The Match Beyond Podcast: Episode 7 - Charlie Haas Interview

This week on The Match Beyond podcast, I welcome former WWE and ROH Tag Team Champion, Charlie Haas to the show. Charlie dives into his entire career, starting with his time in JAPW and CZW. Was he and his brother ever headed to ECW before ultimately getting signed to WWE developmental? Charlie lets us know how close he was to making the main roster before his brother Russ’ untimely passing. How hard was it for him to continue wrestling after that and how important was Shelton Benjamin at that point? He lets us into the original plans for Team Angle and how long it actually took to get that on television. We talk about his run with Kurt Angle and Shelton and what he learned from those two, along with which agent in WWE helped him the most. Charlie explains what he feels led to his original release from WWE and how he knew his time was up after his second run in a very candid series of answers. We get into his time in Japan, Mexico, & Ring of Honor and how much fun that was for him. With all the rumors about how his time in ROH came to an end, Charlie finally puts everything to rest and explains his side of the story and what led to him ending his time with the company. Finally, the question everyone wants answered, is there another run in WWE for him along with his former partner Shelton when he returns from injury? Charlie explains his thoughts in full detail, including how his life changed since he left ROH, so his answer may surprise you. This is Charlie’s only podcast interview and he does not shy away from any answers. Do not miss this conversation!

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