Hey yo. It’s John Canton of TJRWrestling.net here. Our first full week of the TJRWrestling on Patreon page is in the books and what I’m here to do today is let you know about all the exclusive content we added over there in the last week. All you have to do to join is check out TJRWrestling on Patreon by clicking that link, find the tier that is best suited for you (I would recommend $7 per month to get everything) and you can check it all out.

Thank you to everybody that has signed up so far. I really appreciate it. The cool thing about Patreon is if you sign up today, you won’t be charged until October 1, so you’re getting about three weeks of content and then everything we have coming in October. It’s a nice deal.

Here’s what was posted in the last week:

TJR: WWF Raw Deal 01/03/00 Review – First Raw of 2000!

A written review of the first Raw of 2000. The reviews of 2000 Raw episodes will be posted every Monday. Some quick notes on this show:

– Big Show vs. Triple H for the WWF TItle.

– The Rock vs. Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X-Pac in the first ever No DQ Handicap You’re Fired Match. Yes, that was really the stipulation.

– About twenty segments with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in them. I’m not even joking. It was a lot.

There’s also an audio version of that episode, but I decided to discontinue doing audio shows of the 2000 WWF episodes because it got to be too overwhelming. I will be adding weekly WCW PPV reviews to the schedule.

TJR: WWF Smackdown 01/06/00 Review

A written review of the first Smackdown of 2000. The reviews of 2000 Smackdown episodes will be posted every Thursday. Some quick notes on this show:

– The first ever match between The Rock and Kurt Angle. They went on to have a great rivalry over the next few years.

– There was a really good main event match with Triple H defending the WWF Title against Rikishi. I was impressed by it.

– I thought nine matches in two hours was too much and four of the matches ended in a DQ. It was a rough start to a great year, to be honest.

WWE Raw Deal 09/03/18 Podcast Review

That’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? It’s my podcast review of this week’s Raw featuring a dominant performance from Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler that left The Shield taken out by the end of the night. It was a not great show, but it was effective in terms of building up the heels on Raw. It runs for 31:36, so just over a half hour of content for you.

You can read my written Raw Deal Review here: http://tjrwrestling.net/the-john-report-the-wwe-raw-deal-09-03-18-review/

WWE Smackdown Live 09/04/18 Podcast Review

Here’s my podcast review of this week’s WWE Smackdown Live featuring The Miz vs. R-Truth in the main event. Yeah that’s right, I said R-Truth! And he won! It was cheap, but it counts. Also a great match between Daniel Bryan and Andrade Almas, plus a huge win for Rusev Day.

You can read my written WWE Smackdown Live 09/04/18 review here: http://tjrwrestling.net/the-john-report-wwe-smackdown-live-09-04-18-review/

PPV Podcast Review: WWF Fully Loaded 2000

Here’s a pay-per-view podcast review by John Canton and Kurt Zamora. These will be a weekly feature that will be posted on Fridays or Saturdays every week just depending on our schedule.

First up is WWF Fully Loaded 2000 because it’s a show that Kurt attended in person, so he was able to offer his in-person perspective while we also watched the PPV again this week.

The big matches: The Rock vs. Chris Benoit for the WWF Title, Triple H vs. Chris Jericho in a Last Man Standing match (one of the best matches of 2000) and The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle. They called it a “triple threat” with those matches.

Give it a listen for just around 90 minutes and let us know if you have any requests for a PPV review down the road.


In Closing

That’s all for now. I am planning on adding a weekly WCW PPV review to the Patreon site as well. That will be on Saturday or Sunday most weeks. I’m also hoping to write some exclusive blog posts on there too. I haven’t had a chance to really get to do that in the first week, but they will be coming. It’s still an ongoing process. I’m learning as I go with a lot of it and trying to build from the ground up while also continuing to do what I do here at TJRwrestling.net, so we are coming along.

You can join us at  TJRWrestling on Patreon by clicking that link, find the tier that is best suited for you (I would recommend $7 per month to get everything) and you can check the Patreon page for the new content. You can also set it up so you get an email notification to let you know, so that makes it very convenient.

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