Site News: TJRWrestling Patreon Has Launched - Info and Preview of New Content

The new TJRWrestling page on Patreon is live and you can visit it right now by going to at any time to check out all of the content we have over there.  You can see the various tiers that we have set up with different, low price points and if you want to contribute, we would really appreciate it.

I have already posted audio reviews of this week’s WWE Raw and Smackdown shows. There will be more content coming pretty much every day going forward. If you pledge today you won’t get charged until the first of the month.

What I’m going to do below is include the introduction page that I have on Patreon that will hopefully answer any questions you may have about it.


Why are you launching TJRWrestling on Patreon?
I want to grow the TJRWrestling brand. I started writing about wrestling on the internet in 1999, wrote through most of the 2000s with a few breaks during busy points in my life and in 2009 I made a commitment to try having a career in writing full time. Since 2009, we have had, then and in 2015 we found our permanent home with I want to keep doing this because I love it, but there are bills to pay just like everybody else. There are ads on right now and they will continue to be there. However, they are not enough and I have no desire to put more ads on there. I wanted to find another way, so after doing a lot of research, I thought Patreon would be perfect. I love what Patreon is doing and I wanted to be a part of it.

Why should we pay you for more wrestling content? 
I’m a wrestling fan just like you and I love interacting with other fans. That’s the greatest joy I get from doing this. It’s why I’m so active on Twitter (@johnreport), Facebook (search “John Canton”) and I respond to every email I get. Being interactive with people is important. Over the years, I have had a lot of people say how much they enjoy what I’ve written and they wanted to throw a few bucks my way to support me. It was flattering, but there was nothing that I set up for it. By doing a Patreon page now, it will allow people to support the site while also producing exclusive content that you won’t be able to read or listen to anywhere else.

I’ve been writing about wrestling on the internet for just under 20 years now. In that time, I have not asked for or wanted any money from anybody. Things have gotten a little tougher of late, so things have changed a bit. The cost of living is higher than ever in today’s world and we all have bills to pay. I want to keep doing this for as long as possible, so this is the route I plan on taking. I just want you to know that if you are able to help, you are helping us build something special with TJRWrestling and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Will anything on change now that there’s a Patreon page?
No. My WWE Raw, Smackdown and PPV reviews (current and classic) will remain on TJRWrestling along with PPV reviews, our NXT reviews and news stories. There is absolutely no reason for us to change anything on What our Patreon page will be, more than anything, is a way to get more of our content for those of you that really love what we’re doing here.

What do I get for supporting TJRWrestling on Patreon?
You get more. A whole lot more. There will be audio recaps of every WWE Raw, Smackdown, PPV and Takeover event. My favorite year in WWE history was 2000, but I never got to write about it in depth and haven’t seen most of it since it aired. I’m going to write and doing an audio show about every Raw, Smackdown and PPV from 2000. When I get through 2000, I’ll go to 2001 and continue from there. I also plan on doing audio PPV recaps of past WWE/WCW/ECW events at least once a week. I have reviewed hundreds of WWE events and there are plenty more to get through, so I’m going to cover a whole lot more. There will also be exclusive Q&As for Patreon members. I may even be convinced to do a video chat once in a while too.  As we continue to grow, I will bring in more content contributors to add to what we are doing.

Am I able to change what my pledge amount is on a monthly basis?
Sure you can. Patreon offers a lot of flexibility in how much their users can pledge, so if you want to spend more in a month and then drop back down a bit then that’s okay.

Please keep in mind that we are just starting this and we are continuing to grow in the Patreon community. We will add more questions and answers as we continue to grow on here.


That’s all for now. Please check us out at now and if you’re able to pledge to become a patron, we would really appreciate it.


John Canton of TJRWrestling