TJR Thursday News (02/18): Rumors About The Undertaker's WrestleMania Opponent & More!

The Undertaker will be in one of the featured matches at WrestleMania 32 this year, but we don’t know who that opponent will be. Usually by this point in the year it’s pretty obvious who it might be, yet as we sit here less than two months until WrestleMania we really don’t know who.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter (available via subscription at, Dave Meltzer wrote about how WWE has a name picked as an Undertaker opponent, but it’s not somebody that is currently under contract. Here’s the paragraph from the Observer where Meltzer wrote about it.

There is a top of the WrestleMania card done, as we’ve been told Undertaker has a match. We don’t know the opponent, other than being told the planned name isn’t Cena, Owens, Lesnar or Strowman, and that it is someone who is not on the roster right now. Don’t know if that starts the Sting rumors up, because that’s the first name that would come to mind at this point, but Sting’s neck has spinal stenosis, needs neck surgery, and he’ll be 57 by that time. But they could always do a loser must retire match since undoubtedly that would be Sting’s last match if such a bout were to happen.

It’s funny how the internet works sometimes because I saw on some sites that said Undertaker vs. Sting is likely just based on that paragraph. I don’t think Meltzer is saying that. He’s merely stating that it’s a possibility. Honestly, I hope Sting doesn’t wrestle because that spinal stenosis is a serious thing and we saw him get hurt against Seth Rollins back in September. Why risk your health for one more match? It’s not worth it. Sting is headlining the Hall of Fame this year. He has millions of dollars in the bank, so he should be content with that.

Another name that is a possibility is Bill Goldberg. He’s 49 years old and he is not on the current WWE roster. He hasn’t been in WWE since he left in 2004. I’m not sure if WWE would want to bring him back considering he had a lot of complaints about the company after he left. Let’s just say he didn’t say the nicest things about Triple H over the years. With that said, I’m sure WWE would be able to look past some of the things he said in the past in order to put him in a huge match if they were willing to agree on money.

A name that I’d get really excited about is Kurt Angle. His TNA deal expired at the end of January, so he’s free right now. I know he’s said many times that he wanted to take the year off wrestling aside from doing high profile indy matches (he has one in March against Rey Mysterio), but if WWE called him up to offer him an Undertaker match at WrestleMania then I think Angle would be willing to listen. It would be a huge story to see Angle back in a WWE ring after 10 years. One of my favorite Undertaker matches ever was at No Way Out 2006 against Angle (ten years ago this month) and I’m sure that Angle would love to work with Undertaker again, especially at a WrestleMania.

For now, all of the names we can throw out there is just guesswork. We may find out next week after Fastlane. It could be March. I don’t really know. Feel free to guess with us in the comments below.



– There’s a new version of that World Wrestling Entertainment launched today. I had gotten pretty used to the old site, but had its flaws. I like the look of this one better. Navigating it is a bit easier too especially on my iPhone. We use a lot of pics on our posts, so they are a bit harder to find than on the previous version. We’ll get used to it. Here’s a handy video tutorial from WWE’s Youtube page as well.

Introducing the new

– There’s no Mauro Ranallo on Smackdown this week because he was sent home with the flu. He’ll be back next week. Michael Cole filled in this week. Don’t yell at me! I’m just passing the news along.

– This week’s sitdown interview is with Paul Heyman. It’s Heyman talking for nearly 7 minutes. That’s why you should watch it. He speaks and you become smarter for listening. It’s a simple process.

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There’s probably other news, but this is late and I’m tired.



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That’s all for now. Wayne will have the news update on Friday. I’ll be back with a Smackdown review probably on Friday morning and then the WWE Fastlane preview with my crew should be ready for posting on Friday afternoon.

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