The Match Beyond Podcast: Episode 15 - Is 2017 ROH’s Year, TJR Staff Predictions for 2017, Why Has The Cruiserweights Floundered?

The Match Beyond podcast is back in 2017. In our first episode of the year, we go a man down as it’s just Hank and myself this week, but we hold down the fort. For the Three Things on My Mind, we discuss whether 2017 will be Ring of Honor’s year to firmly establish themselves as the #2 company behind WWE and a true alternative to them. We then jump into our 2017 Staff Predictions that went up on TJRWrestling last week. What was the thoughts behind some of our predictions and were there any that we left out that we also feel strongly about? Lastly, we answer a fan submitted question on why the Cruiserweight Division is floundering on Raw and on 205 Live. A lot of great discussion as we come roaring back in the new year.

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