Happy Leap Day or Leap Year Day or whatever you want to call February 29, which only happens once every four years. Since it’s a Monday, this day also means it’s time for another edition of WWE’s Monday Night Raw as the show rolls into Nashville with 34 days to go until WrestleMania. It was also noted by WWE today that it’s the first time Raw has taken place on February 29.

There are two things we know for sure on this week’s show: The Undertaker will be back on Raw for the first time since Survivor Series, likely to address his WrestleMania match against Shane McMahon. Also, Sasha Banks will take on Becky Lynch in singles action to determine who will face Charlotte for the Divas Title at WrestleMania.

Here are the five talking points on the WWE.com preview of Raw.

    The Undertaker rises on Raw
Make or break for Roman Reigns
Who will face Charlotte at WrestleMania?
Crazy like a fox (Dean Ambrose)
Boyz will be Boyz (Dudley Boyz attacking The Usos)

The presence of The Undertaker always helps. They advertised it on Smackdown as well as on all their social media. He’ll probably start the show or be in a segment at the top of hour two or three. They shouldn’t put him on last because the main event tends to have less viewers than the other segments. Three hours is too damn long.

What should do is have Undertaker try to explain how he’s not a fan of Mr. McMahon putting him in this Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon, but that he has too much pride to just lay down or give somebody a victory especially at WrestleMania. Have him say that his legacy is important especially at WrestleMania, so he’s going to make life hell for Shane at WrestleMania. That’s really all they need to do. If they want to have Vince come out there to try to suck up to him that could work as a way for Undertaker to tell him he doesn’t want or need his help. There are a lot of ways to go with it.

I don’t think Shane McMahon is expected to be there, but that could obviously change.

As for Banks and Lynch, I really hope they get 15 minutes. I’m actually optimistic that they will get time and if they do they could have a great match as we’ve seen them do in the past. Banks will probably win. I was thinking they might do a triple threat at WM, so they could do a double countout or a double pin ending leading to the three way. I prefer singles matches, but Lynch has worked really hard and they all deserve to be in the same match at WM. They could also go the route where Charlotte attacks both women leading to a disqualification. The problem with that is they did it with The New Day attacking The Usos and Lucha Dragons leading up to their match at TLC last December, so it would be too soon to do it again. There are rumors that the other divas will be in a WM match, probably on the pre-show.

I think Roman Reigns will be off the show just because he legitimately did have a nose surgery (a deviated septum), but it is considered minor. I think it’s important to actually have him sit at home to sell the beating he took last week rather than rush him back on Raw. Plus, the guy deserves a break. It may not be a bad idea

There’s no Brock Lesnar scheduled to be there this week. Maybe Paul Heyman will be there to speak for him like he usually does.

Finally, Rusev tweeted about a “big announcement” for Raw in Nasvhille, which is the city where he and Lana live.

No idea what it is. Just remember that heels lie.



– Kurt Angle has been doing a lot of press in the UK of late and said some interesting things in this article that our guy Wayne posted on Sunday.

I found it very interesting that Kurt would say at times that he was taking a year off, but then that he would love to do a “Team Angle” reboot with NXT stars Jason Jordan and Chad Gable, also known as American Alpha. It sounds to me like Kurt would be open to the idea of coming back to WWE if they were to ask him. We don’t know if WWE has an interest because of Kurt’s age (he’s 46) and his injury history. However, when you hear the crowd reaction that Shane McMahon got after being gone for about six years, one has to wonder what kind of thunderous ovation Angle would receive after being gone from WWE for ten years. I think they’d be fools not to bring him back.

– There are going to be more WWE events in Japan in July just like there was last year. They did the WWE Network special last year from there, so they should probably do something like that again. Since WWE has Japanese stars like Hideo Itami (still out with a shoulder injury), newly signed Shinsuke Nakamura and NXT standout Asuka, they could probably put together a great card full of main roster and NXT talent. They could also book Lesnar for it like they did last year.

– There are more rumblings of a WWE brand split according to PWInsider although it’s not a sure thing. This feels like one of those rumors that is either going to pick up a lot of steam or will go away fairly quickly. The reason the brand split didn’t work is because Raw is favored a lot more than Smackdown and that’s never going to change. Plus, Raw is three hours and Smackdown is two hours, so they would obviously load up Raw a lot more. I just don’t see why they need a brand split. Yes, a shakeup in creative is needed. That’s not the answer, though.

– It’s expected that the Fabulous Freebirds will be the next names announced for the WWE Hall of Fame, likely tonight on Raw. It’s long overdue.



Since WWE does a good job of posting videos on their youtube channel, I figured I would include them in a section here in the update.

Up first is a top 10 video about Shane McMahon’s powerful moves. Part of the reason he is so liked by WWE fans (I almost wrote WWE Universe) is because of his willingness to do high risk moves when though he’s the son of a billionaire. Number is one of the most memorable leaps in WWE history.

The New Day has posted several funny videos in the last week to build up their new feud with The League of Nations. They have been parody videos such as this one where Kofi’s doing an impression of Sheamus. It was pretty funny how they were mocking the way that Sheamus wears lifts in his boots .

There’s another new episode of the Edge & Christian show on WWE Network after Raw. I thought the first two episodes were funny for the most part, but some of the jokes missed. It’s pretty silly and unlike anything else on WWE Network. Anyway, here’s a preview of a bit with actor Luke Perry.



– Here’s Marc Madison with an article about Daniel Bryan, who retired earlier this month.

– Like I do every week, here’s my review of Smackdown. It was a weak show this week with some bad match finishes too.

– I’m going to start reviewing older PPVs. Per request, here’s my review of the ECW December to Dismember 2006 that is regarded by many as the worst PPV ever. Yes, it’s as bad as you remember.

– Howie Mandella thinks that WWE can learn a thing or two from comics. Interesting piece worth checking out.

– Finally, here’s Hab Rich with a look at some of the shows he has watched and mostly enjoyed on WWE Network.

That’s all for me. I’m not going to do a live Raw Deal review column tonight because I’ll be out at the start of the show. I’ll have a review posted on Tuesday morning.