TNA Impact Review – February 1, 2024

tna impact february 1

On this week’s TNA Impact, Nic Nemeth was back in action, as well as the first in the best of 3-series matches for the TNA World Tag Team Championships.

They recapped last week’s show in which Jordynne Grace successfully defended her Knockouts’ Championship against the outgoing Trinity, Nic Nemeth won his debut and Kazuchika Okada was on the winning side in a 6-man main event.

TNA Impact: 25/1/24 from Orlando, Florida

Match #1: Trey Miguel w/ Zachary Wentz vs Nic Nemeth

We are straight into the action tonight with the very popular Nic Nemeth taking on a Rascal for the second week in a row. Miguel used the referee to his advantage early to back Nemeth into the corner. Nemeth hit a big dropkick and clotheslined Miguel over the top rope. He stalked Miguel on the outside but Wentz got in his face, so Miguel took advantage of this with a big dive over the top. Miguel tossed Nemeth back into the ring and tried for a suplex but Nemeth slipped over the top. Miguel hit a stomp on the back of Nemeth for 2. Wentz got a cheap shot in whilst Miguel was distracting the referee. Nemeth met an onrushing Miguel with an elbow, then Miguel went tumbling into the ring post. He raked the eyes and tossed Nemeth into the post shoulder-first, then tried to roll up Nemeth with his feet on the ropes but Nemeth kicked out at 2. Miguel went for a springboard crossbody but Nemeth cut him off with a dropkick in mid-air. Nemeth started to turn the tide with some clotheslines and a splash in the corner. He nailed a neckbreaker and dropped 10 elbows on Miguel. Miguel was just able to kick out at 2. Miguel caught a superkick attempt and turned it into an inside cradle for 2. Nemeth hit the Fame Asser for another 2 count. He measured Miguel for a superkick but Wentz held Nemeth’s leg down in the corner. The referee finally ejected Wentz. Nemeth turned around into an enziguiri then a Meteora from the top for 2 again. Miguel tuned up the band for a superkick. Nemeth was faster though and nailed his own superkick for the win after 7 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Nic Nemeth

Analysis: *** Another good match from Nemeth, this time using the superkick for the victory. You don’t see that very often in wrestling anymore as it’s done way too many times in most matches but when it’s sold in the way that Miguel did then it makes it look like a devastating move. Nemeth overcame all the cheating to score his 2nd win in TNA.

After the match, Nemeth was celebrating on the ramp when Steve Maclin attacked from behind. Maclin tossed Nemeth in the ring and hit a stiff lariat. He mounted Nemeth and pummelled him with right hands. Wentz came back to the ring and he and Miguel nailed Nemeth with a double superkick. The Rascalz picked up Nemeth and Maclin nailed the KIA, which looks 100x better than Moxley’s lame DDT, to leave Nemeth laying.

Analysis: They should make Maclin vs Nemeth official for No Surrender soon. I’ve enjoyed how much they’ve invested in that feud so far.

Deaner and Kon cut a pre-taped promo. Deaner started rambling on as usual but Kon cut him off and said that The Design was dead. Kon said it was the same old story about rebuilding and getting new members. They started to argue and Kon grabbed Deaner and told him that it was time to remind TNA who the baddest man in the company was.

Analysis: At least they’re trying something different with those guys.

Maclin, Wentz and Miguel were admiring their handy work backstage. They ran into Mike Bailey and knocked his coffee out of his hands. Wentz got in Bailey’s face and threatened him. That was it.

Analysis: That might lead to Wentz vs Bailey at some point.

Match #2: Non-Title match: Decay vs Mila Moore & Savannah Thorne

I’m not sure if the commentators stated the name of Decay’s opponents so I had to look them up. Moore ran into an elbow from Rosemary, then Rosemary choked her out against the ropes in the Upside Down. Rosemary celebrated with the fans as Thorne tagged in. Rosemary made the tag to Havok and Thorne tried to tag out but Moore didn’t want anything to do with Havok. Havok nailed a modified Death Valley Driver on Thorne. They nailed a double-team sitout powerbomb for the win after 2 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Decay

Analysis: * A squash match. I think the entrances almost went as long as the match.

They showed MK Ultra watching from backstage. Gia Miller asked their thoughts. Slamovich was talking in Russian and Kelly said they wanted their rematch at No Surrender. Dani Luna and Jody Threat ran in, after MK Ultra took them out last week. Threat said MK Ultra were upset because she and Luna shone at Ultimate X, whilst MK lost the tag titles. Luna proposed Threat vs Slamovich.

Analysis: Three teams in the division! About time they started to get serious about the Knockouts tag division.

Alan Angels was with Josh Alexander, getting ready for his new talk show segment: The Sound Check. Angels listed all of Alexander’s accomplishments but none of them are bigger than him appearing on this show. The camera was moving all over the place and the cameraman’s hands kept getting in the shot to show that it was a very cheap production. It was probably more annoying than entertaining. Angels started getting stuck into Alexander about being ungrateful for some reason and then he mentioned being a bad model to his son, which was enough for Alexander to walk out. Angels tried to save the segment by saying stay tuned for episode 2. I hope there’s not another one.

Analysis: That was really bad. It started off okay with Angels adding a bit of a charismatic side but he just rambled on and then I think was trying to get Alexander to thank him for something. I didn’t enjoy it.

Match #3: Brian Myers vs Kevin Knight

Knight is back to lose again but at least he will look good as he does so. He hit a springboard crossbody early on for a 2 count. Myers bailed to the floor and Knight met him on the ramp. Myers tossed him into the ring apron and hit a back suplex.

(Commercial break)

Back in the ring, Myers hit a snapmare and tried for a sleeper. Knight made it to his feet and ran the ropes. Myers tossed him into the air but Knight caught him with a dropkick in mid-air. Knight nailed a few right hands and through an incoming Myers through the ring ropes to the outside. Knight hit a crossbody over the top rope to take Myers out. Knight tossed Myers back into the ring and hit a huge clothesline from the top rope. Great height there. He went for a Tornado DDT but Myers blocked it. Knight hit a superkick and a jumping DDT but Myers was able to grab the bottom rope before the 3 count. He rolled to the outside again and tried to crawl up the ramp. Knight tossed Myers back in, but Myers used the ropes for a low-blow kick. Myers nailed the Implant DDT but Knight kicked out at 2! Myers couldn’t believe it so he measured Knight for the Roster Cut but ran into another dropkick. Knight missed another springboard clothesline but ran straight into the Roster Cut for the win after 6 ½ minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Brian Myers

Analysis: ** It was just okay but a lot of the match was Myers bailing to the outside and Knight showing his athleticism to bring him back into the match. A rare clean win for Myers, though.

After the match, Eddie and Alisha Edwards came down to the ring to celebrate with Myers. They surrounded Knight but Kushida made his way to the ring to make the save. Knight did mention having someone in his corner in his short pre-match promo.

Analysis: That should set up a tag team match in the future. More Kushida in TNA is a win.

Gia Miller was backstage with X-Division Champion, Chris Sabin. Miller mentioned Mustafa Ali who labelled himself the ‘X-Factor’, which led Miller to think that Ali might be coming for Sabin. Ali appeared on the TV screen behind them and cut another one of his promos like last week. It was condescending and pompous, as Ali talked about change being necessary in TNA. It was quite amusing. The Good Hands interrupted and said how exciting Ali in TNA was. John Skyler said Ali was the next X-Division Champion. Sabin became annoyed with that and challenged Skyler to a match next week. Skyler wondered if Ali was going to be watching.

Analysis: That was a bit disjointed but good to see Ali again. It looks like Ali vs Sabin. Yes, please!

Frankie Kazarian explains his heel turn

The fans were booing heavily even before Kaz took the mic. Kaz said that the fans and wrestlers have all been asking why he turned on Eric Young. He said everyone isn’t going to like what he has to say but they have to put up with it. Kaz said that a year ago he came back and he saved the company. He chose to be here and has given everything to this company, and this business. Kaz said he has always been a giver and now it’s time for him to take what he wants, because he has watched less-talented wrestlers get the rewards that he deserved. The fans were chanting “Please shut up!”. Orlando fans are polite. Kaz said he has no desire to be anyone’s hero because the fans only like watching their heroes fail. Kaz addressed Young next. He said Young has been champion multiple times and isn’t more deserving than Kaz. Kaz said he is going to become the face of TNA and to do that he has to sacrifice friends along the way. He said everything he will do going forward will be about him. Kaz said he was happy to walk his new path alone. He gave the fans permission to hate him now.

Analysis: That was pretty good. The fans were all over him from the moment he walked to the ring. It’s not like Young is a huge name that Kaz betrayed; the fans just didn’t like his actions. They showed Young watching from the back but he didn’t do anything.

The System’s Moose, Myers and the Edwards ran into Alex Shelley backstage. Shelley stuck up for his friends Kushida and Knight. Moose told him that he should find out how The System works.

Analysis: They’re featuring the System in a lot of little segments tonight to make them seem like a big deal and that all of TNA should hate them.

There was another vignette for Ash by Elegance. It was about 20 seconds long and the same as all the others.

Analysis: They trying to save money by having the PPV voiceover guy being her narrator but it just comes off creepy!

Deaner made his way to the ring. Hannifan remarked that we hadn’t seen Deaner in months. I hadn’t missed him. Deaner complained about The Design being over. The fans cheered that. Deaner said it might even be his fault. He was hopeful that he could resurrect Violent By Design but he was wrong. He spoke about dying and rising and that was the cue for PCO’s music. A team of ‘doctors’ wheeled PCO to the ring on a hospital bed. One of them jump-started him and he rose up off the table. The match was official.

Analysis: It was obvious that PCO was coming from how Deaner spoke, but at least it was unique.

Match #4: PCO vs Deaner

PCO nailed Deaner with a big clothesline in the corner and a lung blower. PCO hit the world’s slowest reverse DDT and the PCO Sault for the win after 1 minute.

Winner by pinfall: PCO

Analysis: SQUASH At least it was Deaner taking the pin. It probably sums up the theme of the night. This has been the worst show I can recall in a long time.

After the match, Kon knocked PCO off the top as he was celebrating. Deaner thanked him but Kon decked him too. Kon destroyed Deaner with a neck-wrenching move. PCO sat up but Kon nailed a chokeslam and then crushed the skull of PCO with his hands. PCO passed out.

Analysis: A Kon push is not the way forward. Kon vs PCO will not be pretty but hopefully they make it no-DQ and then PCO can lift the match to an acceptable standard.

AJ Francis was trying to align himself backstage with Rich Swann. Swann shut him down again so Francis tried to recruit Rhino. Rhino told him to go away in very harsh terms. Swann walked off on Francis.

Analysis: Francis’ antics are quite amusing. Him trying to recruit a team has some merit.

Decay cut a pre-taped promo about their Knockouts’ Championship win at Hard to Kill. I was not a fan of that or them. Still. Rosemary said that from now on, they were doing things their way. Thrilling.

Analysis: I guess they’re over with the fans. That’s a plus!

Match #5: TNA World Tag Team Championships: Match #1 in the Best of 3 Series: Bullet Club (c) vs Grizzled Young Vets

Let’s hope that this match can save the show. It certainly has me in a rare downer of a mood! It’s great to see GYV pushed to the top as soon as they’ve arrived in TNA. Bey and Gibson started the match off. Bey used his quickness to score with a dropkick. He quickly tagged in Austin and hit a double-stomp on Gibson as he exited the ring. Austin covered for a quick 1 count. Gibson backed Austin into the corner and tagged in Drake. GYV tried for a double suplex but Austin used his knees to fight out of it and tagged in Bey. Bullet Club hit stereo dropkicks to send GYV out of the ring.

(Commercial break)

Bey was trying to fight out of the heel corner as we returned to the action. He almost broke free but ran into a spinning heel kick from Drake. Drake tried a few quick pins but Bey kicked out at 1 each time. He tagged in Gibson, who hit a suplex on Bey for 2. Gibson grounded Bey with a sleeper hold. He got to his feet and nailed a swinging neckbreaker. Gibson was first to recover and tagged Drake. Bey snuck under Drake’s legs and made the tag to Austin. Austin nailed a Russian Legsweep and a legdrop on Drake. Gibson tried to stop him but Austin nailed a double dropkick on the challengers. Austin tried for a Falcon Arrow but he almost dropped Drake on his head. That could’ve been bad but I think Drake was okay. Austin hit a double stomp but Gibson broke up the pin attempt. Austin tossed him out of the ring. Drake hit a jawbreaker on Austin, who made the tag to Bey. Bey took down Drake and hit a Frog Splash for a close 2 count. He tagged in Austin, but Gibson was holding Austin’s leg on the ring apron. Drake tossed Bey to the outside and turned his attention to Austin on the ring apron. Austin missed a springboard clothesline and Gibson backed Austin into his corner so Drake could nail a running dropkick. Drake covered for a 2 count and yelled in frustration as Austin kicked out. Drake pummelled Austin with left hands on the mat. He kept yelling at Austin and smashing him with forearms. Gibson tagged in and they set up for the Doomsday Device but Bey came back into the ring. He held Gibson and Drake leapt from the top right into a superkick from Austin. Austin nailed a clothesline in the corner on Gibson. They hit a double-team neckbreaker on Gibson but Drake broke up the pin. All 4 men squared off in the ring. Gibson held Austin for a step-up enziguiri from Drake. Bey tripped up Drake and sent both of the GYV out to the floor. He hit a suicide dive on Gibson to the outside. Drake snuck up behind Bey and tossed him into the steel steps. Austin kicked Gibson in the face from the ring apron and wiped out Gibson with a running moonsault over the top rope to the floor. Gibson caught him and probably saved his career before he came crashing head first onto the floor, similar to Logan Paul catching Rey Mysterio in their match last year. The referee checked on Gibson in the ring, so Drake used the (dirty, disgusting!) Liverpool scarf to choke Austin out in the corner. Drake tagged in and the GYV hit Grit Your Teeth to take out match 1 after 11 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Grizzled Young Vets

Analysis: ***1/2 I enjoyed that match. They matched up well together. Good to see GYV with the win over the champs. The way the show was going, a Great Khali vs Hornswoggle match probably would’ve improved the show to be fair. I would’ve liked at least another 5 minute but we will have (probably) 2 more matches in this series so I’m looking forward to that. Bullet Club will win the next one you would assume and maybe we have a stipulation match at No Surrender. I would be down with that.

GYV celebrated on the ramp as Impact went off the air.

Final Rating: 5/10

It felt like a very disappointing show after a hot streak of really entertaining weekly shows since the rebrand. The opening and closing matches were very good, but there was nothing on the rest of the show that was really that interesting or noteworthy. I did enjoy Kazarian’s first heel promo in the ring but apart from that, there were 2 squash matches and a short Myers/Knight match which was alright while it lasted. Thankfully, Bullet Club and the GYV gave us a nice main event and an appetizer for the rest of the series. Hopefully, TNA steps up their game next week as it felt like this week’s show dragged longer than a 3-hour Raw.

The next TNA monthly-special is No Surrender on February 23rd from New Orleans. Here is the card so far:

* TNA World Championship: Moose (c) vs Alex Shelley
* TNA Knockouts’ Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Gisele Shaw
* Mustafa Ali makes his TNA debut

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