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The WWF In Your House 5 pay-per-view was the last pay-per-view of 1995, which was the first year where WWE introduced the In Your House PPV concept.

This show followed Survivor Series 1995, which was headlined by Bret Hart beating Diesel to win the WWF World Title and put an end to Diesel’s nearly one year run as the champion. That match was really good too. Looking ahead, Royal Rumble 1996 was next and it was clear that it was time for Shawn Michaels to emerge as a top babyface. Shawn didn’t wrestle at this show due to selling injuries as part of a concussion storyline.

In Your House 5 did 80,000 PPV buys, which was the lowest buyrate number of 1995 and one of the worst of all-time. The card just wasn’t strong at all while 1995 was one of the worst years in business in WWE history. Things did get better in 1996 and 1997 right before the boom period starting in 1998.

Here’s the synopsis on WWE Network:

“WWE In Your House: Season’s Beatings features Triple H vs Henry Godwinn in a Hog Pen Match. Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty face Sycho Sid and the 1-2-3 Kid. Bret Hart defends WWE Championship vs the British Bulldog. The Undertaker faces Mabel in a Casket Match. Owen Hart, Diesel, and more! // TV-14+ (D,L,V)”

The VHS looks like this:

WWF In Your House 5: Seasons Beatings
Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania
December 17, 1995

The show began with a video package about Bret Hart facing brother-in-law British Bulldog. A short pyro display took place with the commentary team of Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcoming us to the show.

The opening match saw Sycho Sid and 1-2-3 Kid enter with Ted Dibiase as their manager. Razor Ramon was next with Marty Jannetty while Goldust looked on from the aisle and he was staring at Razor because he had his eyes on the Intercontinental Title held by Razor.

Sycho Sid and The 1-2-3 Kid (w/Ted Dibiase) vs. Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty

Pre-match notes: Razor was the babyface Intercontinental Champion with Marty also as a face. Sycho Sid and 1-2-3 Kid were heels. The graphic for Kid said “The Kid” but he still had 1-2-3 Kid on his tights.

Marty with an enziguri kick on Kid. They did spot running the ropes, Kid went for an armdrag and Marty hit a clothesline. Kid wanted no part of Razor, who Kid turned on in the past. Razor got the tag, hard slap to the face by Razor, Sid made the blind tag and hit a running clothesline on Razor. Kid was back in with a spin kick on Razor. Sid and Razor did a double clothesline spot to knock down both guys. Marty tagged in against Kid with a powerslam. Marty came back with a blockbuster neckbreaker off the middle rope for two. Goldust was interviewed about what he was doing there, so he talked about Razor in his unique way while Marty grabbed a headlock on Kid. Sid got in a cheap shot on Marty, which led to Kid hitting a spin kick. Goldust wanted Todd Pettengill to give Razor a gold envelope. Marty was up top, he jumped off and Sid caught him with a powerslam for two. Kid was back in with a sloppy body slam with Vince even calling it sloppy. Kid jumped off the top with a splash that was like a Frog Splash and it only got a two count. Sid with a boot to the face of Marty, Kid got in a cheap shot and Kid hit a dropkick on Marty followed by a clothesline from Sid. Vince busted out his “forget about it” phrase that sounds like “fuggetaboutit” when he said it quickly. Sid slapped on a chinlock for about a minute and then an elbow put Marty down. Kid back in with a leg drop and Sid with a kick to the ribs. Kid tagged in with a double axehandle on Marty. Kid sent Marty into the turnbuckle, he charged, Marty moved and Kid hit the turnbuckle. Razor got the hot tag to a big pop against Sid with Razor hitting repeated punches, then a fallaway slam on Kid and punches on Sid. When Razor teased a Razor’s Edge, Sid backed out of it and Sid missed a leg drop. Razor got a bot up leading to a bulldog off the middle ropes for the pinfall win at 12:22. That’s it? A bulldog. Yep.

Winners by pinfall: Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty

Analysis: *1/2 It was a slow-paced, boring tag team match with a decent poor finish, but I guess Razor wasn’t going to try a Razor’s Edge on a bigger guy like Sid. The crowd was into most of it, especially when Razor was in there. When Sid was in the match, the quality of the match was rarely good unless he had Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart in there with him. Kid and Marty provided a lot of energy when they were in there while Razor was the most popular guy in the match.

Post match, Razor tried for a Razor’s Edge on Kid, but Sid pulled Kid out of the ring to save his partner. Razor and Marty celebrated much to the delight of the crowd.

The WWF Superstar Line was shown with Ray Rougeau and Sunny working back there.

Jerry Lawler went into the ring to interrupt after the ring announcer introduced Buddy Landell. Lawler said that Santa won’t visit these fans for Christmas. Lawler introduced “Double J” Jeff Jarrett. This was Jeff’s return after missing about five months due to a contract dispute of some kind. Lawler presented Jarrett with a gold CD for 500,000 record sales. Heels lie. Jarrett did his usual promo about how he’s a great wrestler, singer and entertainer, so this is the culmination of the “Ain’t I Great?” tour. Jarrett talked about his fake music tour while saying he was going to be a participant in the 1996 Royal Rumble. Jarrett said he’ll win the Royal Rumble and become the new WWF Champion. Heels lie again. Lawler invited Jarrett to join him on commentary.

Analysis: A waste of time used to bring back Jarrett back after a long absence. The crowd barely reacted to any of this.

Dean Douglas made his entrance with a bit of a limp. Douglas said that class was in session, which drew boos. Douglas said he was prepared to give Ahmed Johnson a wrestling lesson of a last time, but instead the doctors have sidelined him with a back injury that put him at 65% of where he should be. Douglas claimed he could still beat Johnson, but he was not wrestling. Douglas had a new student that will teach Johnson that lesson…Buddy Landell. Ahmed Johnson got a nice pop as the opponent. When Johnson got into the ring, Douglas slapped him.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Buddy Landell

Pre-match notes: Ahmed Johnson was the babyface while Landell was the heel.

Landell with some chops, then punches that Johnson didn’t sell and Johnson set up Landell on the top rope. Landell jumped off and Johnson hit a spinebuster. Johnson hit the Pearl River Plunge for the pinfall win at 0:43.

Winner by pinfall: Ahmed Johnson

Analysis: 1/4* A dominant win by Ahmed Johnson. The Pearl River Plunge was one of the coolest finishing moves during this period.

Post match, Johnson grabbed the paddle that Douglas had and hit Douglas in the back as Douglas went to the back with Landell.

Lawler called for Johnson to talk to him at ringside with Lawler congratulating him on the win. Jarrett said he wasn’t impressed by the victory. Lawler made a joke about how dumb Ahmed was. Ahmed called Jarrett a fake cowboy that was an “achy breaky heart wannabe” and he yelled at Lawler, so Jarrett grabbed his framed record. Jeff hit Ahmed in the head two times and Jeff threw Ahmed into a steel chair that Lawler held. Jarrett hit Ahmed in the head with the chair. When Jarrett threw punches, Ahmed no-sold it and chased after Jarrett. They ended up brawling to the back.

Analysis: It set up a rivalry with Jeff and Ahmed that didn’t really end up going anywhere.

Razor Ramon was interviewed by Todd Pettengill in the America Online chat room. Todd handed Razor the gold envelope and Razor opened it up. Razor had a shocked look on his face and he left angrily.

Hillbilly Jim was announced as the referee for the Hog Pen Match. Hunter Hearst Helmsley was next as he looked sick at the thought of going into the Hog Pen. The country boy Henry Godwinn was up next to a decent pop from the crowd.

Arkansas Hog Pen Match: Henry O. Godwinn vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Pre-match notes: Godwinn was the face while Hunter was the heel. The name was Henry O. Godwinn because it spelled out HOG. Clever, huh? Not really.

The winner of the match is the first man to his opponent in the hog pen.

Godwinn had a bucket of slop with him, he tried throwing it on Hunter at ringside, but then Hunter pulled Tony Chimel in front of him and poor Chimel got the slop thrown on him! This was before Chimel became a regular ring announcer in WWE. Godwinn with a headbutt to the ribs and a punch that led to Hunter getting tied up against the ropes. Godwinn got a handful of slop from a bucket and put it on Hunter’s face, much to the delight of the crowd. Hunter came back with a whip into the turnbuckle and a neckbreaker. Hunter with a leaping knee to the face of Godwinn. They left the ring with Godwinn sending Hunter into the steel steps, but Godwinn actually hit the steps first. Godwinn put Hunter on his shoulders and they went up the aisle near where the hog pen was. The Hog Pen was full of hogs/pigs and it was very muddy in there. Hunter managed to break free and whipped Hunter into the side of the hog pen. Godwinn sent Hunter onto the top of the hog pen, but Hunter knocked him down and hit an elbow drop off the hog pen. Hunter walked all the way back to the ring, Godwinn followed and Hunter whipped him into the turnbuckle. Godwinn picked up Hunter leading to a sitout slam with Vince shouting his favorite “WHAT A MANEUVER” line. Godwinn whipped Hunter into the turnbuckle, Hunter did an upside down bump and then when Godwinn sent Hunter across the ring, Hunter did his bump where he would go over the top to the floor. He did that bump many times in his career. The action went to the floor again with Godwinn going for the Slop Drop (reverse DDT), but Hunter held onto the guardrail to block it. Godwinn whipped Hunter into the side of the pen. Godwinn hit the Slop Drop on the blue mat outside the pen. Hunter was against the hog pen, Godwinn charged and Hunter did a back body drop into the pen to send Godwinn in there, which meant Hunter Hearst Helmsley won at 8:58.

Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Analysis: *3/4 It’s a silly gimmick match that popped the crowd. The wrestlers worked hard in the ring when they were in there. The whole point of this was to have the aristocrat Hunter experience being put in a hog pen, which drew laughs when Godwinn used the slop and shocked reactions from the crowd because Hunter was clever enough to find a way to win. Most people probably assumed it would be a win for Godwinn, so Hunter winning was a bit of a swerve.

Post match, Hunter shoved Hillbilly Jim and Godwinn gave Hunter a press slam into the slop. Hunter also had a cut on his back while the hogs ran around the pen and Godwinn gave Hunter a body slam. When Hunter got back up, he did a comedic bump two times in a row. The fans were cheering. When Hunter got back up, some fan threw a drink that hit him in the head as well. Vince loved it.

Analysis: There was the payoff to the storyline with the aristocrat Hunter Hearst Helmsley having to deal with being put in a hog pen. The selling by Hunter was funny, but it also

A commercial aired about the 1996 Royal Rumble match as the next pay-per-view.

There was a video about Diesel’s new attitude after losing the WWF World Title at Survivor Series 1995. Diesel didn’t apologize for attacking Bret Hart after the match and said “I’m back” on Raw. Owen Hart knocked out Shawn Michaels on Raw (as part of Shawn’s concussion story), so that led to this match since Diesel was Shawn’s best friend.

The end of Owen Hart’s entrance was shown. Diesel was up next as the former WWF Champion with Vince letting out a loud “YEAH!” as the pyro went off. The fans popped for Diesel.

Diesel vs. Owen Hart (w/Jim Cornette)

Pre-match notes: Diesel was a face for all of 1995, but this was when he had more of an edge and he was becoming a heel. However, the fans were fully behind Diesel in this match. Owen Hart was a heel.

Diesel with knee lifts to the ribs and a toss across the ring. Diesel with a hard whip into the corner followed by a sidewalk slam. Owen with some punches, but Diesel shoved Owen off the turnbuckle to the mat. Diesel with a clothesline over the top to the floor with Owen trying to leave, but Diesel brought him back in the ring. Diesel went for a boot, Owen ducked and Owen hit a spinning heel kick. Owen went up top and connected with a missile dropkick. Owen jumped onto Diesel’s left leg along with stretching the left leg. Owen with kicks to the left leg along with an enziguri kick for two. That’s the move that “knocked out” Shawn Michaels. Diesel blocked a submission attempt by kicking Owen into the turnbuckle. Diesel with the snake eyes that sent Owen into the turnbuckle. Diesel with a running splash to Owen’s back across the middle rope followed by a boot to the face. Diesel said “this is for you, Shawn “ and hit a Jackknife Powerbomb. Diesel covered with one foot on the chest, then took the foot off and teased another Jackknife Powerbomb. Referee Tim White got in Diesel’s face, so Diesel shoved White down leading to the DQ at 4:34.

Winner by disqualification: Owen Hart

Analysis: *1/2 A short match to put over the story of Diesel being a dominant big man while Owen barely got any offense. Diesel refusing to pin Owen was a way to show that he didn’t care about the match, he cared about making Owen pay for “hurting” Shawn. Owen was a great bumper, so he made Diesel look great. If they had a longer, regular match it could have been a lot better, but this was a forgettable match.

Post match, Diesel hit another Jackknife Powerbomb on Owen. Diesel did the “I want the title” gesture and the crowd cheered for him.

Let’s Hear from Ted Dibiase

Ted Dibiase was in the ring doing a promo while Santa Claus and Savio Vega were in the aisle. Ted said that everybody had a price for the Million Dollar Man and that includes Savio. Dibiase told Savio to get in the ring along with his “fat jolly friend” Santa Claus. Dibiase did a promo ripping on Santa. Savio said that he didn’t have a price for Ted or anybody. Savio said that he believed in the magic of Santa Claus. That led to Santa hitting Savio with a bag of presents and he stomped away on Savio with Dibiase stomping on Savio as well. Santa with a body slam. Vince: “That can’t be the real Santa Claus.” What a genius. Ted said that proved everybody has a price, even Santa. Vince: “I don’t believe it. I can’t believe that is the real Santa Claus.” This was brutal.

Savio went after Santa in the aisle and beat him up a bit until Dibiase left with Santa. The guy in the Santa suit was Balls Mahoney, or at least that’s what we would know him as. Santa would be introduced as Xanta Claus after that.

Analysis: This was terrible as I remember it when it aired live. Vince’s commentary was so over the top and more ridiculous than normal.

There was a video package about King Mabel facing The Undertaker. Mabel said he was the first one to pin Undertaker’s shoulders to the mat (with some help), he put him out of action with a leg drop to the face and he’ll be the first one to put Undertaker in the casket to Rest in Peace for good. Undertaker was looking for revenge.

King Mabel made his entrance. Dok Hendrix was backstage shilling WWF video games for Super Nintendo, Genesis and Playstation. I had a Genesis at this point. I’m sure you care. The Undertaker made his entrance with Paul Bearer by his side. Big pop for The Undertaker as usual.

Casket Match: The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. King Mabel (w/Sir Mo)

Pre-match notes: The Undertaker was the face while Mabel was a heel that won King of the Ring in June. The Undertaker was wearing a protective mask on his face because Mabel broke his orbital bone (by the cheek), so Taker was out for revenge. Also, Mabel had possession of the urn gold chain that Kama had earlier in the year.

They exchanged punches, Taker with some blatant choking and Taker hit a corner splash. Mabel whipped Taker into the ropes and hit a spinning sidewalk slam. Mabel with a body slam. Vince kept on shouting about how Mabel was 568 pounds as Mabel jumped off the turnbuckle with a splash, Taker moved and Mabel hit the mat. Taker with two clotheslines that rocked the big man, Mo grabbed Taker’s foot and Mabel hit a huge belly to belly slam. Mabel with a leg drop onto the face like when he broke the orbital bone. Taker was too hurt to raise up as Mabel hit a running splash leading to “Fuggetaboutit” (forget about it) from Vince. Mo pulled Undertaker out of the ring and carried him over to the casket. Mo put Undertaker in the casket, then Mabel put the crown on and Mabel walked over to try to slam the lid, but Taker got his hand up to block the lid. The fans popped as Taker got back into it with punches, kicks, two clotheslines and a leaping third clothesline to knock Mabel down. Taker hit a Chokeslam although there wasn’t much lift due to how big Mabel was. Taker kicked the back of Mabel to send him into the casket and that was a nice bump by Mabel. Taker tried to close the lid, Mo tried to attack and Taker beat him up. Taker hit a Chokeslam on Mo as well. Taker rolled Mo into the casket and Taker grabbed the urn necklace that Mo had. Taker closed the casket to win the match at 6:11.

Winner: The Undertaker

Analysis: *1/2 An easy win for Undertaker in a match that saw him get payback on Mabel and put an end to this rivalry. Mabel didn’t have good matches on a regular basis, but he was a good athlete that could bump well. Anyway, the fans seemed to like this as Undertaker beat another big guy like he did many times in his career.

The Undertaker posed with the “remnants of the urn” aka the gold chain that was made out of the urn. Undertaker gave the gold chain to Paul Bearer with Paul looking ecstatic about it. Paul was easy to please. Taker made the same “get me the title” hand gesture that Diesel did.

Analysis: The fans enjoyed this. As I said, it was a necessary step in ending the storyline by having Undertaker and Bearer get the “remnants of the urn” back.

Jim Ross was backstage to interview British Bulldog with Jim Cornette. They showed a clip of Diana Hart-Smith, who was Bulldog’s wife and Bret’s sister, watching at SummerSlam 1992 as Bulldog beat Bret Hart to win the Intercontinental Title. Cornette did a promo saying that Bret’s sister used to think of Bret has a hero, but now her hero is her husband Davey Boy Smith while Cornette mentioned Bret has never beaten Bulldog. There were short comments from Diana and Davey to show confidence that Bulldog was going to win.

Bret Hart was interviewed by Todd Pettengill. Bret said that Bulldog did beat him in 1992, he has to live with that and now revenge is his. Bret said he’ll shine like he’s never shone before and British Bulldog is going to go down.

The entrance of the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith, was next with wife Diana Hart-Smith joining him at ringside along with manager Jim Cornette.

Analysis: At different points in his career, they used the Davey Boy Smith name, but during this period they used the British Bulldog name all the time.

Bret “Hitman” Hart got a big pop for his entrance as the WWF Champion that was beloved by the crowd. That was a really nice ovation. Hershey isn’t a big market in Pennsylvania like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, but they were making a lot of noise. Bret put his sunglasses on a young fan at ringside as he did all the time during his babyface days. Lawler pointed out that Bulldog was wearing the same tights that Bulldog wore when he beat Bret at SummerSlam 1992, so that was cool.

WWF Championship: Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. British Bulldog (w/Jim Cornette)

Pre-match notes: Bret Hart was the babyface WWF Champion while Bulldog was the heel challenger. Bulldog was married to Bret’s sister Diana, so they were brothers in law for many years.

They did some mat wrestling with Bret grabbing a wristlock and Bulldog did a hair pull to take him down. Bret with a takedown leading to a knee drop leading to an armbar. Bret ran the ropes leading to a running cross body block for two, then an atomic drop and a stomp to the ribs. Bret slapped on an armbar again, then Bret ran into the ropes and Bulldog hit a knee to the ribs as we got a shot of Diana watching at ringside. Bulldog set up Bret upside down against the turnbuckle leading to some stomps and Bulldog accidentally knocked referee Earl Hebner down, so then Bulldog helped him back up and stomped on Bret some more. Bulldog grabbed a headlock, Bret countered with a crucifix pin attempt and Bulldog dropped back into a slam followed by a leg drop for two. Bulldog choked Bret across the bottom rope, the referee made him go back and Cornette hit Bret with the tennis racket to the face. Bulldog slapped on another chinlock, Bret sent Bulldog into the turnbuckle, there were shoulder tackles from Bret and then Bulldog whipped Bret into the turnbuckle for the classic Bret sternum bump into the buckle for a two count. Bulldog with a back body drop for another two count and back to the chinlock. Back up, Bulldog ran the ropes and Bret hit a monkey flip across the ring followed by an atomic drop, punch and a headbutt to the ribs. Bret hit a running bulldog for two. Bret was sent into the ropes, he caught Bulldog and hit a perfect looking piledriver for a two count. Bret hit one of his signature moves with Russian legsweep followed by the diving elbow drop off the middle ropes. Bret set up Bulldog on the top rope, which led to Bulldog countering a superplex by sending Bret groin first across the ropes. That was an impressive counter. They were on the floor with Bulldog punching Bret in the back, then Bret went down and did a blade job, which led to a bloody forehead for Bret after going into the stairs. Bulldog drove Bulldog back first into the ringpost and then we got the first shot of Bret’s bloody head. The ECW friendly crowd chanted “he’s hardcore” when they saw the blood.

It was back in the ring with Bulldog whipping Bret into the turnbuckle. Bulldog hit a piledriver of his own for a two count. Bulldog hit a delayed vertical suplex (one of his patented moves) for a two count. Vince on commentary asked for the cameras to kept wide and not do close-ups as if he was directing the show because as the boss he can do that. Bulldog hit a body slam and then he jumped off the top with a headbutt to the back. There were too many shots of Diana during the match. I know that was the storyline, but it was too much. Anyway, Bret tried to get the Sharpshooter on, Bulldog powered out of it and there were still no close-ups of Bret’s face as Vince mentioned. Bulldog ran the ropes leading to a shoulder tackle that knocked Bret out of the ring to the floor. Vince said that he had never seen Bret in this shape ever and suggested stopping the match as Bulldog punched Bret. Back in the ring, Bret slipped behind Bulldog and hit a bridging German Suplex for two. They did the spot where Bulldog rant he ropes leading to a double clothesline that knocked both guys down. Cornette banged the mat repeatedly leading to a “Let’s Go Bret” chant. That’s some great, subtle crowd work by Cornette as Bret hit a back body drop on Bulldog that sent him over the top to the floor. Bret with a dive over the top onto Bulldog on the floor. There was a lot of Bret’s blood all over the place. Bret tried jumping onto Bulldog on the floor, but Bulldog caught him and hit a Powerslam on the floor. Bulldog pulled off the protective padding on the floor and teased a slam on the floor, but Bret turned it into a suplex onto the guardrail along with a clothesline. The fans were really getting into it. Back in the ring, Bret with a backbreaker for a two count. Bret with an arm wringer that flipped Bulldog into the turnbuckle. Bret set up for a superplex for a second time and this time Bret connected with the superplex for a two count. Bulldog with a rollup off the ropes, Bret countered that for a two count and the fans were really into it. Bret with a punch to the ribs to flip over Bulldog, who did a great job of bumping into this match. Bulldog ran right into a boot to the face. Bret applied La Magistral cradle where he hooked the arms of Bulldog and got the pinfall win at 21:09.

Winner by pinfall: Bret Hart

Analysis: **** This was an awesome match that might be forgotten by some fans, but it’s one of the best matches to ever take place at an In Your House show. Bret’s blade job added to the story because it showed that he had to overcome that to get the win. The pinfall win was different than a lot of Bret matches, but I think it was done that way to show how close of a match it was. The blade job by Bret was not something Vince McMahon approved of, so there were no close-ups on Bret’s face after that and a lot of shots where they would show Diana’s face at ringside too. Bret did the blade job because he felt he needed to add some drama to the match and to his credit, the blood helped. Awesome work by Bret and Bulldog here. (For what it’s worth, Dave Meltzer went 4.5* for this match. I liked it, but I didn’t think it was at that level.)

Bret Hart celebrated with the WWF Champion as the pyro went off above the ring. There were still no close-up shots of Bret celebrating the win.

There was a locker room interview with The Undertaker and Paul Bearer with Todd Pettengill asking about Royal Rumble 1996 with Undertaker earning the title shot. Bearer thanked Gorilla Monsoon and Diesel showed up to complain about it because he thought he should get the next title shot. Diesel and Undertaker got into a staredown.

Analysis: That would be the first tease of Diesel and Undertaker having a feud that would lead to a match at WrestleMania 12 about three months after this.

A video package aired showing highlights of the event.

This event had a runtime of 1:53:20 on WWE Network.


Show rating (out of 10): 4.25

This is a bad show. The main event with Bret Hart fighting back against British Bulldog after bleeding a lot is great and it keeps this from being the worst PPV ever, but it’s still a below average PPV event. I would recommend checking out Bret/Bulldog if you’ve never seen it. The rest of it is forgettable with a terrible Hog Pen Match although Henry Godwinn/Hunter Hearst Helmsley tried their best to make it work. Also, f’n Xanta Claus was here too. Vince McMahon shouting “that can’t be the real Santa Claus” in an over the top manner was hilarious at least. What a maneuver!


  1. Bret Hart
  2. British Bulldog

I think I’ll stop there.


Best Match: Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog (****)

Worst Match: Ahmed Johnson vs. Buddy Landell (1/4*)

Most Memorable Moment: I’ll just go with Bret’s win although if somebody picked the Hog Pen Match that would be fine too.


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