WCW Starrcade 1999 Review

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Welcome back to the TJRwrestling reviews where we are covering every WCW Pay-Per-View during the “Monday Night War” era.

We are coming off of Mayhem, which was a new WCW November show that replaced World War 3. The main event saw Bret Hart capture the WCW title for the first time, as well as start his run with the NWO. Other than that match and a few other bright spots, the show wasn’t good. Vince Russo was firmly in the creative chair by this point and that event really started to show that. Read my complete thoughts on that show and everyone we have covered here. Now, we are onto WCW’s premier event in Starrcade. Will it live up to its billing? Let’s find out!

WCW Starrcade
December 19th, 1999
MCI Center in Washington D.C.

The show starts with a package showcasing matches coming up on the night which is narrated by Scott Hudson. They follow the package with another package before they finally bring us inside the arena. The commentary team of Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan welcome us to the show before the music hits for the first match of the night.

Tag Team Match
Disco Inferno & Lash Leroux vs. The Mamalukes (Johnny “The Bull” & Big Vito) (w/ Tony Marinara)

The match opens with all four men brawling in the middle of the ring. Disco gets dumped to the outside and that means that LaRoux and Big Vito are the legal men. Vito hits a delayed vertical suplex before mouthing off to the fans. Vito works LaRoux into the corner and hits some stiff chops in the corner. LaRoux starts to make a comeback, but is soon taken down to the mat again. Johnny tags into the match and assists Vito in stomping on LaRoux. He tries to throw LaRoux into the ropes, but he reverses it and he takes Johnny down to the mat before tagging Disco into the match. He knocks Vito off the apron before working on Johnny in the ring. He hits a Russian Leg Sweep before working him into the corner for some stomps. Disco misses with a clothesline and that allows Johnny to start hitting some offense of his own. He sends Disco into the ropes and Vito hits him from behind. Vito tags in the match and hits Disco from behind with a hard clothesline. Johnny tags back into the match and they hit Disco with some good teamwork. Johnny covers Disco for a two count. He tries to keep Disco grounded and takes him down by the back of the head. Vito tags in and they hit some more double-team offense. They send Disco into the ropes and drop him with a nice double slam. Vito hits Disco with a big scoop slam and starts to climb up top. He comes off, but Disco moves and he makes a tag to LaRoux. He takes out Vito and Johnny as he comes into the ring. He works Vito into the corner and Disco comes in to assist. LaRoux and Disco hit clotheslines in stereo before Disco and Vito fall to the outside. In the ring, Johnny misses a big leg drop from the top rope and LaRoux takes him down to the mat. Disco hits a splash on Johnny before Vito comes in with one of his own. LaRoux gets Vito in the corner for some punches. Vito sends LaRoux to the other corner and Disco hits him with The Last Dance by accident. Vito hits a big DDT and covers LaRoux to win the match after 9:40.

Winner(s): The Mamalukes
Match Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was fine, but nothing spectacular. I didn’t really like the storyline much going in and this is the kind of stuff you should leave for Nitro. Vito showed some power and there was some solid wrestling in it, so that was a plus.

After the match, The Mamalukes attack Disco and knock him out before putting him in a body bag and drug out of the ring. They get to the back and unzip him to beat on him some more. Vito works Disco over to a car that’s waiting and throws him in the truck before flying out of the arena.

The announcers are stalling for time big time and keep going over the matches tonight. They talk about Scott Hall not being able to compete tonight against Chris Benoit, which brings Benoit out to the ring. He is the current WCW United States Champion. Benoit said that the WCW Executive committee told him that since Hall can’t defend the title, they made Benoit the champion. He said he isn’t going to just take the belt and he demands a match tonight for it. He says to him the title is vacant and issues an open challenge to everyone in the back before leaving the ring.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Evan Karagias (c) (w/ Spice) vs. Madusa

Madusa starts the match off quickly when she dives off the apron on Karagias. He comes back and throws her into the stairs at ringside. They find on the outside before Madusa rolls into the ring and dares Karagias to hit her. She hits him and he hits her right back. He throws her into the corner and comes in with a clothesline. He hits her with a clothesline and tries a moonsault, but she moves out of the way. He takes him down with a dropkick off the top and goes back up, but he soon gets thrown off. He hits Madusa with a Powerbomb and he rolls her up for a two count. They bridge up and she hits Karagias with a Powerbomb that almost breaks his neck. He comes back with a short-arm clothesline that knocks Madusa out of the ring and he comes out after her with a clothesline to the outside. He rolls her into the ring and goes to capitalize, but Spice distracts him and then turns her back on him. Madusa hits a Bridging German Suplex and wins the title after 3:32.

Winner and NEW WCW Crusierweight Champion: Madusa
Match Rating: DUD

Collective Thoughts: What can I say? The match wasn’t good. I applaud Madusa for getting in there and working a men’s match, but having her win a title is a little much for me. I know it’s all a work, brother. At least Russo was forward-thinking enough to put a woman in a big spot. So kudos for that.

Norman Smiley is backstage with Gene Okerlund, who accuses Smiley of being afraid of Meng. Smiley says he is cautious, but not afraid.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Norman Smiley (c) vs. Meng

Smiley brings a cart full of stuff to the ring which Meng turns on him in the aisle way. Smiley s backing up from Meng and he gets crushed in the head with a garbage can. Meng and Smiley fight all the way to the back where Siley grabs a chair and gets some shots in. He sends Meng into some metal racks before the two men exchange chops. Meng gets back on offense as Smiley is screaming in fear. He throws Smiley into catering and they destroy the area. Meng comes out and slams Smiley through a table. Smiley moves out of the way of a clothesline and grabs a fire extinguisher. He sprays Meng with it, but can’t capitalize because both men are attacked by Brian Knobbs and Fit Finlay. Meng takes out Knobbs, but is hit with a chair from behind by Finlay. Both men hit Meng with chairs but he no-sells it and takes both of them out. Finlay hits Meng with a led pipe from behind and he is out. Smiley is still trying to recover and makes his way over to cover Meng to retain the title. The match went 4:29.

Winner and STILL WCW Hardcore Champion: Norman Smiley
Match Rating: 1/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This has dud written all over it, but I liked Smiley and thought he was entertaining. The match was a mess though and because of its short length, they couldn’t get much going.

There is a David Flair promo immediately following the match. I mean Smiley celebrated for one second before they went to it.

The band The Misfits grab Oklahoma from behind and run him up the hallway.

There is a package showcasing the next match. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan has been feuding with the Revolution as of late and the culmination of the feud is here.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match
The Revolution (Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, Shane Douglas & Asya) vs “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Kevin Sullivan, Rick Steiner, and Mike Rotunda (w/ Leia Meow)

The stipulation is if The Revolution wins, then Duggan must go in the ring and denounce America on Nitro. If Duggan’s team wins, The Revolution will have to take over Duggan’s janitorial duties for a month. Russo was a genius.

Duggan starts the match out for his team and hits some offense on both Malenko and Saturn. He gets Saturn down to the mat and hits a shot to the head. Malenko tags back in and is hit with a back elbow from Duggan. Duggan hits a Scoop Slam and follows that up with a clothesline and splash for a two count. Malenko and Saturn finally work the numbers game to their favor and work Duggan into their corner. Saturn hits an Atomic Drop and hits a dropkick off the second rope. Saturn hits Duggan with some shots to the head and tries to take him down with a clothesline. Duggan finally goes down and Saturn goes up for a Moonsault, but Duggan rolls out of the way. Duggan hits the ropes, but Malenko hits him from behind, which allows them to triple team on Duggan. Everyone else hits the ring and a brawl breaks out. Malenko and Saturn and thrown to the outside and Sullivan hits Asya with the Tree of Woe. Duggan is celebrating, but then all three of his partners attack him from behind. Shane Douglas, who had been on commentary, slides in the ring to pick up the win after 4:53.

Winner: The Revolution
Match Rating: DUD

Collective Thoughts: This was a clash of styles at best and it lead to a pretty boring match. Duggan’s offense was weak and even Malenko couldn’t make this more than a stinker. Duggan’s partners attacked him because he never made a tag to them and during this whole match I shared their disgust.

The Misfits are back and they have Oklahoma locked in the cage and they are getting ready for their match.

Vampiro vs. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams (w/ Oklahoma)

Oklahoma will be locked in the cage for the duration of the match. If Vampiro wins he gets 5 minutes alone with him. Williams and Jim Ross were close in the WWF which is why Ferrara chose to make fun of him here.

Vampiro dives to the outside and takes Williams down as he comes down to the ring. He throws Williams into the guard rail before rolling him into the ring. Vampiro gets some shots in the corner and tries to work Williams down to the mat. Both men start exchanging chops to the chest before Vampiro gets taken down with a shoulder block. Williams comes out of the corner with a pair of tackles and slams Vampiro into the corner. He hits some chops to the chest and shots to the head. The Misfits are rocking Oklahoma’s cage at ringside as Vampiro hits a suplex in the ring. Vampiro goes to the top rope, but Williams is there to meet him. They exchange blows as both men make their way to the top. Williams hits a T-Bone Suplex off the top rope and The Misfits hit the ring. Williams takes all of them out before turning his attention back to Vampiro, who is laying in wait. Vampiro hits a kick to the head and tries another one, but Williams catches him and hits a suplex. Williams starts pounding Vampiro on the mat and throws the referee away twice. The ref gets up and disqualifies him which makes Vampiro the winner after 5:02

Winner: Vampiro
Match Rating: .5/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was another match in the group that just hasn’t been good. Williams hit some power stuff while Vampiro used a more ariel attack. It was not very good, and I am not looking for the events after the match.

After the match, Williams continues to stomp on Vampiro while Oklahoma gets in the ring for his 5-minutes.

Vampiro vs. Oklahoma

Oklahoma finally gets in the ring after a while and hits Vampiro with a dropkick and a DDT before stomping on the knee. Vampiro finally makes it back to his feet and throws Oklahoma out of the ring. The Misfits throw him back in the ring and they exchange blows in the ring. Vampiro hits him with a Uranagi before The Misfits hit the ring and they all have their way with Oklahoma. Vampiro hits him with a Nail in the Coffin before pinning him after 2:52.

Winner: Vampiro
Match Rating: DUD

Collective Thoughts: It was what it was. I hated the Oklahoma gimmick and thought this whole thing sucked.

Harlem Heat is backstage where Booker T. and Stevie Ray and having a disagreement. Ray says that tonight, he won’t be watching Booker’s back.

Six-Person Tag Team Match
Creative Control (Gerald & Pat Harris) & Curt Hennig vs. Harlem Heat (Booker T. & Stevie Ray) & Midnight

The winners of this match, either Creative Control or Harlem Heat will be the number one contenders for the tag team titles. Stevie Ray isn’t out with his team making this a handicap match to start. Also, I will be calling both Harris twins “Harris” because it’s impossible to tell them apart.

Harris works Booker into the corner and hits some shots to the head. Booker comes back with a sidekick for a two-count. The other Harris brother tags into the match and takes the fight to Booker. He sends him into the ropes, but Booker comes off with a forearm of his own. He takes Harris down with an arm drag before tagging Midnight into the match. She comes in and hits some kicks to the leg of Harris. Booker tags back into the match and hits the ropes, but is pulled to the outside. Harris and Hennig double-team him before Hennig tags into the match. He hits a high knee on Booker before tagging a Harris into the match. He hits Booker in the side before hitting a boot for a two-count. Booker comes back and hits some kick before taking him down with an Axe Kick. Midnight tags in the match, but she is thrown out of the ring by Hennig before getting attacked by The Harris’ on the outside. They roll Midnight back into the ring and Henning starts stomping on her head. They keep her isolated in their corner, but she uses her strength to get out and makes the tag to Booker. Unfortunately, the referee didn’t see it and sends Booker back out. Stevie Ray is at ringside and Booker tells him to get out of here. In the ring, Harris slams Midnight down to the mat before hitting a series of elbows. Midnight moves out of the way of a splash and makes the tag to Booker, who comes in and takes everyone out. He hits a Harlem Sidekick and follows that up with a Spinebuster. He makes the cover, but Hennig slides into the ring and hits him with an object in the head. Harris crawls over :and covers Booker to win after 7:52.

Winner(s): Creative Control & Curt Hennig
Match Rating: 1.25/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was better than the last series of matches, but that isn’t saying much. Midnight had some impressive moments with the guys here and wasn’t the worst performer I have seen. The story was a little wonky and Stevie Ray coming out to ringside just made things confusing. \

Bunkhouse Brawl
Dustin Rhodes vs. Jeff Jarrett

Rhodes had come back to WCW in October and was saddled with the “Seven” gimmick, which was a knock-off of the Goldust character he was in the WWF but with white face paint. One shoot promo later and he is now in a high profile feud with Jarrett, who has been a thorn in the side of Rhodes for a couple of weeks.

Rhodes is backstage with Tenay before he is attacked by Jarrett. They work their way into the arena as the bell sounds. Jarrett slams Rhodes into the railing before getting a wheelbarrow full of weapons. He runs over Rhodes before sending him back into the railing. He slams Rhodes into the wheelbarrow and throws him into the railing as they inch closer to the ring. Jarrett throws a beer in the face of Rhodes before Rhodes comes back with some offense and slams Jarrett into the wheelbarrow. Rhodes brings some weapons to the ring as Jarrett rolls into it. Rhodes sends Jarrett into the ropes and hits a shot to the midsection. He hits Jarrett with a stick shot to the back. Rhodes hits Jarrett with a cowbell to the head as both men make their way back to the floor. Rhodes pounds Jarrett into the table at ringside before he comes off with a cowbell across the head. He pulls Jarrett into the post before rolling him back into the ring. Rhodes pulls some powder out of his jeans and throws it into the eyes of Jarrett.

Rhodes takes his belt off and starts wailing Jarrett and then the referee with it. Rhodes tapes the referee’s arms to the ropes with some duck tape before knocking Jarrett back down to the mat. Rhodes continues the assault on Jarrett, but Jarrett comes back with a low blow. Curt Hennig makes his way down to the ring and gets on the apron. He gets the referee free as Jarrett wears Rhodes out with a Kendo Stick. Jarrett sends him into the ropes and gets Rhodes in a Sleeper hold as the referee is back in the fold. Rhodes starts to fight back to his feet and throws Jarrett into the ropes and hits a suplex on Jarrett. Both men get back to their feet and Rhodes slams him down with a side slam. He works Jarrett into the corner and sets him up for Shattered Dreams. He knocks Hennig off the apron and hits Jarrett with it before Hennig pulls the referee out of the ring. He hits Hennig with Shattered Dreams before being thrown out of the ring by Jarrett. They work back up the aisle and Rhodes starts climbing up the set at the entranceway. He comes off before he jumps off, but is hit by Hennig some behind. He hits Hennig with a Bulldog on the floor but is taken out by a guitar shot off the ladder from Jarrett. He covers Rhodes to pick up the win after 11:18.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett
Match Rating: 2/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was a wild brawl that actually had some solid work throughout. That isn’t surprising based on whos in it, but it was a step up for the night. I feel like it did drag a little bit, but it was enjoyable enough for the most part.

Gene Okerlund is backstage with Diamond Dallas Page. He asks him about his match tonight and Page says he is as confident as ever.

Crowbar on a Pole Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs. David Flair

Cue the “__ on a Pole Match” jokes.

Flair comes through the crowd and hits Page from behind with a crowbar. Flair is celebrating in the ring as the referee goes out to check on Page. They announce Page can’t continue and awards the match to David Flair. As David Penzer is making the announcement, Page throws him to the side and they ring the bell instead. Flair starts pounding on Page as he gets in the ring and attacks the ribs. He rolls him up for a quick two-count. Flair continues to work on Page and keeps him grounded. Page gets back to his feet and hits Flair with a shot to the head. They exchange roll-ups before Flair hits Page with a DDT. Page recovers and throws Flair into the corner but he is soon taken down again with a clothesline. Page hits a clothesline of his own and both men are down on the mat. Flair hits Page with a low blow and starts to make his way to the crowbar. He instead decides to put Page in The Figure Four. Page reverses it and Flair breaks the hold. Flair climbs up and grabs the crowbar. He tries to hit Page with it, but Page ducks and hits a Diamond Cutter to win after 3:53.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page
Match Rating: 1/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: Both men worked hard, but it wasn’t the best match. Flair actually looked good with the offense he hit. It was so short, like most of the matches thus far, which doesn’t allow much heat to build. Page was still over with the fans, so that was a place.

They show a package for the upcoming match between The Total Package and Sting. They have been at odds over the treatment of Elizabeth and if Sting wins the match, Elizabeth’s contract with Package will be void.

Sting (w/ Elizabeth) vs. The Total Package

Package was in absolute peak physical condition at this point. Sting and Elizabeth are shown backstage making their way out to the ring.

Package hits Sting as he gets in the ring and starts taking it to him right away. He stomps Sting on the mat before throwing him out of the ring. Package throws Sting into the railing at ringside as he stares down Elizabeth. Package rolls Sting back into the ring and comes in right after him. Package hits some kick to the midsection before slamming him down to the mat. Package slams Sting headfirst into the turnbuckles and hit Sting with a suplex, that he no-sells, and takes Package down with a dropkick. He sends Package into the ropes, but they take each other down with a clothesline. Elizabeth climbs into the ring and starts talking to Package before she stands up and Sting is behind her. She sprays the mace that Sting gave her before the match but it’s just silly string. Sting takes Package down with a shot to the head and follows that up with a clothesline. Sting goes to the top and comes off with a big splash for a two count. Sting throws Package into the corner and hits a series of Stinger Splashes. He looks to get Package in the Scorpion Death Lock, but Elizabeth gets in the ring with Sting’s bat, which he tells her to drop. She does and he goes for the move again, but she picks up the bat and wipes Sting out causing a DQ after 5:31.

Winner by DQ: Sting
Match Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: Sting was in control for most of it, but it was at least a competitive contest. I loved both of these guys in my younger years and now I remember why. Elizabeth was the foil in the story and she played her role well here.

After the match, Package lays Sting out by stomping his arm in a chair and hitting him with his baseball bat. Package and Elizabeth work their way to the back as Sting is helped to the back.

They show the background between the “Masters of the Powerbomb” Kevin Nash and Sid Vicious. This is the feud where Sid famously slipped up and said that “he has half the brain” that Nash does.

Powerbomb Match
“The Millennium Man” Sid Vicious vs. Kevin Nash

Nash is one-half of the WCW Tag Team Champions. The winner of this match will be determined by whichever man hits the Powerbomb first.

The bell sounds and both men lock up in the center of the ring. Nash gets a high knee and a series of elbows to work Vicious into the corner. He pounds on him there with some knees to the midsection. Nash hits an elbow and sizes up Vicious for another one. He throws him into the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline as he comes back in. Nash covers him for a two-count. He sends Vicious into the ropes again, but Vicious stops in his tracks and hits a shot to the head of Nash. Vicious tries a Powerbomb, but Nash drops down and hits a low blow that sends Vicious to the outside. Both men hit some shots on the outside until Vicious is firmly in control and sends Nash back into the ring. Vicious sends him into the ropes and takes him down with a boot to the face. Vicious drops a leg across the throat and continues to keep Nash grounded. Vicious slams Nash down to the mat and he is in firm control at this point. Nash gets a thumb to the eye of Vicious as he comes back up, but is soon thrown into the referee and knocks him out. Vicious picks Nash up and after some struggling, drops him with a Powerbomb. Jeff Jarrett hits the ring and wipes Vicious out with a guitar shot to the head. Nash slowly picks up Vicious, but his back gives out before he can hit the move. Nash grabs the referee and brings him to his feet. He tells him that he Powerbombed Vicious and he is awarded the match after 6:58.

Winner: Kevin Nash
Match Rating: 1/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was a big man match and anyone who has seen these two wrestle, you know what you were in for. Vicious was on the offensive for most of it and Nash actually did a solid job selling the beating. I hated the ending with the referee just awarding Nash the match, but this is Russo writing for you.

Mike Tenay is backstage with Chris Benoit who said his challenge is still open and he is going to head to the ring to see who answers it.

WCW United States Title Ladder Match
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett

Benoit is the “interim” champion after Scott Hall relinquished the title, but said he wants to earn it instead of having it given to him. Jarrett is the one who answers the challenge and calls Benoit Slap Nutz on the mic. He said he already kicked one ass tonight and he might as well make it two. This is his second match tonight.

Benoit runs to Jarrett in the aisleway. They exchange blows all the way to the ring where Benoit hits a clothesline that takes Jarrett down to the mat. He sends him back into the ropes and hits a Backbreaker. He chops Jarrett into the corner and puts him on the top rope. They come off with a Superplex and Benoit makes his way to grab the ladder. Benoit brings the ladder to the ring and slides it in, but Jarrett dropkicks Benoit to the floor. He hits a baseball slide that sends the ladder into the face of Benoit. They get back in the ring where Jarrett is working on Benoit in the corner. He tries to send him into the ladder, but Benoit reverses it and sends Jarrett into the ladder instead. Benoit starts to climb the ladder, but Jarrett is there to meet him and drops him down on the top rope. Jarrett slams the ladder into the back of Benoit and sends him flying back into it. He tries to do it again, but Benoit reverses it and sends Jarrett flying. Jarrett recovers and gets Benoit wraps his leg in the ladder and sends him crashing down to the mat. Jarrett sets up the ladder and makes his way up. Benoit hits him from behind and ties Jarrett up on the ladder. Benoit starts climbing the other side, but Jarrett knocks both of them down to the mat. Both men start to climb the ladder and start fighting at the top of it. Jarrett knocks him off, but Benoit comes back and dumps Jarrett off the other side. Benoit makes his way to the top, but Jarrett sends him flying into the ropes. Jarrett starts to slowly climb up, but Benoit sends him flying out to the apron. Jarrett tries to fight back into the ring as Benoit climbs up. Jarrett gets on the top rope and he dropkicks the ladder which sends Benoit crashing to the mat. That was an awesome-looking spot. Jarrett starts getting some shots to the head of Benoit and tries a clothesline, but Benoit ducks under and throws the ladder at Jarrett. Benoit starts to make his way to the top of the ladder and makes it up. Instead of grabbing the title, he comes off the top with a Diving Headbutt. He makes his way back up and grabs the title after 10:15.

Winner and STILL WCW United States Champion: Chris Benoit
Match Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was a really good match that had a lot of action that never really slowed down. Jarrett was a warrior on the night being involved in the show earlier, and then he comes in here and has a solid outing with Benoit. Benoit coming off the ladder with the Diving Headbutt was an impressive visual, but probably not necessary. This match was easily the best on the show to this point.

No Disqualification WCW World Heavyweight Title Match
Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c) vs. Goldberg

This match is legendary for reasons we will go over as it goes on. There is a package shown before the match which sets the stage for the title match here. Bret cuts a promo before the match saying that tonight he will prove that he is still the best wrestler in the world.

Both men shake hands as the bell sounds for the main event. They lock up in the middle with Goldberg working him into the corner. Hart comes back and takes Goldberg over with a headlock. Goldberg starts to lay some shots into the side of the Hart and throws him into the ropes for a clothesline. He sends Hart into the ropes again and this time hits a Powerslam on Hart. He comes back with a clothesline and follows it up with another one. Goldberg gets Hart in an Ankle Lock, but Hart tries to turn it into the Sharpshooter. Goldberg shoves him away and Hart slides out of the ring. Goldberg stalks him to the outside and lays some shots in the back. Hart comes back and throws Goldberg into the railing, but the referee catches the brunt of it. Goldberg slams Hart against the announce table as a new referee comes out to the ring. Goldberg continues to slam Hart against the railing before dropping him throat-first on it. Goldberg sends him back into the ring and is in there behind him. He sends Hart into the ropes and hits a boot to the face as he comes back in. Goldberg hits Hart with a Powerslam and takes out the second referee. Goldberg charges into the corner to spear Hart, but he moves and gets Goldberg in the Figure Four around the post. The third referee comes down to the ring as both men are on the floor.

Hart sends him rolling back into the ring and drops an elbow on the knee. He worked Goldberg over to the bottom rope and drops down on the knee a few more times. Hart puts Goldberg in the corner and wraps his knee around the ropes. The referee makes Hart break the move and he takes Goldberg down to the mat before slapping on the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Goldberg puts hit shoulders on the mat for a two-count before turning the move over. Hart breaks it and both men make their way to their feet. Hart tries to take him down again, but Goldberg hits a punch to the head. Hart comes back, thought, and starts working on him in the corner. Hart wraps his knee around the ropes, but Goldberg gets him in a chinlock at the same time. Hart hits some shots to the head and body before Goldberg reverses course and starts hitting him back. Hart kicks the knee and takes out the third referee of the match. Goldberg sends Hart into the ropes and hits a sidekick as he comes back in (more on that move later). Goldberg hits Hart with a Spear, but there is no referee in the ring. Goldberg signals for the Jackhammer and here comes “Rowdy” Roddy Piper with a referee shirt on. Hart hits Goldberg from behind as he was distracted. He puts Goldberg in the Sharpshooter, but Piper calls for the bell before he turns him over. The match went 12:07.

Winner and STILL WCW Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart
Match Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was better than most WCW main events up to this point, but it never kicked into high gear. Goldberg was limited in what he could do and even with Hart in the match, it still came off as a clash of styles. I mentioned we would be coming back to talk about the sidekick that happened late in the match. That was the move that Hart has gone on record to say caused him his health issues and forced his retirement from wrestling. He finished the match and seemed alright, but this would be Hart’s last PPV match. Hart has gone public about Goldberg being hard to work with and that caused the miscue. I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but if Hart says that’s what did it, then who am I to say any differently. Still, for everything that was working against this, it wasn’t the worst match I had ever seen.

After the match, Piper grabs the title and leaves the ring with Hart following behind him. Hart catches up to him and Piper hands him the title back. Goldberg looks on in disgust as the show goes off the air.

Overall Show Rating: 3.5 out of 10

This is one of the worst shows I have seen since starting these reviews. Russo’s booking calling card was less time in the ring and more storylines outside of it. He accomplished that with this show because there were too many sub-5-minute matches for a show that people paid for. Save the storyline stuff for TV. That’s what it was there for. I thought the ladder match saved the show from being a historic dud, although there were some other moments that didn’t stink the place out.

What did you think of Starrcade 1999? Loved it? Hated it? Won’t watch Russo-era WCW? Either way, keep the conversation going over on Twitter @collectiveheel to let me know your thoughts. Take care of yourselves, and each other.