The worlds of fake fighting and fake news collided last night as WWE Superstar Seth Rollins confronted Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.  The two have been involved in a war of words over the last few weeks, beginning with WWE taking a pot-shot at Stewart’s upcoming retirement from The Daily Show.

Here’s an excellent timeline of the feud, provided by PW Torch:

– Step 1: WWE scripted a dig at Jon Stewart within Seth Rollins’s promo on the February 16 Raw. Rollins heeled that perhaps he should host “Daily Show” to make it watchable.

– Step 2: Stewart recorded a handheld video firing back at Rollins that included references to current WWE events. “I’m coming for you, Rollins,” said Stewart in the video released through TMZ. “You messed with the wrong guy.”

– Step 3: Rollins responded on TMZ’s Hollywood Sports show with digs at Stewart’s manhood and challenged him to a fight.

– Step 4: Rollins appeared on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” on February 26 to confront Rollins. After back-and-forth barbs, a challenge was laid out for Monday’s Raw.

– Step 5: Stewart is loosely advertised to appear on the March 2 Raw from the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., one state over from the Daily Show filming location in New York.

Here’s a video of the encounter:



Clearly, this is all in fun.  Jon Stewart is a known fan of the WWE, and has been seen with his son at various events in the past.  Personally, although Stewart gives cringe worthy promos, I’m loving every second of this feud.  Both men are personal favorites of mine.  Seth Rollins might be my current favorite wrestler NOT in NXT, and Jon Stewart is possibly America’s finest satirist of the last fifteen years.  Whether or not you’re a Republican or Democrat (or neither), it’s impossible to deny his influence on the youth of America.  He’s a pretty darn fine comedian as well.

My only hope is that the feud isn’t resolved this Monday on Raw.  I would love to see Stewart in person at WrestleMania 31.  The event was conceived as a way to mix wrestling and mainstream celebrity, and I’d argue that Jon Stewart is a hell of a lot more enjoyable than past guests like Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore.  So here’s to Jon and Seth, we hope you guys keep doing what you’re doing.