting to be WWE Divas Champion. It’s no surprise that wrote about it and several WWE people tweeted about it as well. They would LOVE Rousey in WWE. Like I said, it might take a few years because I doubt UFC would let her go.

– Here’s a WWE press release about signing some recent Tough Enough competitors as well as indy stars.


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– In this column, Ron Pasceri thinks that women are the key to WWE’s next boom period. It’s a nice thought and would be cool if WWE felt that way too.

– Here’s my WWE Raw Deal review column. It was one of the best Raw episodes of the year and I really don’t think it’s hard to book a show like this. Just let the wrestlers actually have meaningful matches and the show will be better. Five matches over ten minutes means a better show.

– Please listen to the new TJRWrestling Podcast with Rey Moralde and myself as we welcome former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas to the show. We talked about current WWE as well as things from Jimmy’s run working for WWE. Cool stories like always from Jimmy.

Next week’s show will feature a lot of talk about The Undertaker for his 25th anniversary and our guest has an interesting history with him as well.

Howie Mandella’s column looks at the new Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze feud and talks about how Breeze is similar to Ziggler in a lot of ways, but they are different kind of performers as well. It’s an interesting take that I really like.

That’s all for now. I need to get better about doing these updates. My plan is to do them on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I may get a review of WWE’s new Breaking Ground show up later tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.