TNA Impact Review – July 4, 2024

TNA July 4

The TNA Slammiversary main event was finalized with the last two qualifying matchups as Joe Hendry faced Jake Something, Matt Hardy teamed with his wife Reby, plus a surprise visitor showed up on Impact.

TNA Impact: 4.7.24 from the 2300 Arena: Philadelphia, PA.

Last week’s recap video focused on the Slammiversary qualifiers which saw Steve Maclin defeat Sami Callihan and Nic Nemeth beat Rich Swann. Both matches were very good but I probably enjoyed Maclin vs Callihan as it was more of a fight and they brought the intensity.

Tom Hannifan invited us to Independence Day, even though this was a taped show and wasn’t live. We are straight into our first match of the evening.

Match #1: Trey Miguel w/ Zachary Wentz vs Leon Slater

We haven’t seen a great deal of Slater as of late but he is a very exciting talent. He did beat Kon on Xplosion a while back but I don’t watch that. The Rascalz have been treading water for a little while after breaking free of Steve Maclin. There were a lot of arm holds early but Slater hit the first offensive move with a kick and then a handspring elbow. He dropkicked Miguel to the outside and took him out with a crossbody over the top rope. Slater had the crowd vocal early on in the night. Back in the ring, Miguel pulled Slater into the middle turnbuckle fact-first and hit a dropkick for a 2 count. He choked Slater out in the middle rope using his knees. Wentz continued the choke whilst Miguel distracted the referee. Miguel went for another pinfall but again Slater kicked out at 2. Slater made a run at Miguel but got pulled down by the dreads. Miguel went for a moonsault but Slater moved. Slater avoided a corner attack with a kick and hit a running big boot for 2. Miguel blocked a back suplex. They traded forearms and then Slater hit a ridiculous running cutter for 2. That was crazy. Miguel fought back with a double stomp to the back of Slater for 2. Slater tried a roll up for a very close 2 count. Miguel hit a handspring kick and went for a corner attack but Slater caught him in mid-air and turned it into a Blue Thunder Bomb! Slater went to the top rope for his Swanton 450 but Charlie Dempsey from NXT went on the ring apron and threw Slater off the top. Wentz confronted Dempsey but was met with a big right hand and a knee lift. The referee called for a No Contest after 7 minutes.

Match Result: No Contest

Analysis: *** I was enjoying that until the surprising finish. Dempsey isn’t a big name in NXT, despite being the son of William Regal, and I don’t find his faction that interesting. Big names from TNA show up on NXT but NXT doesn’t send their biggest names the other way. It’s interesting.

Dempsey stomped on Miguel after the match. The referee admonished him so Dempsey picked him up with a gut-wrench suplex! Hannifan was losing his mind. Dempsey locked Slater in a crossface until multiple referees and security stormed the ring and got him to leave. The crowd chanted for NXT.

Analysis: Good intensity from Dempsey, who is certainly talented in the ring. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Gia Miller was trying to speak to Broken Matt Hardy ahead of his inter-gender match tonight against the Edwards’. Hardy said that they will feel the repercussions tonight. Matt called Eddie Edward Edwards which made me chuckle. It’s been 8 years since Matt and Rebecca tagged. Matt did his Delete shtick to end it.

Analysis: At least the story is continuing. I am not expecting a 5 star-classic though.

Trey Miguel was screaming for Charlie Dempsey in the car park. Miguel said Dempsey couldn’t win where he’s from so he has to show up where he’s not welcome. Wentz wondered what Dempsey was trying to accomplish and swore that he wouldn’t make his name in TNA. He said he knows where Dempsey’s home is (he was there) and challenged him to a fight next week!

Analysis: Great intensity from the heels here. Really believable stuff. Dempsey vs Wentz next week!

Match #2: 10-Minute Challenge: Dani Luna vs Jody Threat

I do not like what they’re doing with this tag team. What is worse is they both came out together despite the fact that they are facing each other in the match! There are 2 tag teams in TNA, please do not break up this one. I think this is to prove who is the best in a 10-minute time limit. The fans chanted for Spitfire because they also don’t want half of the tag team division gone. There were lots of counters early on. Threat evaded a Fallaway slam and hit a clothesline for a 1 count. There was something going on backstage and Nic Nemeth was knocked out at the bottom of some stairs, with his brother attending to him. Luna went for a rollup and got a 2 count and then Threat did the same for the same result. They faced off in the centre of the ring and had a shove-off. Threat backed Luna into the corner and nailed about 10 clotheslines. Luna turned it around and nailed 10 of her own with the crowd chanting along. Luna hit a suplex but missed a diving clothesline so Threat hit one of her own for 2. Threat tried to lock in an arm bar and turned it into a modified crossface. She went back to the arm bar but Luna got to her feet with some body shots. Threat hit a big forearm and a pump kick that sent Luna into the middle rope. There was no countdown clock, which annoyed me. Threat went for her running knee but Luna moved so Threat fell out of the ring. Luna looked concerned for Threat and the referee started to count her out. Threat got to the ring apron on 7. They battled on the apron area and Threat kicked Luna to the floor. Luna popped up on the apron with a big boot. Threat hit one of her own and a few forearms. She clotheslined Luna back into the ring. Threat went to the top rope but Luna cut her off quickly. Luna hit a superplex and nailed the Falcon Arrow for a close 2 count. The time ran out.

Match Result: Draw

Analysis: **1/2 That should’ve been better but they made it too even, with them copying each other’s moves and it was just too predictable. I wonder when the last time a wrestling showed opened with two matches that didn’t have a winner. That was about to end because the crowd chanted for 5 more minutes which referee Daniel Spencer granted.

Luna and Threat slapped hands to start the match again. Then the Knockouts’ Tag Champions, Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards, ran down for the interference.

Match Result: No Contest

I think they’re calling this team The Malitia but I know that’s spelt wrong even though it’s a mixture of their names. They beat down on Spitfire and held their Championships over a fallen Threat, then kicked Luna back out of the ring. Alisha tossed Threat out, too.

Analysis: Hopefully that confirms that they can have their rematch back now and the Tag Team division is still alive.

X-Division Champion, Mustafa Ali, wanted a word with Santino Marella. Ali is regretting challenging Mike Bailey last week. He wanted to retract his challenge. Marella said Ali had no integrity. Ali said Bailey hadn’t earnt a shot at his title. Marella said that he hated that Ali was right. He said Bailey could earn his shot at Slammiversary in a #1 Contender’s match next week but didn’t name an opponent.

Analysis: Usual cowardly stuff from Ali. It’s obvious where this is going.

Match #3: Road to Slammiversary Qualifier: Mike Santana vs Frankie Kazarian

Santana cut a pre-taped passionate interview about becoming the TNA Champion and the face of the company at Slammiversary. They had a shoving match after the bell rang. Santana hit a few arm drags. The crowd was behind him. He hit a nice springboard crossbody. Kaz bailed to the outside for a breather. Santana wanted a crossbody to the outside but Kaz cut him off with a guillotine legdrop. Kaz used the ropes to springboard Santana from the apron to the barricade. That was unique. Kaz hit a scoop slam on the floor and taunted the fans. They exchanged chops and Kaz tossed Santana into the ring then hit a slingshot legdrop for 2. Kaz hit a hard clothesline and a suplex for 2. He started slapping Santana disrespectfully. Kaz tried a leg submission with Santana down on the mat. Santana tried to break free with kicks to the head with his free foot. He got out of the hold. Both men got to their feet and they exchanged right hands. Santana missed an enziguiri so Kaz hit him with a knee lift and another stiff clothesline. Santana backed into the corner but avoided a clothesline and hit a kick. He ran off the ropes but Kaz caught him with a right hand. Santana hit a superkick and a Death Valley Driver for 2. He hit a Buckle Bomb and followed up with a Cannonball in the corner for another 2 count. Kaz bailed to the ring apron. He tried a legdrop but Santana moved. Santana wanted a suicide dive but Kaz caught him with a forearm. Kaz dived back into the ring with a Slingshot DDT for 2. Great selling there. Kaz tried a Chicken Wing but Santana backed him into the corner. Kaz hit a neckbreaker and springboard legdrop for 2. Santana rolled out of a Fade to Black attempt for a 2 count. Kaz ducked out of Spin the Block and Santana went for a rolling cutter but Kaz caught him with a backstabber. Kaz locked in the Chicken Wing with Santana down on the mat but Santana rolled through and almost pinned Kaz who had to relinquish the hold. Santana hit a rolling cutter off the ropes for a very close nearfall. He measured Kaz for Spin the Block but JDC grabbed his leg for some reason. Santana did a big dive over the top rope to wipe out Kaz. He tossed Kaz back into the ring but JDC sent Santana into the steel ring post. Santana couldn’t make the 10 count so Kaz won by count-out. The match lasted 10 minutes.

Winner by countout: Frankie Kazarian

Analysis: ***1/4 I enjoyed that as it was a very even matchup and Santana is growing on me as a wrestler with a believable offensive moveset. Kaz is great every week, there’s no doubt about that. I guess JDC was down there because Moose was worried about one wrestler in particular. Maybe it was Santana or maybe it was Nemeth who was shoved down the stairs earlier in the evening. It’s simple but good story-telling. We are now three matches in without a decisive winner.

The ABC cut a taped promo which seemed to allude to the fact that they were invoking their rematch clause at Slammiversary. I hope they don’t win.

PCO was backstage reviving Steph De Lander after being choke-slammed through a table last week. It wasn’t a heart attack, come on. First Class were boasting about their dirty work during PCO and SDL’s date. Santino Marella interrupted and told AJ Francis that because he was so confident in his abilities that he can defend the Digital Championship against PCO next week.

Analysis: I thought they’d save that for the PPV but maybe it will have a screwy finish and they fight again at Slammiversary. I’m enjoying the work of Francis and Swann.

Match #4: Eddie and Alisha Edwards w/ Brian Myers vs Matt and Rebecca Hardy

Alisha and Rebecca started the match. Alisha was afraid so ran out of the ring and was shielded by Myers. She tagged in Eddie and Matt tagged in too. Matt choked out Eddie in the middle rope. He hit a running knee against the ropes. Matt pummelled Eddie in the corner with right hands. He held Eddie so that Rebecca could slap him. The Hardys stomped away on Eddie in the corner. Alisha tried to break it up but the referee sent her back to her own corner. Matt and Eddie exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring. Eddie avoided a spear in the corner and Matt crashed into the ring post.

(Commercial break)

Eddie was in control of Matt as we returned to the action. He allowed Alisha to get a slap in and then tagged her in. Matt pushed Eddie and he went crashing into Alisha. Matt tossed Eddie to the outside and tagged Rebecca in. Rebecca hit an interesting leg drop and rammed Alisha against the top turnbuckle. She hit a spinning kick in the corner and a Thesz press. Eddie tried to pull her off but Matt cut him off and slammed his head into the turnbuckle multiple times. Rebecca repeated the dose on Alisha. She ran and used Matt as a platform to hit Poetry in Motion on Eddie. The Hardys hit a very weak Hart Attack for a 2 count. Myers distracted Matt on the outside so Eddie clobbered him. Rebecca went for the Twist of Fate but Eddie held her leg. Alisha used her leg to choke Rebecca against the middle rope. Eddie hit a clothesline on mat on the floor. Alisha chopped Rebecca in the corner. She hit a snapmare and clobbered Rebecca across the chest. Eddie tagged in and Matt ran in to protect his wife but Eddie just tossed him out. Eddie tagged Alisha back in and she hit a hard kick to Rebecca. He knocked Matt off the apron so Rebecca couldn’t tag him. Myers told Alisha to hurry up because he had booked dinner reservations. Eddie tagged in and went at Matt but Matt got a right hand in and made the tag. Matt took down Eddie with a few clotheslines and a suplex. He hit an elbow drop from the second rope for 2. Eddie fought out of a Side Effect. Matt avoided a Tiger Driver and hit the Side Effect anyway for 2. He set up for the Twist of Fate but Myers grabbed him by the hair from the ring apron so the referee ejected him. Eddie countered the Twist of Fate attempt with a Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Eddie exposed his knee pad for the Boston Knee Party. Rebecca stood in front of Matt to protect him. Eddie grabbed her by the hair and Alisha tried to distract the referee but Rebecca nailed Eddie with a low blow. Rebecca nailed Alisha with a pretty decent Twist of Fate and Matt scored with one on Eddie for the pinfall win after 14 minutes of TV time.

Winners by pinfall: Broken Matt and Rebecca Hardy

Analysis: *1/2 Goodness me. That was a bit of a train-wreck. It went 14 minutes, too! That was way too long and Rebecca is not a wrestler. Alisha barely is but Rebecca made her look like Kurt Angle in this match. Good for the Hardys to get some retribution but this will certainly not be in TNA’s 2024 Matches of the Year highlights.

Jordynne Grace cut a pre-taped promo. She called out Ash-by-Elegance for going on vacation. Grace issued an Open Challenge for next week.

Analysis: I have seen the spoilers and was not too enthused by the choice of opponent

Next week:

* TNA Digital Media Championship: AJ Francis (c) vs PCO
* Triple Threat match for the #1 Contendership for the X-Division Championship: Mike Bailey vs Kushida vs Jonathan Gresham
* TNA Knockouts’ Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs ?
* Zachary Wentz vs Charlie Dempsey of NXT
* Tasha Steelz vs Gisele Shaw

Analysis: Another full lineup of wrestling there. Let’s hope for fewer count-outs and no contests, please! Awesome that they are making Mike Bailey really earn his shot in what should be a fantastic match.

There were promos from Hendry and Something ahead of the main event. They have done these really well over the last few weeks and makes every qualifier feel like a huge match.

Match #5: Road to Slammiversary Qualifier: Joe Hendry vs Jake Something

Will they unleash Hendry at Slammiversary or continue to make him the sympathetic babyface who loses? Let’s hope it’s the former. The fans were as loud as ever for Hendry. That’s great to see. He cut his usual ‘Believe’ promo before the match. Something was focused and tried to block out the shenanigans of Hendry. Hendry nailed an early knee lift. He nailed his stalling suplex, which is a thing of beauty. He made the cover but Something powered out. Something took down Hendry with a number of shoulder blocks. The fans were booing him because they love Hendry. A big right hand from Something sent Hendry out of the ring. He rammed Hendry into the ring apron then nailed a forearm. Something set Hendry up on the ring apron and ran down the ramp to connect with a crossbody. That was unique. Something tossed Hendry backed into the ring. The crowd told him that he sucked. This was unexpected. Something nailed a huge clothesline to more boos. He tossed Hendry around with a suplex for a 2 count. Hendry fought back with uppercuts in the corner. Something turned it around by tossing Hendry to the ring apron, but Hendry came back in with a flying forearm for 2. Something got angry and hit a scoop slam for 2. He rammed Hendry against the middle rope then Hendry rolled him up for 2. Hendry hit an Okada Roll for another 2 count. Something rocked him with a huge forearm. He really makes that sound impactful even though I know he is slapping his leg. Something stomped away at Hendry in the corner. He was playing up to the crowd well. Hendry fought out of the corner with chops. Something whipped him hard into the opposite turnbuckle. He nailed a hard right hand that sent Hendry to the mat. Something tried a sleeper hold but Hendry got to his feet swiftly. Something tried to grind him back down against the mat with a front face-lock. Hendry broke free with an uppercut. He nailed a few uppercuts in the corner and a big chop. Hendry ran the ropes but Something caught him with a Michinoku Driver for 2. Something clobbered Hendry with another massive forearm. He hit a huge clothesline for a close 2 count. Something went back to the sleeper hold then he clobbered him across the chest with forearms. Hendry got to his feet with Something on his back and dumped him to the mat. He clotheslined Something over the top rope but Something recovered straight away and landed on his feet. He hit a headbutt and then tried to repeat his crossbody from earlier in the match but went throat-first into the bottom rope. Ouch. The fans chanted ‘Something Else’ and ‘Something Better’ as Hendry clotheslined Something to the mat. He hit a running clothesline in the corner and a Fallaway slam. Hendry kipped up and the fans were going crazy. Something broke free from the Standing Ovation and hit a huge sitout powerbomb for 2. Hendry avoided Into the Void and went for a back suplex. Something snuck out the back and nailed an Avalanche. Hendry kipped up to the delight of the fans! They both clotheslined each other in the centre of the ring. Hendry took the advantage with uppercuts and chops but Something nailed one forearm to take Hendry down. Something missed a corner attack so Hendry hit a cutter. Hendry picked Something up with one arm and nailed a perfect Standing Ovation for the win after 14 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Joe Hendry

Analysis: ***3/4 That was probably as loud as the fans have been for Hendry in a TNA ring for a while. It was probably as consistently loud for any match that I can recall in TNA this year. Hendry always gets good receptions but tonight was sustained chanting and booing of the opponent who is also a face! It was a great crowd tonight, that’s for sure. I really enjoyed the match. Something, usually a face, was really playing off the fans chanting for Hendry and did a great job. His offense is as believable as anyone in TNA and deserves a prominent spot going forward. I’m glad the crowd is still with Hendry. After losing to Kaz and then straight out of the NXT Battle Royal, I thought he might lose a bit of steam. Not so.

Hendry cut a promo after the match and said he was one step closer to becoming TNA World Champion. He said this is all happening because of the fans and that he would see them in Montreal. Hendry said anything is possible when you believe.

Analysis: Previously, I have said that Hendry does need a bit more of a serious side and he showed it here. think Moose will retain at Slammiversary as they continue to book him as an unstoppable force until Hendry knocks him off 1-on-1 at Bound for Glory.

The System was leaving the building and Moose congratulated JDC on taking out both Nemeth and Santana. JDC said he had nothing to do with Nemeth’s attack. Moose sounded worried as he wondered who it was. Frankie Kazarian was smoking a cigar and laughing as TNA went off the air.

Analysis: All Kaz said was ‘Marks’ so I’m not sure if they’re implying that he took out Nemeth or it is perhaps someone from NXT. Again, there are intriguing things in play in TNA.

Final Rating: 7/10

That was a decent show, despite the match endings for 60% of the card. Again, there was good storyline progression with the main event scene with the Slammiversary main event now set. I enjoyed the ‘invasion’ of Charlie Dempsey, and it sets up a match for next week. I like how they’ve provided the full card for next week already, which gives us plenty of things to look forward to. The main event was great and well worth checking out. Kudos to both men for a very entertaining match, with Something in a different role than he is used to lately.

The next TNA PLE is Slammiversary from Montreal on July 20th. Here’s the card so far:

* TNA World Championship: 6-man elimination match: Moose (c) vs Josh Alexander vs Nic Nemeth vs Steve Maclin vs Frankie Kazarian vs Joe Hendry
* TNA Knockouts’ Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Ash-By-Elegance
* TNA X-Division Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs Mike Bailey or Jonathan Gresham or Kushida

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