TNA Impact Review – February 22, 2024

tna impact wrestling february 22

TNA put the final touches on their No Surrender event with a big six-man tag team match in the main event.

TNA Impact: 22/2/24 Osceola Heritage Park in Orlando, Florida

There was a recap video of last week’s show where Jordynne Grace defeated Savannah Evans and then was attacked by #1 contender Gisele Shaw. ABC also defeated GYV in match #2 of the best-of-3-series.

(Editor’s Note: This is being posted after No Surrender took place, but it was written before Kristian saw that show.)

Match #1: Non-Title match: Chris Sabin vs Jason Hotch w/ John Skyler

The Good Hands have been trying to suck up to Mustafa Ali and win favour with him by provoking Sabin as of late, so that’s how this match came about. Sabin faces the debuting Ali at No Surrender. Sabin outwrestled Hotch early with an arm drag. The crowd was loud and enthusiastic early on. Sabin avoided Hotch in the corner and used a backslide pin for 2. He tried for a Sunset Flip pin from the 2nd rope for another 2 count. Sabin hit a Russian Legsweep for 2 again. Hotch cowered in the ropes to get a breather. Sabin tried to pull him back in the ring but Hotch wrenched his arm down on the top rope. Hotch went for a chop against the ring post but Sabin moved. He hit a running kick from the ring apron. Sabin tossed Hotch back in the ring and nailed a crossbody from the top but Hotch rolled through with a 2 count of his own. Hotch hit a nice neckbreaker across the knee for 2. Sabin missed a corner clothesline and Hotch came back with a rolling neckbreaker for 2. I just noticed that the Good Hands had red streaks in their hair for some reason. Hotch grounded Sabin with a submission but that didn’t last long. Sabin hit a single-leg lariat to get back into the match and then a back body drop. He nailed a big boot in the corner and a spiking Tornado DDT for a close 2 count. That looked great. Hotch escaped Cradle Shock and hit a rolling German suplex for 2. Nice sequence there. Hotch was getting frustrated at this point and looked to Skyler for help. Sabin countered a reverse DDT and they traded pin attempts. Hotch hit a superkick and tossed Sabin over the top rope so Skyler could nail a cheap shot. Hotch ran the ropes and collected his own tag partner with a suicide dive. Sabin levelled Hotch with a flying crossbody to the floor. He went to the top and hit a missile dropkick to the back of the neck, followed by Cradle Shock for the win after 10 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Sabin

Analysis: ***1/4 That’s the second week in a row with a strong opening match. Even though Hotch had basically no chance of winning, he was given some time to show some offense and had some really nice counter wrestling that gelled well with Sabin’s style. Sabin is so good that he makes lower-level wrestlers look a lot closer to his standard than they really are.

There was another Mustafa Ali propaganda promo straight after the match. Ali said that Sabin would bow to the pressure of being X-Division Champion at No Surrender.

Analysis: It’s time for the Ali era of TNA to begin with a title win at No Surrender and I’m all for it.

The System were boasting about how they were going to exploit the No-DQ rules at No Surrender by attacking Shelley. DoA Santino Marella stepped in and said if any of the parties lay a hand on Shelley or Moose, then they would lose the match and the title.

Analysis: I’m interested in how this match is booked.

Chris Sabin cut an angry promo backstage and told Ali that at No Surrender he would show him why he was a 10-time X-Division Champion.

Analysis: I always find it funny when wrestlers boast about how many times they’ve won a title. It also means you’ve lost it a bunch of times too, bro.

Match #2: Simon Gotch vs Jack Price

Gotch came to the ring in a mask that really doesn’t fit his character, which was odd. It doesn’t matter, because he’s winning here. Before the bell rang, Josh Alexander’s music hit and here comes the Walking Weapon. Alexander walked down to the ring to get a close-up of Gotch’s match ahead of No Surrender. Tom Hannifan reminded Alexander that they had a no-contact clause here, ahead of the match. Gotch leveled Price with an uppercut straight after the bell rang. He hit another one against the ring ropes and a running dropkick that sent Price to the floor. Gotch continued to uppercut Price around the ringside area. Back in the ring, he nailed a clubbing blow across the neck of Price and rammed his head into the top turnbuckle. Gotch hit a Brainbuster from the middle rope and a Gotch-style piledriver that was perfectly executed. Gotch forced Price to tap out from the Bulldog choke after 3 minutes.

Winner by submission: Simon Gotch

Analysis: ** That was only a 3-minute squash but it was exactly what it needed to be and that was a chance to make Gotch look strong ahead of No Surrender.

After the match, Alexander and Gotch faced off in the ring and Gotch backed up the ramp.

The Grizzled Young Veterans cut a pre-taped promo and said that this story between them and Bullet Club ends at No Surrender.

Analysis: I really hope GYV wins but I don’t think they’ll pull the trigger on them just yet.

There was a hype video for Kon vs PCO for No Surrender which could be a train wreck or the start of Kon’s big push.

Match #3: Trent Seven w/ Mike Bailey vs Steve Maclin w/ The Rascalz

I’ve written for a few weeks that I really like this trio and hopefully it leads to a 6-man between Seven, Bailey and Nic Nemeth. Maclin hit a big running elbow for a 1 count early on. Seven nailed a running crossbody and a leg drop for 2. He chopped Maclin hard against the ropes several times. Seven hit a hip toss but Maclin fought back with a big clothesline. He chopped Seven and choked him out against the middle rope. Maclin stomped on Seven and hit an elbow drop from the middle rope for 2. Maclin taunted Seven and slapped him back down to the mat. He clubbed Seven across the back and tossed him to the floor. They brawled around the ring for a bit, with Seven coming back into the match but Maclin tossed him into the steel ring post. Maclin covered him inside the ring for 2. Maclin continued to dish out the punishment on Seven as he pummelled him on the mat. He nailed a knee drop to the back of the neck of Seven. Maclin locked in a crossface as Seven struggled to reach the bottom rope. Eventually, he got there. Maclin bounced Seven off the top turnbuckle and hit another big clothesline. He nailed a hard blow to the lower back of Seven and another knee drop. Maclin went back to the modified crossface but this time Seven stood up in the move. He ran into a backbreaker. Maclin went to the top but was too slow so Seven chopped him to stop his momentum. Seven hit a few more chops with Maclin stranded on the top turnbuckle. He nailed a headbutt and a superplex as Bailey cheered him on. Both men were pretty fatigued as they chopped each other in the centre of the ring. Seven hit a DDT and clotheslined Maclin over the top rope. Maclin tried to get back into the ring but Seven chopped him back out. The Rascalz got in Seven’s face, so Bailey hit a flying moonsault to take them out. Seven went to the top rope and hit a twisting senton to take out the heels on the outside. In the ring, Seven hit a spinning backfist and the Seven Star Lariat for a close 2 count. Maclin tried to block Seven with a kick, but Seven chopped him again. Seven hit a modified Michinoku Driver for 2. Seven set up for a Pumphandle slam but Wentz tried to interfere so Seven sent him over the top rope. He turned around into a running knee from Maclin. Maclin set Seven up in the corner with his running crossbody. He nailed the KIA for the win after 15 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Steve Maclin

Analysis: *** That got really good towards the end, but the first half was very slow with Maclin absolutely dominating and Seven just flailing on the ground selling the beatdown, which wasn’t very interesting. Seven was playing the very sympathetic babyface and the crowd was behind him. They nailed some impressive moves in the second half of the match and there were a few shenanigans which you would expect. But you know what? That’s TWO matches over ten minutes this week. So I will not complain!

Gisele Shaw, accompanied by the X, cut a quick promo saying she’s focused and walking solo. Gail Kim confronted her and said she was glad she cut Savannah Evans free but hitting Grace with the X was unprofessional and said she should handle things with a more level-head. Shaw brushed her off and said she didn’t need her advice.

Trent Seven and Mike Bailey challenged The Rascalz to a tag match in a quick backstage promo.

Let’s Hear from Eric Young

I respect Young but this return to TNA has been pretty underwhelming. And now he faces Kaz for a shot at the TNA World Championship at No Surrender. Before Young’s music had finished playing, Kaz made his way to the ring and sat on a chair. He said Young wants a fight but it’s not his decision to make. Kaz doesn’t want a fight tonight but they will go at it tomorrow. Kaz introduced Young’s opponent tonight, Big Damo. Damo (aka Killian Dain) was Young’s stable mate in Sanity in NXT.

Match #4: Eric Young vs Big Damo

Damo tossed Young around early, using his strength. He hit a senton from the ring apron, back into the ring for a 2 count. Damo nailed a scoop slam and a leg drop. He looked like he had dropped a fair amount of weight and was moving nimbly. Young ran into another elbow. Damo connected with a clothesline in the corner but missed a second one. Young nailed a flying forearm and a clothesline of his own. He hit a modified DVD for 2. Young ran the ropes but Damo caught him with a choke bomb for 2. He dragged Young over to the corner but took too long getting ready. Young nailed a superplex from the 2nd rope. He nailed the Neutralizer for the win after 5 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Eric Young

Analysis: **1/2 That was a decent match between two old team mates. I liked the idea of Kaz putting an opponent in Young’s path before No Surrender. It was interesting to see Young use the Neutralizer. Usually, he wins with the piledriver and it sort of looked like he was setting up for that, but perhaps it was a bit wobbly with the big man and he used the Neutralizer instead. Anyway, the finish was fine and it was cool to see that move.

Young took a mic after the match and said Kaz’s actions lately have him stumped. What he is sure of is that this is not going to end well for Kaz. Young said he would see Kaz at No Surrender.

Analysis: Short and sharp. The crowd is still fully behind EY even though he hasn’t had a lot to do lately.

Tasha Steelz cut a taped promo backstage. She said Xia Brookside needed to let their issues go after she beat her last week. Steelz said they would have their rubber match next week.

Analysis: The first match was great and then their 2nd match got less than 5 minutes which was disappointing.

Jody Threat and Dani Luna were backstage disappointed that they didn’t get a Tag Team Title shot at No Surrender. Luna said they were undefeated and they will get their opportunity at the winners.

Analysis: That makes 3 teams in the division. At least Threat is on TV.

Ash by Elegance was introduced by her concierge George Iceman. Rehwoldt said her name in a really creepy way even though he was trying to be sultry. Iceman made her opponent leave the ring as Ash made her entrance.

Match #5: Ash by Elegance vs Savannah Thorne

Ash hit a big clothesline early. She stomped away on Throne in the corner. Ash hit a spinebuster and a handstand into a splash. Thorne tried to fight back but Ash pummelled her with right hands. The crowd was pretty receptive to Ash which is what TNA would’ve been hoping. She hit a handspring back elbow in the corner. Ash hit a top rope Swanton for the win after 2 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Ash by Elegance

Analysis: ** That was a good way to showcase the debut of Ash. I was wondering if she would be a cowardly or cocky heel, but she was completely dominant and showed a lot of athleticism. A credible threat to the TNA Knockouts’ Title is how she should be built.

After the match, George Iceman announced that Ash had left the building.

Match #6: The System w/ Alisha Edwards vs Alex Shelley, Kushida & Kevin Knight

Like most multi-man matches that he’s in, I’m predicting Myers eats the pin here to Shelley. Moose and Shelley started the match. Shelley took Moose by surprise with an arm bar early but Moose made the ropes. Moose backed Shelley into the corner with a chop. Shelley avoided a running clothesline and sent Moose shoulder-first into the middle turnbuckle. Shelley targeted the left shoulder but Moose made it to Edwards for the tag. Shelley dragged Edwards to the face corner and tagged in Knight. Knight hit a knee drop on the shoulder of Edwards. They did a number of quick tags and Kushida took control of the shoulder. Knight hit a blind tag and nailed Edwards with a crossbody and a big splash to the back. Knight nailed a few uppercuts and a diving shoulder block for 1. He tagged in Kushida and they both hit knee drops on Edwards. Edwards finally got a chop in and tagged Moose. Kushida fought out of a scoop slam but Moose took him out of the ring with a pump kick. Moose tossed Kushida back into the ring and tagged in Myers. He grounded Kushida to the mat with a sleeper. Kushida fought to his feet but ran into a back elbow. Myers tagged in Edwards who made a quick tag to Moose. Moose targeted the left knee of Kushida with stomps using the middle rope. He tagged in Myers who continued to work over the knee of Kushida. Myers whipped Kushida hard into the corner and covered him for a 2 count. He tagged Edwards back in who mocked Kushida by allowing him to try to reach out for a tag. Edwards raked the eyes of Kushida and tagged Moose in. There have been so many tags in this match that I’m getting sick of writing the word ‘tag’. Kushida avoided a powerbomb and dived to his corner for the tag but Edwards knocked Knight and Shelley off the apron to prevent it. Moose dragged Kushida to his corner and tagged Myers in. Alisha slapped Kushida whilst Myers distracted the referee. Moose missed a running clothesline so Kushida capitalised with the Tanaka Punch. Shelley finally tagged in and took down Myers with a clothesline. He hit a neckbreaker on Edwards in the corner. Shelley locked Myers in the Motor City Stretch but Edwards came in and broke it up. Shelley took him down and had the move locked in on them both. He hit a dropkick on the floor to Moose. Myers made a tag to Edwards but Shelley held onto his arm. Shelley tagged in Kushida and he traded forearms with Edwards. Kushida hit a handspring elbow and a punt to the shoulder of Edwards. The crowd was really pumped at this point. Kushida hit a flying senton on Myers on the floor. Shelley and Kushida hit a moonsault/Russian Legsweep combo on Edwards which almost got 3 but Moose pushed Knight on top of the referee to stop the count. Kushida scored with a Pele kick on Edwards. They tagged Knight and Moose respectively. Moose went for a top rope move straight away but Knight launched himself with a hurricanrana which Moose kicked out of at 1. Knight tried a few clotheslines but Moose was too big. Moose tried a Uranage but Knight countered into a hip toss. Knight launched himself over the top rope but Moose caught him. Moose wanted a powerbomb on the ramp but Knight caught him with a hurricanrana. Kushida launched Knight over his head to take out Edwards on the floor. Knight nailed Myers with a superkick. Knight used Kushida as a step ladder and dived over the top rope to take out Moose and Myers. He went back to the top rope but Moose caught him in the Uranage position. Knight countered again with a roll up for 2. Knight countered the spear into Code Red but Myers broke up the pin. Kushida and Shelley took out Myers with double dropkicks. Kushida kicked Edwards off the ring apron and sailed over the top with a crossbody. Knight hit a superkick on Moose. He knocked Edwards and Myers off the ring apron and turned to Alisha who was on the opposite side but he couldn’t hit her. He ran right into a massive spear from Moose who pinned Knight for the win 18 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The System

Analysis: ***3/4 That was an excellent main event, especially the last 5-6 minutes which were chaotic and had a lot going on. Shelley wasn’t in the match much, possibly to protect him ahead of No Surrender. I’m not sure why The System were booked to win, since Shelley really needed some momentum heading into the title match but the next few minutes helped with that. Knight is a really exciting talent that I wish was on TNA TV a lot more. His standing jump height is ridiculous.

After the match, both teams continued to brawl in the ring. Moose tried to take Shelley out with the TNA World Title but Shelley trapped him in the Motor City Stretch. Moose was about to tap about but Myers and Edwards dragged him out of the ring. Tom Hannifan reminded us that they wouldn’t be able to do this tomorrow night because there is to be no interference.

Final Rating: 7/10

That was a good show to build toward a PLE for the next night. I liked the way they utilised nearly all of the talent that is on the No Surrender card, either in the ring or by short promo segments. No Nic Nemeth on the show so they are holding his TNA PLE debut off for a bit which is fine. Slow build sometimes is ok. I’ll be back tomorrow to review No Surrender.

The next TNA monthly-special is No Surrender on February 23rd from New Orleans. My predictions are in bold:

* TNA World Championship: Moose (c) vs Alex Shelley (after the show they announced this as a No Surrender Rules match where the only way to win is when your ringside crew tosses in the towel on your behalf).
* TNA Knockouts’ Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Gisele Shaw
* TNA Tag Team Championships: Bullet Club (c) vs GYV
* X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) vs Mustafa Ali
* TNA Knockouts’ Tag Team Championships: Decay (c) vs MK Ultra
* #1 Contendership for the TNA World Championship: Eric Young vs Frankie Kazarian
* Josh Alexander vs Simon Gotch
* PCO vs Kon

Any feedback or comments are welcome. My email address is in case anybody wants to get in touch with me and my Twitter handle is @thomok6 as well. Thanks for reading!