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Thank you for checking out our TJRWrestling Writer Search for 2019. The last time I did one of these was in 2015 and I’m going to use the same format for most of it. We had a good group that started back then, but nearly all of them have moved on and I want to have more of a regular staff especially with NXT on USA Network, AEW on TNT and of course, Raw and Smackdown continuing. There’s so much other wrestling out there that we don’t cover at all, so I just want people to join us.

I’m not sure how many people will be added to the team. There’s no pay for it and you have no motivation to do it other than writing on a site that gets about 4 million views in a year. If you’ve written about wrestling before then that helps, but if not then you can make your name for yourself on a respectable wrestling website. I would love to pay all the writers. However, we just aren’t making enough right now. I can pay my bills and make a living, but it’s not like I’m killing it either. I haven’t had a vacation since 2017. The longest “break” I took in the last two years was maybe three days of not writing. It could change in the future where I can afford to pay the writers, but I can’t promise that either.

TJRWrestling was a hobby that turned into a career because of the consistency and the good work that we do. I’m thankful for the writers we had in the past and those that continue to write. This is about growing the team, so please if you’re interested, continue reading about what we’re looking for.

If you are interested in what’s below, you have seven days to apply.

The deadline is Monday, September 16 at 12pmET to send me your column. I’ll shill it plenty this week.

This is important too: It does not matter when you send it to me if it’s here by September 16 at noon. You have one week, so there is plenty of time to get your submission in.



If you’re a wrestling fan that reads about wrestling online then you know how many sites there are that post news and rumors. I want TJRWrestling to have more news posts, so I’m going to need some help with that.

In addition to posting the news, you’re more than welcome to add editorial commentary to it. It doesn’t have to be long. Here are some examples of recent news posts I have done:

Report on WWE doing another draft in October: – It’s not official from WWE, so it’s important to site sources and provide as much info as possible.

Ric Flair wants to trademark “The Man” nickname: – News on what’s going on, plus actual quotes from Flair himself adds to the story.

WWE Clash of Champions update: – PPV lineup news. Mainly we just do the WWE and AEW shows. They’re constantly adding to them, so it’s just a matter of updating.

Chris Jericho interview comments: – People in wrestling do interviews all the time, so it’s important that we run them. What you do is take a few comments that they made, credit the source and tell the reader to read more comments with whoever did the interview.

They don’t have to be that long. I just want more news posts so the site can grow. Sometimes a post might be 300 words. Other times you might need to do 800 words. It depends on the story.

If you have experience doing it, post a link in the email (or multiple links) so I can see it. If you don’t have experience, just send me a sample by looking a news story from any wrestling website, phrase it how you want and I’ll see how it is. If you get in, then I’ll be happy to help along the way and offer any tips I can.

Some news writers may be able to write columns if they want too. That’s something that could be discussed.

Please go to the bottom of this post for more specifics on applying.



Everything from here on down is for people that would write columns or TV reviews for us.

Rules To Follow

I’ll be listing a bunch of rules for you to follow. Please read carefully because rules are important. They’re there for a reason.

– There is a limit on the length of the columns for the writer search. That limit is 1,500 words. For minimum I think 700 words is a good number. If it’s shorter than that it better be amazing because otherwise, you’ll have a tough time making it through. It’s not the words that matter. It’s the content. Keep those numbers in mind. Send something in that’s between 700 to 1,500 words.

If you have experience writing at other sites and have a link to a column, just include the link. I’ll use that if you want me to.

– World Wrestling Entertainment topics are going to be the most popular and they should be because they’re the biggest game in town. Most of you are going to write about that and that’s fine with me. All Elite Wrestling articles should be coming in too and that’s also fine because they’re weekly TV next month. You can write about NJPW, ROH, Impact, MLW or whatever you want, but the columns about current WWE are the most popular. It’s way bigger than anything else.

If you want to do reviews, try to get them posted within 12-18 hours after the show is over. If it’s two days later, then it’s probably not going to work out. Once again, if you have links to your reviews on other sites then you can send those.

– I’m looking for reviewers of these wrestling shows:

* WWE NXT – I plan on doing Raw, Smackdown and AEW reviews every week. It’s going to be hard to find time for me to review NXT in a timely manner, so I’d like to find a writer that  can either write about it live or the next day.

* WWE NXT UK – If you’re in the UK that’s better because you can probably understand the fan chants better than some of us! If not, that’s okay.

* WWE 205 Live – I am not sure what the future of this brand is, but it’s a good show most weeks.

* WWE Network Shows – Anything that WWE puts on there like WWE 24 documentaries, Table for 3, Ride Along, Chronicle and so on. We would love reviews of those shows.

* New Japan Pro Wrestling – The NJPW schedule is unique and it’s not a weekly TV show in Japan, so it’s about reviewing the events they have. I’d love some more NJPW content on the site.

* Weekly shows like Impact, MLW, ROH are cool too although the audience for them is a lot of smaller. Nobody that has ever reviewed those shows has lasted that long.

Did I miss anything? I think I mentioned the ones I want.

– While I don’t want a Raw, Smackdown or AEW reviewer, if your column is a review of the show where you offer opinions on what happened then that’s cool. I think we need more coverage of the bigger shows.

– A retro PPV type of review is okay although it depends on the time period and the company. For example, I would be in favor of old NWA or WCW PPV reviews or ECW PPVs. I plan on picking back up the WWE PPVs. If you’re impressive enough at it and had a good idea for it, then I would be open to WWE PPV reviews too.

– List columns are fine like a Top 10 on a particular subject. I’ve done hundreds of them on other sites. Try to avoid something generic like “Top 10 WrestleMania Matches” or whatever because there are thousands of those lists on the internet. Be creative.

Please go to the bottom of this post for more specifics on applying.


Things to Avoid

– I DO NOT want a fantasy booking column. If you don’t know what that is basically it’s a column where you write about how you would book a PPV or television for a particular show. “This guy beats that guy and then moves on to feud with the other guy” and so on. Anybody can do that. It’s not that interesting. If you send something like that I’m probably going to skip it.

– Please avoid swearing. I’m okay with it in moderation, but don’t overdo it. If you have to ask if a word is a swear word then it probably is.

Don’t swear in the title ever. Don’t use any words that cross the line. Again, if you must ask then it probably is bad. I swear occasionally when I write. I don’t think I’m ever excessive. It’s a common sense thing. My preference is to see a column with no swearing although if there’s a little of it that’s okay too.

– Avoid the column where you write about how or why you are a wrestling fan. Everybody has those stories and in the past when I’ve seen them I can’t say they impress me much because they are too common. If you’re on the team, then down the road at some point you can write that later.

– Edit your column. Is my grammar perfect? Hell no. I know that. It’s above average, though. Bad grammar sticks out. After you write your column edit it once or twice. Maybe share it with a friend or loved one so they can give you an opinion too. It’s better for you to send me a column with proper grammar on the last day then it is to rush it to me on the first day with grammatical issues.


The Evaluation Process…and if you get hired

This is for those applying to be columnists. Should I say blogger? I don’t like that word. I don’t have a blog. It’s a website. That’s how I see it anyway!

My plan is to read every column myself. It’s a lot, but I’ve done it before and can do it again even if I don’t sleep much. When I read a column I try to judge what’s entertaining. I’ve been writing about wrestling full time for over a decade and it started as a hobby 20 years ago.

I will make brief notes on every column I read for my eyes only. Sometimes I email back with my thoughts, but I usually don’t have time.

I used to ask a new writer to come up with a column once per week. Pick a specific day of the week and try to write something for that date. It becomes too much. I think what’s more realistic is asking for one column every 10 days or so, which means about three per month. I think that’s fair.

I understand that life issues always interfere. It’s happened to me many times through the years. Don’t apply if you think you’d be unable to put up with a schedule that asks you to write regularly.

If you get added to the team, I will email you in on week’s time and I’ll also put up a post on TJRWrestling listing the names of those who made it. After that, I’ll help you along the way about how to post, picking subjects and so on.


Two Things to Remember

1) There is no preferential treatment. I’ve been writing about wrestling since 1999. From the time I started until 2008 I must have “retired” like five or six times. From 2005 to 2008 I didn’t write that often. In 2009 I committed to it full time, started the Raw Deal and the rest is history. The reason I mention this is because I’ve been doing this a LONG time and have met so many people along the way. Just because you have read my work for 10 years or tweet me or comment on my Facebook page doesn’t give you an advantage over the guy that just heard about TJR in the last month. I’m not biased towards my friends either. It’s about what YOU can do, not who you know.

When I’ve done the writer search three times this decade, I didn’t know most of the people that joined the team. They were picked because of their writing ability.

2) If you don’t get hired please do not take it personal. It’s unrealistic to expect me to hire 30 people at once. That wouldn’t work because there are only so many things you can write about with regards to the wrestling business.

I can’t say yes to everybody. It’s hard for me to try to pick winners in this. If you tried your best, you didn’t make the cut and you think I’m a jerk because of it then so be it. I’ve been rejected plenty of times for things I have written. Nobody’s perfect.

My hope is that writing is a positive experience for you whether you get hired or not. If you want to know why you didn’t make it then send me an email after the evaluation period and I may write back with some thoughts.


TJRWrestling writer Mike Sanchez sent along these thoughts on what it’s like being a writer for us here at TJRWrestling.

I’d say that being a writer on TJR Wrestling has been awesome. As a fan of wrestling, I’ve had the privilege of writing down my thoughts and opinions for others to enjoy, and it’s also allowed me to see the shows with a more critical eye – but at the end of the day, I just enjoy any and all wrestling. I love engaging with people on the site and Twitter who read my ramblings and it’s such a nice feeling to have people tell you they enjoy your work. Doing this has allowed me to become a better writer and has fueled my dream to do this as a career. John gave me the opportunity to do this, and I will always be grateful. I’ve been retweeted and had my work read by Chris Jericho, DDP, Kurt Angle and I once met Mickie James – who recognized the TJR Wrestling shirt I had on at the time. So cool.

If I had any advice to give to people applying it would be to write about something you really enjoy. Say why you enjoyed it and what you noticed. I don’t proclaim to be a super-fan or take wrestling too seriously, and I’d suggest neither do you. Enjoy it for what it is – entertainment. Try not to be overly critical of stars you don’t like – they may read it, and they’re only doing their job as best they can. At the same time, try to be balanced in your work, and avoid click-baiting opinions that are only there to rile people. I once wrote that Ronda Rousey deserved to be champion over Becky Lynch and the Becky fans came out in force at me!! Lol. I’ve learned a lot these past few years writing for John, and I’d definitely recommend doing it. If you’re a fan of wrestling and have a passion for writing, this is for you. I wish everyone who applies the very best of luck.

Thanks for that, Mike!


How to Apply

This is important. Read carefully!

Email me at [email protected] and put “TJR Writer Search” in the subject. If you’re applying for news, say that. If it’s a column or TV review, say that.

You can send it to me directly in the email by just pasting it in or as a .txt, .rtf or .doc (Microsoft Word) file. My preference is you paste it directly into the email. That’s easiest for me.

If you write for another site or have a link, you can just paste that in and I will read it. Multiple links are fine up to five, but I’ll probably only look at one or two. If you have writing experience elsewhere or studied it in school or something relevant, you can tell me that too.

I want you to copy and paste the following into your column submission.



Column Title:

Feel free to introduce yourself if you want. You don’t have to. If you like TJRWrestling or my writing or whatever your history is as a wrestling fan, it’s good to provide that info. Keep it simple, but there’s nothing wrong with a few sentences. Mention your Twitter if you want as well.

That’s it. Below that goes the body of the column (or link) or you can send it with an attachment as I mentioned.

Name – It doesn’t have to be your real name. It’s your writing name. John Canton is a pen name for me. It’s better that you have a first name and last name. Don’t do John C. like I used to have. Make up a last name if that’s the case. If you get hired and I don’t like the name you pick we can change it. It’s not set in stone. I don’t want some gimmick name like “The Masked Assassin” or something like that. Sorry. That doesn’t fit here.

Email – I realize that your email address will be in the email you send. I want it written in the email you send for organizational purposes.

Column Title – What are you writing about? Put it in the title. Example: “Shane McMahon annoys me” is a title. You don’t need a name for your column like I have “The John Report” for example. This is more for the specific column title. For example, “Why the lack of great heels is hurting WWE’s product” is a column title or “Why CM Punk was WWE’s best wrestler this decade” is a column. The column title isn’t the most important thing because we can tweak that along the way, but if you have a great title it helps.

My biggest piece of advice is to edit your work. Don’t rush it. If your first paragraph has a bunch of spelling errors that’s a major turnoff right off the bat. Spell the names right too! It’s Brock Lesnar, not Brock Lesner, Ric Flair, not Rick Flair and it’s Bret Hart, not Brett Hart. One time a guy wrote a Lesnar column and sent it to me where he spelled Brock’s name wrong the whole time. If you really want this you will take the extra ten minutes to edit the column thoroughly.


In Closing

Thank you very much for supporting TJRWrestling. I want to see the site grow. We’ll give you the platform to share your wrestling opinions in front of a large audience and you’ll help us grow because people will want to read your opinions.

I wrote a lot because I care about this and I want to try to answer questions that I think people may have.

My email address is [email protected]. Go back to the “How To Apply” section for info on how to apply. You can also use that address to ask any questions you may have and I’m also on Twitter @johnreport too. If you have other questions you can post them in the comment section below as well. I’ll try to remember to check that out.

I’m not sure how many people we’re hiring. It might be 5-7 people. That’s usually what I do. It might be less. I also want some news people, so we’ll see. I have no way of knowing how many people will apply. That’s up to you guys.

The deadline to apply is Monday, September 16 at 12pmET to send me your column or news post. Don’t rush yourself, but don’t be late either.

Thank you for your interest. I wish you the best of luck with it.

John Canton – [email protected]

Twitter @johnreport