WWE Extreme Rules 2010 Review

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The WWE Extreme Rules 2010 pay-per-view followed WrestleMania 26 with several rematches including John Cena facing Batista in the main event in a memorable Last Man Standing Match.

There were four WrestleMania 26 rematches on this card. That’s pretty common for most post-WrestleMania pay-per-views because WWE often keeps feuds going after WrestleMania instead of ending all of them at the biggest show of the year.

Here is the synopsis on WWE Network:

“John Cena defends the WWE Championship against Batista in a Last Man Standing Match. Jack Swagger faces Randy Orton in an Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge takes on Chris Jericho in a Steel Cage Match. CM Punk puts his hair on the line against Rey Mysterio. Sheamus and Triple H battle in a Street Fight and more.” PG (V)

The DVD looks like this:

This was written in May 2022.

WWE Extreme Rules
From 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland
April 25, 2010

The opening video package pushed the idea of this card having a lineup full of gimmick matches fitting the “Extreme Rules” theme.

The commentary team was Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Matt Striker, who was often times the heel announcer at this point. Cole said 12, 278 fans on hand and claimed it was sold out.

They announced a Street Fight between Triple H and Sheamus with Hunter’s music playing, but there was no sign of him. The cameras were shown backstage with Sheamus attacking Triple H. They were fighting in the backstage area with referees there to try to break it up. Sheamus was in control, Hunter fought back and then Sheamus hit Hunter with a steel pipe to the head. Sheamus hit Hunter with a steel pipe again.

Analysis: It was an angle to weaken Hunter going into their match while also getting heat on the heel Sheamus for the cheap attack. Instead of going on first, the match would take place later in the show.

The Miz and Big Show made their entrance as the Unified Tag Team Champions. The Miz was also the US Champion, so he had three titles with him while Show had the two sets of tag team titles with him.

Miz said they should start this show off with some excitement. Miz said that they are the greatest tag team in WWE history – ShoMiz. Miz said that Bret Hart made a deal with ShoMiz that if Miz beat David Hart Smith, which Miz did, then Bret has to say that ShoMiz is the greatest tag team in WWE history. The fans booed. Miz said that on Raw, Bret Hart will make that statement. Miz claimed they had a lack of competition. Miz put over Big Show’s dominance.

Teddy Long, the Smackdown General Manager, saying he had his hands full about what occurred in the back. Long said he’s got a match for them. Long said he’s got a team to face them and that team wins then they will get a Tag Team Title match. Miz said if he wanted mind-numbing incompetence he’d go to an Orioles game, which drew boos in Baltimore. Miz told Teddy to figure out how to screw up the draft for Smackdown. Long mentioned they had more teams. Miz said that they are the reason that people are watching this show. Teddy said he had three teams for them to face, then Show covered Miz’s house. Teddy said that if ShoMiz beats all three teams then maybe they deserve to be the greatest tag team of all time, but if they lose then they have to face the winners in a title match. It’s a Gauntlet Match.

Analysis: It took a while to get the point, but eventually it led to some action.

Gauntlet Match #1: The Miz & Big Show vs. R-Truth & John Morrison

Mis took down his former partner Morrison followed by a kick to the ribs. Morrison with an armdrag, Truth tagged in and they did a double team hiptoss. Truth and Morrison did a double team leg drop and SSP for two. Show tagged in with a running shoulder tackle on Truth leading to Show hitting a hard chop. Miz back in with a running kick on Truth. When Truth got back up, he hit a jumping side kick to knock Miz down. Show tagged in against Morrison, who hit a dropkick. Show tossed Morrison into the corner, Show went for a choke, Morrison got a hold of Show’s arm by the ropes and Truth hit a dive on Miz on the floor. Morrison did not let go of an armbar on the ropes by the count of five, so this team was disqualified.

R-Truth & John Morrison eliminated by disqualification.

Gauntlet Match #2: The Miz & Big Show vs. Mark Henry & MVP

MVP tried pinning Big Show, who kicked out. Miz tagged in, MVP hit him with a clothesline and MVP hit a suplex for two. Henry tagged in with a headbutt on Miz while Show was holding his left shoulder. Henry missed a corner attack when Miz moved, MVP tagged in with a back suplex and knee to the face. MVP with the Ballin’ elbow for two. Show kicked Henry to knock him down. MVP pulled the rope down to send Show out of the ring. MVP hit the Playmaker on Miz for a pin attempt, but Show punched MVP with the KO Punch and Miz covered MVP to win.

Mark Henry & MVP eliminated by pinfall.

Gauntlet Match #3: The Miz & Big Show vs. Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith) w/Natalya & Bret Hart

Kidd and Smith kicked Show off the apron. Smith lifted up Miz, Kidd jumped off the top with a clothesline for the Hart Attack finish and Smith pinned Miz to get the win. The entire gauntlet went 6:48.

The Miz & Big Show eliminated by pinfall.

Winners of the Gauntlet Match: Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith)

Analysis: *1/2 While I don’t rate it highly as a match, I think it accomplished its goal as an angle to make it tough on Miz & Show by having them wrestle three times. Since Kidd and Smith were fresh, they capitalized on the situation and got the win to earn the title shot the next night on Raw.

The Hart Dynasty celebrated the win.

Todd Grisham was shown outside of the Trainer’s Room with Sheamus showing up to say that Triple H should man up and face him or forfeit. Sheamus said either way, he’s going to win.

CM Punk made his entrance with his Straight Edge Society allies Luke Gallows and Serena. There was a barber’s chair on the stage because if Punk lost this match then he agreed to have his head shaved. Rey Mysterio was up next with the fans cheering loudly for him as usual.

Hair Match: Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Pre-match notes: Rey was the face while Punk was the heel. Punk agreed that if he lost the match then he would have his head shaved. Rey beat Punk at WrestleMania.

Punk stomped on Rey repeatedly followed by a punch to the head, Punk was sent into the ropes and Rey hit a dropkick. Punk sent Rey under the bottom rope, Rey flipped over to land on his feet and Rey sent Punk ribs first into the ring apron. Rey with a dropkick that sent Punk in the ropes, Punk bounced back and hit a powerslam for a two count. Punk sent Rey under the bottom ropes leading to Rey bumping onto his stomach. Serena kicked Rey in the ribs while the referee didn’t see it. Punk sent Rey into the ringleading to a senton splash by Punk for two. Punk used his legs to keep Rey grounded on the mat, Rey broke free and hit a kick to the head for two. Punk set up Rey against the ropes, so Gallows hit a cheap shot uppercut while Punk made sure the referee didn’t see it. Punk with a backbreaker for two. Punk drove his knees into Rey’s back in a modified surfboard submission. After Rey broke free, Punk hit a clothesline for two. Punk hit three straight leg drops. Punk put Rey on his back while stretching the arms in a submission hold. Rey with an armdrag, then he countered a Punk move and sat on top for two. Rey jumped off the ropes with a headscissors that sent Punk into the middle turnbuckle. Rey went up top, but Punk was there to trip him up. Punk wanted the Go To Sleep, Rey fought out of that, Rey sent Punk into the ropes and Serena tripped Rey when he was running the ropes. Punk hit Rey with a forearm. The referee Chad Patton saw Serena trip Rey, so he ejected Serena and Gallows from ringside.

Punk was on the floor, so Rey hit him with a dropkick followed by Rey hitting a moonsault off the ropes. Back in the ring, Rey hit a springboard leg drop for two. Punk sent Rey into the ropes, Punk ducked his head and Rey kicked him in the chest. Rey jumped off the top with a seated senton, Rey went for a move off the ropes and Punk hit a dropkick for two. Punk hit a springboard clothesline for two. Rey jumped onto Punk’s shoulders, Punk went for the GTS and Rey countered it into a hurricanrana for two! What a great move for a two count! Punk followed up with a kick to the head for two. Punk went for a high knee, Rey avoided it leading to a headscissors in the ropes. A mystery guy put a steel chair in the ring, the referee saw the chair and the guy hid under the ring. The guy slammed Rey on the floor while the referee was busy getting the chair out of the ring. Punk brought Rey into the ring, Punk hit the GTS and Punk covered Rey for the pinfall win.

Winner by pinfall: CM Punk

Analysis: ***1/2 A very good match between these two as usual. I wouldn’t call it great, but it was fun to watch. Rey came close to winning several times, I liked some of the nearfalls they did and then Punk cheated to win by getting an assist from a mystery guy. Good job in terms of pushing the story of Punk cheating to win avoid getting his head shaved. It was a clever way to keep the story going.

Punk celebrated the win by playing with his hair to tell us that his head wouldn’t be shaved. Gallows and Serena celebrated with Punk.

Analysis: The mystery guy was Joey Mercury. Punk would end up getting his head shaved one month later at Over The Limit.

Strap Match: Shad Gaspard vs. JTG

Pre-match notes: Shad was the heel that turned on babyface JTG to end the Cryme Tyme tag team. The fans didn’t want to see these guys break up, but they did and Shad was the heel.

In a strap match, the wrestlers are tied together by a leather strap. The first man to touch all four turnbuckles in succession is the winner of the match.

JTG delivered some punches, then the bigger man Shad tripped up JTG with the strap and touched three corners, but JTG stopped him. JTG delivered several hard strap shots to the body. Shad sent JTG to the apron and then knocked him down, so JTG was on the floor while Shad was in the ring. JTG sent Shad’s neck into the top rope followed by a leg lariat off the middle rope. JTG hit three corners, then Shad got a hold of JTG and delivered a slam to the mat. Shad puled on the strap so that JTG went shoulder first into the ring post along with some strap shots to the body. Shad used the strap to choke JTG, then Shad hit three corners with JTG touching three right after him, JTG avoided a move by Shad and JTG hit a neckbreaker (called the Boxcutter) followed by a touch of the fourth corner. JTG got the win at 4:41.

Winner: JTG

Analysis: * You don’t see strap matches go that short usually. The fans really weren’t interested in it very much. Like I wrote above, fans didn’t want to see this team broken up and fighting eachother, but that’s what we got here. Anyway, it was clever booking to have JTG touch three corners without Shad seeing it and then JTG getting the fourth for the win. It’s not a great match or anything, but at least the crowd came alive for the finish.

Todd Grisham had an update on Triple H is that he nerve issues down his arm and an injured neck. Triple H was considered doubtful for his match against Sheamus.

A video package aired for the World Title match between champion Jack Swagger and challenger Randy Orton. Swagger won Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 26, then five days later on Smackdown, Swagger cashed in Money in the Bank on Chris Jericho to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Swagger was moved to Smackdown. Randy Orton pinned Swagger multiple times in matches on Raw to earn a title shot.

Analysis: They booked Swagger to lose non-title matches way too often. It’s no surprise that his title reign was relatively short because the fans didn’t believe in him as a credible champion.

Jack Swagger was up first as the World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Orton got a big ovation even though he was not a babyface that played to the crowd. The fans liked him at this point after many years as a heel character. They stood in the ring for the championship introductions from ring announcer Justin Roberts with Orton getting a big ovation again.

Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton

Pre-match notes: Swagger was the heel World Heavyweight Champion while Orton was a babyface.

Swagger with a takedown early, Orton got back up and Swagger got a dragon screw takedown. Swagger with a shoulder block in the corner, Orton with an elbow knockdown and Orton hit his modified backbreaker for two. Swagger left the ring, he grabbed a steel chair and Orton left the ring to kick the chair out of Swagger’s hand. Swagger with a forearm to the ribs followed by a whip into the barricade. Swagger with an overhead suplex on the floor. Swagger drove Orton back-first into the barricade and ring apron. Swagger worked over Orton with punches along with a stomp on the throat. Swagger with two shoulder blocks and a suplex. The fans chanted “RKO” for Orton as Randy tried to fight back, but Swagger hit a side belly to belly slam. Swagger with a suplex along with a belly to back suplex. Orton tried to fight back, but Swagger sent him shoulder first into the ring post. Swagger grabbed the World Title from ringside and brought it into the ring. Swagger charged, Orton blocked with kicks and punches, but Swagger again used his power with a lifting powerslam for two. Swagger with a body slam. Cole and Lawler kept talking about how Swagger was taking his time to do moves, which they thought was a problem. Swagger went for the Swagger Bomb off the ropes, but Orton grabbed the title and hit Swagger in the ribs. Why would Swagger try the move when he saw the title was right there? Anyway, Orton delivered a couple of clotheslines followed by a powerslam. Swagger to the apron, so Orton wanted the DDT and Swagger countered with a back body drop over the top to the floor. Swagger grabbed a trash can, he tried to attack, but Orton took it from him and Orton hit Swagger with two trash can shots to the head. Orton slammed Swagger’s head into the commentary table. Orton whipped Swagger into the steel steps at ringside. Orton stomped on Swagger’s head on the steps.

They were back in the ring with Orton stomping on Swagger’s limbs. Orton went for a knee drop, but Swagger moved and Orton hit the mat with a knee drop. Swagger grabbed a chair, Orton kicked him while on the apron and Orton hit a draping DDT. The fans came alive as Orton set up for the RKO, but Orton decided to open up the steel chair in a seated position. Orton teased an RKO on the chair, but Swagger countered by slamming Orton’s back onto the chair. Swagger hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb for the pinfall win at 13:59.

Winner by pinfall: Jack Swagger

Analysis: *** A pretty good match with Swagger getting a meaningful win over a top guy like Orton. Even though it was an Extreme Rules Match with weapons allowed, they really didn’t do a lot of weapon usage. At least they did use a chair for the finish with Orton making a mistake by using a chair and Swagger slamming Orton onto the chair. Swagger matches were never that exciting to watch, but he was good enough to have a three star match like this. Swagger pinning Orton clean was a good thing for Swagger. However, the booking was inconsistent during his title reign.

Post match, Swagger was celebrating the win with the World Title in his hands, so Orton went up to him and Orton hit the RKO on the floor! The fans liked that leading to “Randy” chants.

Sheamus made his entrance with a steel pipe and he stared at Orton on his way down to the ring.

Sheamus did a promo saying Triple H made a mistake just by showing up at Extreme Rules. Sheamus said if Triple H isn’t man enough to face Sheamus then he wants the referee to raise Sheamus’ hand as the winner of this match.

They were back to the trainer’s room with Triple H walking out of there while favoring his left arm. A doctor tried to talk him out of it, but Hunter kept on walking. Triple H made his entrance while favoring his left arm.

Street Fight: Triple H vs. Sheamus

Pre-match notes: Hunter was the face while Sheamus was the heel. Triple H beat Sheamus at WrestleMania, so this was the rematch.

Sheamus charged, Hunter avoided the steel pipe and punched Sheamus repeatedly. Hunter with a clothesline over the top to the floor. Hunter jumped onto Sheamus’ back to knock him down on the floor. Hunter sent Sheamus ribs first into the barricade. Hunter kept throwing Sheamus into objects on the floor. Back in the ring, Hunter hit a spinebuster. Hunter wanted a Pedigree, but the injured left arm prevented it, so Sheamus decked Hunter with a clothesline. Hunter was on the floor, which led to Sheamus knocking him down and whipping Hunter into the barricade. Back in the ring, Sheamus hit a running knee drop along with more knee drops leading to a two count. Sheamus with a forearm to the face along with another knee drop for two. Sheamus hit a running double axhandle to knock Hunter down for another two count. Sheamus grabbed a chinlock, so Hunter hit a belly to back suplex to counter. Hunter left the ring, Sheamus followed him and hit a neckbreaker on the floor. Back in the ring, Sheamus charged, Hunter got a boot up to the face and Hunter sent Sheamus into the ring post. Hunter hit a DDT, which led to Hunter grabbing his own neck to sell that injury. They got back up at the same time with Sheamus hitting a backbreaker for two. Sheamus with a running powerslam for two. That was the British Bulldog’s finisher. Sheamus brought in a steel pipe, Hunter avoided with a couple of punches along with a facebuster into the knee. Sheamus was able to recover and hit Hunter with the steel pipe to the head for a two count. Sheamus set up for a big move, Hunter got out of it and Hunter hit a back body drop over the top to the floor. Sheamus knocked Hunter down, then Sheamus grabbed a kendo stick and Hunter did a drop toe hold to send Sheamus into the steel steps. Hunter with a kendo stick to the upper back and then some kendo stick shots to the body of Sheamus. Hunter hit Sheamus in the head with the kendo stick two more times. Hunter wanted a Pedigree on the steel ramp, but Sheamus backed out of it with a back body drop for a rough landing for Hunter. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick, which was not named that at the time.

They were back in the ring with Sheamus hitting another Brogue Kick to the head. Once again, they didn’t have a name for that move yet. The referee Jack Doan checked on Hunter, who shoved him down and Hunter did a crotch chop. Sheamus with a third Brogue Kick. Hunter staggered out of the corner, so Sheamus hit a fourth Brogue Kick and Sheamus got the pinfall win at 15:46.

Winner by pinfall: Sheamus

Analysis: ***1/4 A big win for Sheamus against an injured Triple H, who did a great job of selling the left arm injury throughout the match. It was another match on the show where weapons were allowed, yet it barely looked like a Street Fight due to a lack of objects that were used. I understand that in the PG era of WWE, they want to try to be safe, but they could have done a lot more to make this match more interesting. The match was mostly about Hunter selling, getting some brief comebacks and then Sheamus eventually put him away for the clean win.

Sheamus stood on Hunter’s chest and celebrated the win. They showed replays of Sheamus winning the match.

Triple H was getting checked on by medical personnel. They wanted to put Hunter on a stretcher, but he refused and was helped up the ramp. When Hunter was near the top of the ramp, Sheamus delivered another Brogue Kick to knock Hunter down. Hunter was out on the tamp of the ramp and this time he was put on a stretcher.

Analysis: This was the end of Hunter’s run as a full-timer in WWE. It was the last match he wrestled in 2010. In the years that followed, he wrestled a handful of matches each year, but he never did a full-time schedule again. Hunter turned 41 in 2010, so he was definitely slowing down as a wrestler after being full time in WWE for about 15 years before this. What it also did was put over Sheamus in a big way as a vicious heel since he beat up Hunter so bad that he needed a stretcher to leave the arena.

Edge was shown getting ready in his locker room with Josh Mathews arriving for an interview. Edge talked about winning a cage match by pinfall, submission or escaping the cage. Edge said he won’t let Jericho escape that cage. Edge said he’s not even going to try (to escape the cage). That was it.

They had women’s beauty supplies at ringside for this extreme makeover match. Michelle McCool entered as the Women’s Champion with her Laycool buddy Layla and Vickie Guerrero as well. Beth Phoenix was up next as the challenger.

Extreme Makeover Match for the Women’s Championship: Michelle McCool (w/Layla & Vickie Guerrero) vs. Beth Phoenix

Pre-match notes: Michelle was the heel champion and Beth was the face challenger.

McCool with some punches early on, Beth used her speed and got a rollup. Beth hit a clothesline off the middle rope for a two count. Layla tried to attack with a broom, but Beth was ready for it. Beth grabbed McCool, who sprayed some hairspray into Beth’s face. McCool threw an ironing board at Beth and stomped on the ironing board while it was on Beth. McCool applied a leg scissors around the waist, then Layla threw in an iron, but that didn’t work because Beth was back up, so McCool had to knock her down again. McCool dropkicked the ironing board onto Beth in the corner for a two count. Beth dropkicked the ironing board into McCool to knock Michelle on the floor. Michelle with hairspray, Beth moved and Michelle sprayed Layla with it by accident. Beth tossed the makeup table over with Michelle on it. Beth sent McCool into the ring, then Beth hit her with an empty bucket a few times for a two count. The crowd wasn’t into the match at all. Beth set up McCool on the turnbuckle, but Vickie was there to distract with a broom while Layla had a mop. Michelle shoved Beth down onto two ironing boards for a two count. McCool had a ridiculous overreaction to the two count. Beth countered McCool going for her finish and Beth hit the Glam Slam for the pinfall win at 6:32. The crowd was dead for most of match, but they popped for the Glam Slam.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW Women’s Champion: Beth Phoenix

Analysis: *1/4 The concept of the match didn’t really work. Both women tried hard and they had some good bumps with an ironing board, but the fans didn’t seem to care that much. Even though Michelle could get help from Layla and Vickie in a match with No DQ, it’s not like she got enough help to win. Beth coming back to hit the Glam Slam was a good finish. I just think it was a boring match with the way it was structured.

Beth Phoenix was presented with the Women’s Championship with the fans cheering her.

They aired one of those videos telling us “please don’t try this at home.”

The steel cage was being lowered.

Chris Jericho was interviewed by Josh Mathews with Chris saying that one loss to an NXT rookie doesn’t change the fact that Jericho has the biggest amount of accolades he has attained in this company. Jericho said one loss doesn’t change his status of being the greatest performer of this or any other generation. Josh pointed out that his name was Heath Slater. Jericho said it doesn’t change the fact that Chris is a big game player. Jericho said tonight inside that Steel Cage, he guarantees he’ll end Edge’s career forever. Jericho said that Edge’s fans called Edgeheads will stop chanting “Spear, Spear, Spear” because it ends tonight.

Edge entered first to a pretty good pop since he was in babyface mode at this point. Edge was limping due to recent attacks from Jericho on the left leg. They showed clips of Jericho attacking Edge’s left leg because Edge had a torn Achilles tendon, so Jericho attacked the left foot repeatedly. Chris Jericho was up next looking confident as usual.

Jericho was hesitant to get into the ring. Jericho grabbed a steel chair from ringside, but Edge did a baseball slide dropkick to stop Jericho from using it. Edge sent Jericho into the ring, Edge closed the door and the bell rang.

Steel Cage Match: Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Pre-match notes: Jericho was the heel while Edge was the face. Steel Cage Matches in WWE are won by pinfall, submission or escaping the cage.

Jericho started climbing right away, Edge pulled him down and stomped on Jericho in the corner. Edge with a catapult into the turnbuckle, Jericho tried to climb out and Edge slammed him into the ring. Edge whipped Jericho into the cage followed by Edge shoving Jericho’s head into the cage. Edge went for a shoulder tackle, Jericho moved and Edge went shoulder-first into the cage. Jericho hit a springboard dropkick sending Edge into the cage. Jericho with a catapult that sent Edge throat-first into the bottom rope. Jericho hit a belly to back suplex for two. Jericho grounded Edge with a chinlock along with a knee in the back, they got back up, Jericho with a kick to the chest and then Edge gave Jericho a back body drop into the cage. Good bump. Edge with two clotheslines followed by a flatliner into the mat. Edge with a sitout suplex for a two count. Jericho hit a running bulldog, then he wanted a Lionsault, Edge moved and Jericho climbed to the top of the cage again. Edge prevented Jericho from escaping, but then Jericho slammed Edge down. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho submission, nice “ASK HIM” sign in the crowd and Edge managed to get to the ropes, but there’s no break because there are no disqualifications. However, Edge used the ropes to help him break free. Edge sent Jericho into the cage and a sitout neckbreaker got a two count. Jericho wanted the Walls of Jericho again, Edge kicked him into the turnbuckle and Edge kicked Jericho in the face. Edge set up for the Spear with the fans making some more noise now. Jericho ducked out of the way, he went to leave through the door, but Edge pulled Jericho back in. Jericho got his hands the chair that Jericho had a hold of earlier. Jericho slammed the door on Edge’s head. Jericho walked down two steps, but then he went back in to cause more pain.

Jericho charged at Edge with the steel chair, Edge moved out of the way and Edge bounced off the ropes with the Spear for one…two…and no. It’s a two count. Edge took a while reacting to that two count. Jericho recovered enough to hit the Codebreaker for a two count of his own. That meant that both guys kicked out of finishing moves. Jericho climbed up the cage, he had his legs on the outside of the cage, but Edge was there to pull Jericho back into the cage. They were punching eachother while on the top rope, Jericho hit Edge and Edge crotched himself across the top rope. Jericho climbed up to the top of the steel cage, Jericho climbed to the outside of the cage, Edge got a hold of Jericho’s arm that was in the top part of the cage. Edge pulled Jericho up so that they were exchanging punches, Jericho went inside the cage and stood on the top rope. Edge was seated on the ropes, so Jericho hit a Codebreaker for a two count. Jericho complained to the referee Charles Robinson about the count. Jericho: “Stay down, you stupid idiot.” Jericho with a chop block to the injured left ankle. Jericho swung the chair at the left ankle, Edge avoided it and Edge threw Jericho into the cage three times while Edge stopped selling the ankle injury. Jericho tried to climb out of the cage again, Edge got a hold him and sent Jericho into the top of the cage. Edge shouted “now it ends” at Jericho. Edge told Jericho to try to crawl out the door, so Edge kicked Jericho in the ribs and slammed the door on Jericho’s left ankle. Edge twisted the left ankle a few times. Edge stomped on the left ankle. Jericho slowly got back up, Edge set up in the corner and Edge hit a Spear for the pinfall win at 19:57.

Winner by pinfall: Edge

Analysis: ***1/2 A good cage match that was a decisive win for the babyface Edge, which was the right way to end this story. I don’t know why they went away from the story of Edge having an injured left foot because they pushed it going into the match, yet as the match went on, they avoided the story while Edge worked on Jericho’s ankle a bit. They did that spot about halfway through the match where Jericho slammed the door on Edge’s head and Jericho could have won, but then he chose to go back in the cage, which ended up costing Jericho the win. It is the right kind of spot to book for a cocky heel like Jericho. I was a surprised by the lack of crowd interest in the match. There were some loud moments, but for the most part it was a quiet crowd during this match.

The announcers mentioned the next pay-per-view was Over The Limit in Detroit.

The video package aired for the Cena/Batista match with the Last Man Standing stipulation. Cena won the WWE Championship from Batista at WrestleMania 26. Batista invoked his rematch clause to let Cena know it’s a Last Man Standing Match this time.

Batista was up first as the challenger with the fans booing him. They had a spotlight on Batista for his entrance because he was a man craving the spotlight during this heel run. John Cena made his entrance to a thunderous reaction as usual. There were some boos, but a lot of cheers as well. The wrestlers stood in the ring for the championship introductions.

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Batista

Pre-match notes: Cena was the babyface WWE Champion while Batista was the heel. They both debuted on WWE TV in 2002 while training together at OVW for two years before that.

The only way to win this match is to incapacitate your opponent to the point that he’s unable to answer the referee’s count of ten.

Cena got the first shot with a shoulder tackle that knocked Batista out of the ring, Batista went back in and Cena hit another shoulder tackle. Batista tried a chair attack, Cena moved and Cena hit a bulldog. Cena with a Fisherman’s suplex. Cena charged at Batista, who hit him with a high back elbow to the face. Batista with a whip into the corner followed by a clothesline. When Cena got back up, Batista kicked him in the head to knock him down. Cena tried to lift Batista up, Batista slipped out and Batista sent Cena into the turnbuckle. Batista with a chop block to the left leg, then a kick to the leg and a necksnap against the ropes. Cena with a chair shot to the left leg. Batista jumped onto Cena’s left knee a few times along with another clothesline. Cena was down selling for a bit, Batista got a hold of him and hit a suplex. Cena left the ring, Batista followed him out there and Cena did a nice job of selling the left knee injury. Cena whipped Batista into the steel steps. They went back into the ring with Batista applying the Figure Four Leglock, Cena sold it for about 30 seconds and turned it over until they let go. When they got back up, they did a double clothesline. I should point out that referee Mike Chioda was counting them down a lot at this point although there was never really a threat to end the match. Cena got some momentum going with two shoulder tackles followed by the spinning slam. Cena did the Five Knuckle Shuffle into the fist drop. Batista left the ring, Cena followed him out there and Batista hit Cena in the ribs with a steel object that they use to tighten the ropes. Batista brought a char in the ring, Cena was ready for him and gave Batista an Attitude Adjustment onto the chair. Batista got up before ten, then he shoved referee Chioda into the ropes and Cena was on the top rope, so Cena collapsed to the mat. Good spot. Batista hit Cena with a Spear. Cena was back up at eight, Batista capitalized with another Spear and Cena was back up at eight again.

Batista went under the ring where he dumped out some tools from a toolbox. Batista brought a table into the ring, which he set up against the turnbuckle. Cena went for the STF, so Batista kicked him and Cena bumped through the table. Cena was on the floor, Batista picked up Cena and Batista sent Cena back-first into the ring post. A fan shouted that they hated Batista, so Batista said: “I hate you too!” Cena was back up before ten, so Batista whipped Cena into the barricade at ringside. Cena got up at nine. Batista cleared off the commentary table and sent Cena into the ring post. Batista put the steel ring steps beside the commentary table, he wanted to do a Powerbomb and Cena countered with an Attitude Adjustment through the table! Great spot that drew a huge pop from the crowd. That ovation was really loud. Batista used the barricade to help himself get back up. Cena set up a table in the ring. Cena wanted the AA, Batista slipped out and hit a spinebuster through the table. Striker shouted “yes” since he was a heel announcer rooting for Batista to win. Cena got up at nine as the fans cheered for him. The crowd got into the match more after seeing several table bumps. Batista hit a Batista Bomb in the middle of the ring, which led to another count by referee Chioda and Cena was back up at nine again. Batista brough in the bottom half of the steel steps into the ring. Cena with a drop toe hold leading to the STF submission. Batista tapped out, which didn’t matter in a Last Man Standing Match. Batista got his hand on the bottom rope, then he passed out and Cena let go. Batista was counted down again, but he used the ropes to get up at nine. Cena left the ring, pulled Batista’s legs back so that he went groin first into the ring post. Cena got some silver duct tape at ringside and he taped Batista’s feet together. Cena wrapped a lot of tape around Batista’s legs while Batista was trying to break free, but he couldn’t do it. The referee counted down a struggling Batista, Cena did the “you can’t see me” hand gesture, Chioda reached ten and that was it. Batista could not get up in time. Cena won at 24:34.

Winner: John Cena

Analysis: **** I thought it was a great match with a lot of physicality. They came up with some creative spots. Cena took a beating throughout the match, yet he did that superhuman babyface comeback that he was known for in his career. That spot near the finish with Cena giving Batista the Attitude Adjustment off the steps and through the table drew a massive ovation. As for the finish, I don’t know if it’s the kind of thing everybody loved because it looked a bit silly around the ring post. However, I have to give them props for creativity because it worked and people probably remember it well to this day. I thought it was clever while also pleasing the fans that liked Cena. It was one of the better matches that Cena and Batista had together.

Cena celebrated with the title while Batista was furious as he was trapped against the ring post. Cena continued to celebrate with the WWE Title. That was the end of the show.

Analysis: They would do another Cena-Batista match at Over The Limit one month later. That was an “I Quit” match won by Cena. The next night after that is when Batista quit WWE and was gone for nearly four years to pursue acting.

This event had a runtime of 2:55:45 on WWE Network.


Show rating (out of 10): 7

It was a good show for the most part with stipulation matches taking place throughout the three hours. I thought they could have been more creative about some of the stipulations and some of the weapons used in some of the matches.

I think when you have a show with five matches that are at least three stars (that means pretty good) and the best match at four stars (that would be Cena-Batista), then that’s an enjoyable show overall. I wouldn’t necessarily call it some amazing show or anything that memorable, but I had fun watching it.


1. John Cena

2. Batista

3. Edge

4. Chris Jericho

5. CM Punk/Rey Mysterio


Best Match: John Cena vs. Batista (**** out of 5)

Worst Match: JTG vs. Shad. (*)

Most Memorable Moment: John Cena using duct tape to prevent Batista from standing, which led to Cena winning the Last Man Standing Match.

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