Site News: Website Redesign Soon, Writing About Wrestling in 2020, WWF/E 2000 Reviews Return Monday and More

Site News: Website Redesign Soon, Writing About Wrestling in 2020, WWF/E 2000 Reviews Return Monday and More

Every once in awhile I do posts on here not related to WWE, AEW or the wrestling business specifically because sometimes I need to give you updates on what we’re doing at TJRWrestling.

The first bit of news is that TJRWrestling is going to get a BRAND NEW LOOK (yes, I went all caps for it) in the near future. I don’t have an exact date to share, but I think it will probably be ready by the end of this month. I have a good friend designing it, I trust him to do a good job with and I know the end result will make it a better experience for you, the user. The current website structure has been in place since February 2015, then three years later we did a bit of an upgrade and I knew at some point we needed a full redesign.

I have had people telling me that the site is loading too slow recently. I’m sorry about that. That’s another reason why I wanted to do a redesign because we’re running on older platform. It’s just like anything in life. You have to upgrade when the time is right.

I hope you enjoy what we have planned. I can’t really offer up a preview right now, but you’ll see it soon. As I said, hopefully by the end of the month.


Writing About Wrestling in 2020 and Dealing With Low Points

It’s been a bit of a struggle this year dealing with the health crisis since it began in mid-March. I’m making less money because there are fewer views while the manner in which the money is made has been affected greatly as well. It’s not like I’m the only one making less money, though, so it’s just something you have to deal with. I haven’t missed a show review since the health crisis began even though I was planning on traveling in May and July. Shit happens, though.

Just to give you an idea of the hit we have taken here on the site since March, I’ll show you the difference in page views from 2019 to 2020 for the same month. I’m not going to tell you how many views we do, but I’ll let you know the percentage growth or drop.

* January 2020 up 10% from January 2019 – I think the presence of AEW Wrestling helped because it wasn’t producing shows in January 2019, so I think that was a big factor.

* February 2020 up 18% from February 2019 – We were growing. I was really excited.

* March 2020 down 13% from March 2019 – It was around March 11 when the virus hit and the world slowed down.

* April 2020 down 32% from April 2019 – That’s the busiest month of the year thanks to WrestleMania and all the events surrounding it. Yes, there was a two-night WrestleMania this year, but it certainly was not a great week around WrestleMania like last year.

* May 2020 down 26% from May 2019 – It’s not a strong month typically, but Coronavirus has obviously caused a big drop.

* June 2020 down 17% from June 2019 – Same as May in terms of not being a big month.

After the first 10 days in July, it looks like it will be similar to what June was. I’m not sure what other sites have been doing, but look at the wrestling business because the audience is down a lot.

Raw did 1.69 million viewers this past Monday. Let’s go back to March 2 and they did 2.26 million viewers.

Smackdown did 2.7 million viewers on February 28. On July 3, they did 1.78 million viewers. Frankly, I think the rating systems are outdated, but it’s still a decent representation of what the audience is.

There are fewer people paying attention to wrestling shows without fans in attendance. They aren’t reading about it as much either.

What are people watching? The news. Here’s an article summarizing how TV news station on cable are doing ridiculously high numbers compared to last year:

– “Fox News is the only cable news network that remains up year to year for every month in 2020 to date.”

– “Lifted by the barrage of breaking news, CNN was also +115% in total viewers from June 2019.”

Personally, I don’t watch the news that much. Some local news yes and then I read things from sources I trust.

People are watching the news to find out more about Coronavirus, which is certainly understandable. There are also more people using streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon than ever before as well.

I’ll admit that writing this depressed me. I’m not hurting for money or asking for money. I’m just saying that after having a great year in 2019 with visions of growth this year, 2020 has been pretty f’n brutal. I was so optimistic going into this year as a guy running a website. I thought maybe I could add more writers and maybe we could do so well financially that I can start paying some people part-time money to contribute. That’s something I have always wanted to do, but since we have taken such a hit this year, it’s not possible. I don’t know when or if it will be possible.

Anyway, hopefully the website redesign makes TJRWrestling more user friendly and when/if the wrestling business gets back to normal, I’m optimistic that we can grow as a site again.

If you read this site, please know that I appreciate the support. I would love it if you spread the word via Twitter, Facebook or whatever and helps us grow even more.


The Return of the WWF 2000 Reviews

The WWF in 2000 reviews are coming back next Monday. You can check out the archive right here.

The plan is to post the WWF in 2000 reviews on those dates 20 years to the day after they air through the end of 2020. The way the schedule works is that the next post is going to be next Monday, July 13 for Smackdown. It may be confusing to have Smackdown posts on Monday and Raw on Friday, but that’s the way it fits in the schedule. I’d rather post it that way because it’s exactly 20 years since the show aired.

Looking ahead, I have written several reviews already including WWE Raw for July 17, July 24 and July 31, plus Smackdown for July 13 (already mentioned), July 20, July 27 and the Fully Loaded PPV Review on July 23. I plan to be weeks ahead and never fall behind because this is something I can write during the days, on the weekends and so on. Obviously I’m busy doing current reviews of Raw, Smackdown, NXT and AEW Dynamite, but I’m pretty good at spending my time wisely. I’m determined to get it done. With sports that I love like the NBA, MLB and NHL returning soon (plus the NFL in September), that will take up some time too. I’ll figure it out.

I love writing about these shows even though they’re not as popular as current shows in terms of page views. I consider this more of a fun project where I want to break down one of my favorite years in wrestling history. I wanted to finish it all last year, but life got busy. I will finish this year and maybe go up to WrestleMania 17 in 2001. After that, I’m not sure, but I think I’ll go until WM17 at least.


In Closing

I was going to write something about possibly doing a writer search this summer, but I am so busy and I just want to wait until after the redesign is done. I’m not sure if I will do it formally because I have had issues finding people that stick around in the past. I don’t blame any writer for moving on. Life happens. I have moved on from things in my life too.

What I will say is if you are reading this then I know you’re a hardcore fan of TJRWrestling because you clicked on something that said “Site News” in the title rather than a review or column. If you have an interest in writing about wrestling news for us, I could use the help. If you think you have a great idea for a regular column and you can write 3 or 4 times per month then I could use the help for that too. If you have an interest in writing reviews about current shows that I do not already cover then there might be a spot for you. I’m okay with content that isn’t exclusive and you can plug whatever you want as well.

Here’s what you can do. Email me at [email protected] (do not contact me on Twitter or Facebook privately – send an email!) with a sample of your writing from another site you may have written at before or just send me a sample. If I like it, I may reply and let you know. We’re always going to be looking for help. We aren’t able to pay right now, but it’s good experience on a popular website and I’m happy to help you improve.

On a final note, Happy 100th Birthday to Vince McMahon’s mother.

Thanks again for supporting us at TJRWrestling. I’m going to try to have a quiet rest of the weekend although we might post a few things tomorrow. I don’t really like to go a day without posting stuff. Be safe and smart out there, my friends.