The Match Beyond: Episode 10 - The Fall of TNA, Hell In A Cell Fallout, WWE Show Length Issues

This week on The Match Beyond podcast, Hank and Mark McAllen rejoin me for another episode of Three Things on My Mind. The topics on my mind this week are the fall of TNA and discussing all the news that has come out this week from the court proceedings & the loss of the UK TV Deal. How long do we all give the company to last under this current structure? After that, we talk about the fallout from the Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks Hell in a Cell match. Did it live up to expectations? Why did WWE cut them off at the knees in terms of booking decisions? What should they have done? How does this affect the future booking of the Women’s Division. Lastly, we discuss WWE’s continuance of oversaturating their product and making everything longer when every other product is in the midst of trying to make their product shorter. Is there too much programming? Does it make us reject the product? There is a log of great discussion in this episode and you don’t want to miss it. Be sure to send all your feedback to @KTankTMB on Twitter, and if you ever want to submit a topic for us to discuss, use #TheMatchBeyond!

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