TJR: WWE’s Top 10 Most Extreme Moments of 2022 Review

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This is a look at WWE’s Top 10 Most Extreme Moments of 2022 as compiled by WWE.

It was posted on WWE’s Youtube channel on December 18th and I will post the video at the bottom.

10. McIntyre Future Shock DDT Onto Chairs

This was from Smackdown when Drew McIntyre faced Sheamus in a match to determine who would get an Undisputed WWE Universal Title match against Roman Reigns. During the match, McIntyre hit Sheamus with a DDT onto a pile of chairs. Drew would go on to win the match.

9. Flair Suplexes Rousey Onto Car Hood

During the Charlotte Flair-Ronda Rousey feud in the spring, they got into a chaotic brawl in the parking lot area. That would lead to Charlotte giving Ronda an overhead suplex onto the hood of a red car.

8. Kingston Crossbody Through Barricade

It was back to Smackdown again, this time with Kofi Kingston jumping off the top of the ring post onto Sheamus, who was standing against the barricade. After Kingston jumped onto Sheamus, the barricade broke and they both went down.

7. Stomp Onto Steel Steps

Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Matt Riddle feuded for several months. During an attack on Raw, Seth set up Riddle against the steel steps at ringside. Rollins charged at Riddle and gave him The Stomp onto the bottom half of the steel steps. Ouch.

6. Knoxville Throws Zayn Through Table

It was WrestleMania 38 when Johnny Knoxville beat Sami Zayn in a match where Knoxville got a lot of help from weapons and some friends too. When Zayn was on the top rope, Knoxville used tongs to the groin (the horror!) and then he tossed Zayn off the top onto a table that was on the floor. Zayn took the bump perfectly onto the table that had mouse traps on it.

5. Lesnar F-5’s Theory Off Elimination Chamber Pod

During the Elimination Chamber match, Brock Lesnar was standing on one of the pods with Austin Theory. That was when Lesnar decided there’s only one way for Theory to go back down…with an F-5. Lesnar spun Theory around and gave him a massive F5 onto the side of the chamber below.

4. Morgan Sentons Evans Through A Table

There was a period of time when Liv Morgan was booked to be this woman that thrives on being extreme to try to make her look competitive in her feud with Ronda Rousey. She is still like that, but they pushed it in a big way with this spot where Morgan jumped off the top of the ring post and hit a senton bomb on Lacey Evans to put Evans through a table. It was an impressive leap.

3. Corbin Smashes Moss With Trophy

Baron Corbin turned on Madcap Moss on Smackdown. The big moment saw Corbin place a steel chair around Madcap’s neck and Corbin grabbed the Andre the Giant battle royal trophy that Moss won and Corbin smashed it onto the chair. It led to Moss selling a throat injury as the feud intensified from there.

2. Lashley Spears Lesnar Through Barricade

This was at the Day 1 PLE on January 1st when Bobby Lashley charged at Brock Lesnar on the floor and Lashley gave Lesnar a Spear through the barricade. It sounded very loud as these two extremely large men when crashing into the barricade.

1. Paul Frog Splashes Miz Through Table

It was at SummerSlam when Logan Paul faced The Miz in Paul’s first singles match. Paul went to the top rope and jumped off the table with a Frog Splash that put Miz through the commentary table at ringside.

Final Thoughts

I feel like this list could have been a lot better. They didn’t have some big things like Logan Paul’s elbow drop off the top onto Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel while Paul filmed it with a camera. Where’s Brock Lesnar using a tractor to move the ring and flip Reigns out of it? That was pretty extreme to me. There were other things from Money in the Bank matches and things like that where they could have included big spots that meant more than some of these things that made their list. I’m not going to list ten or anything like that. I just think some better choices could have been made.


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