TJR Friday News (1/29): Chris Jericho Speaks About AJ Styles, Another WWE Star Injured, Rock Raw Segment Issue And More!

On his Talk Is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho spoke about AJ Styles and the hype surrounding the former NJPW star. Here are some highlights of what he said.

Jericho talking about when he first saw AJ enter the dressing room that day
“When he came into the dressing room, I felt a little bit, not bad for him, but I understood what he was going through because he shows up there when we’re having the meeting for the Royal Rumble, because he was probably hiding all day or whatever it was, and he comes into the meeting and he knows some people, but he’s standing in the back and kind of being quiet and doesn’t want to step on anybody’s toes.”

Being surprised on working with AJ the next night on Raw
“We worked the next night on RAW, which was another surprise. And when it was pitched to me, it was pitched to me one way and then I had an idea to kind of go another way, so, hopefully, if things keep going the way we hope, you might see another Jericho/Styles match, so we’ll see. I was really happy with the match. It was fun. It was fun to get in there with a new guy and kind of suss each other out a little bit. And now, it will only get bigger and more intense as we go forward.”

Predicting a bright future for AJ in the WWE
“I have no doubt that AJ Styles is going to be over big time in the WWE. He already is, just from his fans that he’s got, but there are a lot of people who have never heard of AJ Styles and don’t know who he is or what he brings to the table. And at the Royal Rumble, we let them know a little bit and we let them know a little bit more on RAW. I love that people were like, ‘Jericho said, ‘welcome to the big leagues, kid’. He’s been in TNA.’ Listen, I agree. He’s been all over the world, but the WWE is the big leagues! That’s the truth. It’s not being arrogant or being dismissive of his past, but the WWE is the big leagues. It’s where everybody wants to be if you’re in the wrestling business. I don’t care what you say. Everybody wants to be in the WWE because this is the big leagues. This is the big time. The biggest pro wrestling company in the world, ever, in front of the biggest stage, the biggest crowds, the most worldwide influence. You go from being the biggest worldwide independent star and in two nights, more people know who AJ Styles is right now than they did for the entire 15 years of his career up to it, so that’s not demeaning. That’s the truth, and if you don’t like it, you’re just living in dreamland because nothing beats being in the WWE.”

It’s great to see a current WWE contracted star mention AJ’s TNA run. I wonder how much trouble Jericho will be in for saying it though? Not much I think as he immediately says that the WWE is the biggest promotion in the world, which it is. And the little tease, saying there could be more Jericho/Styles matches in the future……music to my ears!

Thanks to SEScoops for transcribing the comments.


Another WWE Star Injured

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus posted on Twitter yesterday that he woke up from his 38th birthday celebrations with a cast on his left arm.

According to, Sheamus is currently suffering with tendonitis in that arm, and is wearing the cast as a precautionary measure while his arm heals. He has been pulled from all in-ring competition, but will remain on WWE TV in a limited role.

So another WWE superstar succumbs to injury in Wrestlemania season. After doing some research, it doesn’t sound as bad as it first sounds. With rest and ice packs, he could be back in the ring in a week or two. Unfortunately it’s one of those things in the wrestling world. Any physical activity and repetition of the activity can cause it, it’s just bad timing that it happened now.


The Rock Going Off Script At Raw – Backstage Reaction

On Monday’s episode of Raw, The Rock went off script to interact with four fans dressed as WWE Hall of Famer’s Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, The Rock and Macho Man Randy Savage. Many questioned as to why The Rock interacted with the fans.

Apparently the guy dressed as Randy Savage kept standing up and doing the Savage spin and other “Randy-isms” to draw attention. This led to “Randy Savage” chants breaking out in the arena, and some officials backstage were not keen on that. After the Kane/Wyatt match, WWE had security to ask them to cut it out. At one point during the show they were taken out into the concourse but let back in after they were told to cut it out. The Rock saw this in the middle of his interview and decided to go off script and talk to them.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there were officials backstage going crazy over the incident. The feeling is anyone else apart from John Cena would have been fired for an incident like that, but what could they do? It’s The Rock. He can do whatever he wants wherever he wants, go over time on the segment, vary from the script. They need him more than he needs them at this point in time. And he has previous too, remember the now famous “This Is Your Life” segment with Mankind (Mick Foley) from Raw in September 1999? That went only 21 minutes.


In Other News

* AJ Styles WWE entrance music, which has been composed by CFO$, is now for sale on iTunes. You can purchase it by clicking here. It’s called “Phenomenal”. CFO$ is also responsible for numerous WWE and NXT stars such as Kevin Owens, Paige, Sasha Banks, Finn Balor and Sami Zayn. With AJ’s tee selling out in super quick time, I wonder how long until this song is in the iTunes Top 100?

AJ Styles - Phenomenal (Entrance Theme)

* TNA begin their annual tour and TV tapings of the UK today, starting in Manchester, England. TNA always draw big numbers over here in the UK, so expect to see packed venues when the tapings air on TV.

* WWE Studios and Blumhouse Production have bought the rights to a new indie movie called “Sleight”. It is labelled as a science fiction thriller about a street magician in New York.  WWE Studio officials saw the movie at the Sundance Film Festival and decided to get involved. Who will they get to be the lead in this film? My betting is on Fandango. He’s great at making things disappear…..Summer Rae, Layla, Rosa, his career…..

* Ring Of Honor has tied down 3-time former RoH Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) and RoH World Champion Jay Lethal to new contracts. Read Mark’s report right here for more.


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– This week’s TJRWrestling Podcast dropped yesterday and was hosted by my illustrious boss John Canton and his buddy Rey Moralde . They talk about last Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV and the highly publicized return of The Rock on Raw. Take some time out and give it a listen, it’s great!


Closing Time

Well that’s about it from me today. John will be back on Monday to get all you lovely people up to speed in what’s been going on in the wonderful world of professional wrestling over the weekend. I’ll be covering the news if there’s anything as always and then back with a news update on Tuesday. See ya!