The Match Beyond Podcast: Episode 11 - John Canton Joins The Show

This week on The Match Beyond podcast, I get to bring on the mastermind behind TJRWrestling, or as I like to call him, The Fearless Leader of TJR. Mr. John Canton is on the show this week. John is the guy who gave me the opportunity to start writing and be able to host the podcast, so we talk about that process, as well as how much news reporting and journalism on the internet as it pertains to wrestling, has changed over the 15+ years he’s been writing online. Is it possible for a wrestler to be a true heel nowadays? Does online reporting about someone make us feel a certain way about a wrestler? John also weighs in on the topic from last week about if WWE is oversaturating the market and if there is too much programming. We then wrap up the conversation with a Facebook Q&A. This is a fun conversation between two good friends, so be sure to check it out and if this is your first time listening to The Match Beyond, be sure to send your feedback to @KTankTMB on Twitter.

You can listen to the podcast via the following link:

Also, you can search “TJRWrestling” on iTunes and access the podcast that way. Thanks for listening!