TJR News: Week In Review (04/30-05/07)

Welcome one and all to the first of hopefully many Week In Reviews.

This column will be recapping all this weeks main wrestling news that John and the news team have posted, along with a few smaller stories that may have flown under their radar.

Biggest News Of The Week

I can’t really begin this weeks edition without mentioning WWE’s “Black Friday”. Yesterday (06/05), throughout the day, WWE released eight members of the roster. Mark McAllen wrote about it more in depth yesterday right here, but I’ll give you a quick head’s up now in case you missed the day’s events.

The day started with the announcement of Hornswoggle and Alex Riley being released. Hornswoggle has been sidelined since last year for failing a Wellness Test. Alex Riley had been featured on NXT recently but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to be saved from the axe.

Soon after the original news, Zeb Colter and El Torito were announced as more talent to be let go. Zeb also hadn’t been seen on WWE programming since last year after the failed “Mex-America” storyline with Alberto Del Rio. El Torito hasn’t been seen since Los Matadores were taken off TV late last year too.

A few hours later, Cameron and Santino Marella were too announced as leaving the company with immediate effect. Santino had retired from in-ring competition but was working backstage helping talent. In regards to Cameron, it seems that maybe her tweet of support for Ryback could have been a factor in her departure.

It was well known that Wade Barrett was leaving the company when his deal expired, but yesterday he announced that the WWE and himself had come to an agreement of dissolving his deal a month early and left the company.

Then to round off the day, and break the hearts of many IWC fans, WWE released Damian Sandow. He had hardly been used since his Miz-dow gimmick but had made a few on screen appearances recently, most notably on last week’s Raw in the 20 Man Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership of the US Title.

What more can be said that already hasn’t? It’s a damn shame that Sandow has been released, especially with the groundswell of support he has from the WWE Universe. I’m sure that he, along with Barrett and maybe Riley will be big hits in the indies. The others? I’m not so sure, but I know I’m not alone in wishing them the best.

News Timeline

05/02 – With his court room win still fresh in everyone’s mind, news that Hulk Hogan was suing Gawker once again made the headlines. This time he is accusing them for leaking the audio excerpt that contained his racist rant. Mark wrote about it right here on Monday.

05/02 – After his nasty accident and subsequent concussion at WWE Payback, Enzo Amore was told that he would be sitting out all events until May 20th. It’s probable that he might get pulled from events after the 20th as he was diagnosed with a severe concussion.

05/03 – One guy that many people thought would have got cut yesterday was Ryback. News came out from Monday’s Raw that Ryback had left/was sent home from the tapings. Mark posted about it here in which his contract status is talked about as well as Ryback’s lengthy Tumblr post about the situation.

05/03 – With Extreme Rules on the horizon, three matches were announced for the event, and a few more were hinted at on Raw. You can read all about it right here.

05/04 – WWE announced on Tuesday that Mick Foley would be interviewing Shane McMahon for the WWE Network. Many wondered why Steve Austin, or even Chris Jericho wasn’t holding the interview. Mick went onto Twitter to explain the reasoning behind the decision. New news guy Micheal Ryne wrote about it here with both Foley’s and Austin’s Twitter posts.

05/05 – Mark wrote a quick post updating us all with the return status of both Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.


Under The Radar

In this section I’ll be talking about a few news stories that haven’t been talked about so much this week.

  • “Mean” Gene Okerlund posted onto his Twitter account this past Wednesday that his longtime friend Bobby “The Brain” Heenan had suffered a nasty fall at home:

Earlier today Bobby’s wife Cynthia took to Twitter also to shoot down a nasty rumor that he had passed away:

  • reported that the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series that takes place this June, has been renamed The Cruiserweight Classic. The tapings take place on June 20-24, but there has been talk of having some of the matches take place on NXT TV too.
  • Paige posted on Twitter that she’s spent the last week with her family in the UK. She will return to the United States for a Wizard World appearance in Minnesota today and then onto Nebraska for Raw this Monday night.

  • Adam Rose was recently suspended for a Wellness Violation but posted onto Twitter a handwritten doctors note explaining his treatment for ADHD and the prescription drug he takes for it. Not long after he deleted the post. but re-posted the same image back onto his account yesterday as noted below:

  • The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported this week that WWE Network officials are considering hosting a Women’s Tournament, much like this summers Cruiserweight Classic. The difference being that this tourney will mix current talent and non-roster talent. In addition, there is talk that The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will continue. Whether that will be on NXT TV or another Network Special, is still to be discussed.


Wrap Up

Well that’s the first Week In Review all done and dusted. I hope you enjoyed it, and read the more in depth original articles from Mark and Micheal.

I’ll be back again this time next week with another full week of wrestling news condensed and in one handy post. So until then, I bid you adieu!