TJR WWE Network Review: The Undertaker – “The Last Ride” Chapter 5 (Revelation)

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This is my review of WWE Network’s “The Last Ride” documentary series about The Undertaker. It is 5, which is the final chapter in this series. Read my review of Chapter 2 right here, you can check out Chapter 3 right here and Chapter 4 is here as well. I did not review Chapter 1, but I will likely review that at some point because I want to finish them all.

The synopsis for Chapter 5 looks like this:

Chapter 5: Revelation – With The Undertaker seemingly content calling it a career after a successful match at WWE Extreme Rules, the lure of a WrestleMania dream match with AJ Styles brings The Deadman back for perhaps his last ride at The Showcase of the Immortals.


Chapter 5 began with highlights from Extreme Rules in July 2019 with The Undertaker teaming with Roman Reigns over Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Undertaker said that it felt good and everything went well. It was covered in the last chapter.

They replayed what happened in the last episode with Taker telling Vince he thought that was it and Vince told Taker that he would follow his lead. Taker was shown hugging Drew and Shane backstage. Shane spoke about how the kid in me is always rooting for Taker continuing, but the friend in him – there’s a certain time where you have to choose a different path.

Taker was shown saying he felt good about things at Extreme Rules. He went to Hawaii for two weeks after that and he was content. Michelle Calaway (Undertaker’s wife) said that his identity has been Undertaker for 30 years, so he isn’t sure what Mark Calaway does next. Triple H said he never got the feeling talking to him that Undertaker was done. Hunter said that Undertaker deserves not just the moment, but he deserves to be satisfied.

It was on to Smackdown on September 10, 2019 because it was at Madison Square Garden in New York City with Taker saying it’s the home of WWE. Taker said one of his favorite aspects of walking out in that building is seeing photos of legends like Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali knowing he got to see two of his lifelong idols. Undertaker took a photo of him giving Kane a leg drop under a photo of Elvis. Taker said that everybody knows it takes him a long time to get to the ring and it takes him a long time to leave because he has no idea if he’ll be back. Taker spoke about his connection with the fans and their support for him that got him through a lot of nights.

A clip was shown from Smackdown when Taker talked about how for the past 30 years he considered these hallowed grounds his home. The fans greeted him with “Undertaker” chants. Taker said he didn’t know how many times he was going to come home anymore. Taker spoke about legends that were made there in MSG.

Taker was shown backstage saying it was special to get that kind of reaction and it let him know the fans appreciate what he did over the last 30 years. Taker said personally he’s in a spot where he didn’t get in the ring again then he’s okay. Taker spoke about how when you get that kind of ovation, you think that you can still do this. Steve Austin spoke about how you live for the crowds and live for the pops. Austin said it can take a while to find something else that gives you that feeling. Triple H said your mind plays tricks on you because you think you can do it, but you realize you can’t do it and when you have to start thinking it is difficult.

Taker spoke about how when he was young you didn’t think about getting hurt or something catastrophic happening. Nowadays, you think a lot more because you don’t move as well as you used to and you don’t have the reaction time or the strength. Taker said that you worry about something catastrophic like the match with Goldberg last year. Taker said it wasn’t anybody’s fault, it just happened and he said he was two inches away from having his neck broken. He was two inches away from making his wife a widow and his kids fatherless. Once you get those thoughts in your head, it’s hard to get them out. Michelle talked about how you realize you could have hurt yourself bad and it’s a rough feeling. Taker wondered where he would be in ten years if he kept going. Taker said that the big part of it is that he’s okay mentally and emotionally if he’s not an in-ring performer anymore.

Taker talked about how it was important for him to show that he wanted to be the best of himself at this point in his career. Taker said that he’s good to walk away now, but when they started this thing (the start of the documentary in March 2017), he wasn’t ready for that. Somebody asked Taker if they could do anything for him, Taker mentioned makeup, the guy said “makeup remover” and Taker joked that he was glad that the guy said that instead of him. Taker joked to the camera to “cut that” from the documentary. That was funny. Taker: “I don’t wear makeup. This is my war mask.”

Taker told a story about how he brought his dad to a show at Houston at The Summit. Taker’s dad has passed away. Taker said when his dad saw him putting on makeup, he was shaking his head. Taker said that “yes dad, your 6’8” 330 pound son is putting on eye makeup.” Taker joked that his dad would never do it. Taker said nobody was more proud of him than his dad. Taker talked about how he had a full scholarship in university for basketball and his dad thought it was dumb for him to quit to go into wrestling. Taker said that his dad would ask him what he’s going to do for the rest of his life, Taker said he would figure it out and that’s when we saw the photo of Taker with his dad.

Taker about his dad: “I miss him.” Taker said that the priority in his life is to be a good husband and father.

TJR Thoughts: That was funny to hear him tell that story. We all know Undertaker was wearing eye makeup and it’s just funny to hear how his dad reacted to it. The other interesting thing about that is that Taker said he was 6’8” rather than being a 7 footer. I always thought he was around 6’9” or 6’10” and with boots he looks a bit taller, so at least we get his official height from him. You can also tell that he had a close bond with his father.

The documentary showed The Undertaker on the Broken Skull Sessions talk show with Steve Austin in Los Angeles in November 2019. Taker spoke about how it’s not an easy life. Taker talked about the interview with Austin saying that the audience was clamoring for that kind of interview for years. Austin said that Taker loved the business and he wondered what was next. On the show, Taker said he’ll write his own story and write his own ending.

AJ Styles said that he was talking to a buddy about how Undertaker wanted to retire on his own terms. Styles said it sounded like Taker was going to do one or two more matches, so he wanted to be one of those matches. Styles said he’ll give it a shot. Styles said he didn’t ask Vince, so he called Undertaker and they started chatting.

Taker said that when AJ called him, AJ said he wanted to do something with Taker at WrestleMania. Taker said honestly he would have loved to work with AJ 10 to 15 years ago, but he doesn’t have any aspirations of getting back in the ring, so AJ told him to think about it.

Edge said that if it was him then it would be AJ Styles because AJ is a guy from an athletic standpoint can help Taker have that final chapter. Styles talked about how Taker’s better matches have been with smaller guys like Shawn Michaels. They showed clips of Taker working with Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle and CM Punk as smaller guys. Taker said that AJ was an awesome storyteller with his matches and Austin said that Styles is the best wrestler on two feet right now. Austin said that Taker had to be out there with somebody he could trust.

Michelle spoke about how they have been vacationing with one of AJ’s best friends for almost ten years, so they got to know AJ, Wendy and his kids through them. Michelle told Taker that there’s nobody to get in the ring with. Michelle thought it could be magic and Taker told AJ to think about it for a couple of weeks. Styles told Taker that whatever your decision is then it’s the right decision. Triple H said that was an intriguing dragon to chase.

It was onto the WWE Performance Center in Orlando on January 16, 2020. The Undertaker was shown walking into a room with a lot of WWE NXT and Performance Center wrestlers. Taker was shown shaking hands with some of the wrestlers. Taker said he promised Matt Bloom (WWE PC Head Coach – former A-Train in WWE) that he would come down there to work with some of the big guys. Taker talked about how guys were nervous, but when they found out that he wasn’t going to shred them, they liked that he was there. Michelle said that he’s always helping the guys and girls at the PC when they’re in Orlando. Triple H said that this business has always been handed down from one to the next. You make it yours and pass it down to the next generation.

Randy Orton was shown talking about his first match with Taker on Smackdown on October 30, 2002. Orton said you could tell Taker liked him because Taker took all these bumps for him to make Randy look good as a 22-year-old kid. Orton said when he came backstage, Vince asked what they were doing and Taker told Vince he wanted to make Randy look good because he knew Randy would do the favor down the road. They showed more clips of Taker talking to younger wrestlers. Bray Wyatt said that Taker teaches everybody everything. They showed a clip of the July 1, 2002 Raw match with Taker and Jeff Hardy with Jeff saying it was incredible to have that Ladder Match with him. Jeff said he would take his advice and run with it.

The next day at the WWE PC, Taker put on some boots and got into the ring for the first time since July 2019, so it was about six months after that. Taker said he was going to work out with the big guys and see what he can do. Triple H said it was good for Taker to be around it. Hunter said if you surround yourself with young people you can talk about it and be engaged with it. Taker said that you get motivated being around these young guys. Taker was shown running the ropes repeatedly to show he could still move. Taker said he was torn because he knew he could do it physically, but mentally he hasn’t figured out if he was 100% in. Taker said he left on a high note at Extreme Rules because that match exceeded his expectations. Taker said if he decides to do this WrestleMania match and he’s disappointed in his performance, then what? Then he might have to keep going and redeem this.

Taker talked about how at WrestleMania 18 in 2002, he remembers Ric Flair thanked Taker for helping his self-confidence. Taker said he didn’t understand at the time, but he understands now in the last few years. They showed Michelle and Taker doing a light workout in the ring. Taker joked this could go on forever and the documentary would talk about how he won’t go away. Taker said that he hopes to get clarity soon because he knows that they (WWE) need an answer.

Taker spoke about how he was watching some of AJ’s matches and he really enjoyed watching AJ work. Taker said every time he thinks he’s out, they pull him back out and he decided that he was going to do it. Taker decided to rib AJ because he told Vince he would do it and told Vince to tell AJ that Taker would work WrestleMania against somebody else. Taker laughed about it. Styles said that Vince told him there’s some kid in Tennessee that Taker wanted to work and then Styles realized it was bullcrap, so he called Taker and laughed about how he knew they were trying to rib him.

It was onto Super Showdown on February 27, 2020 with Styles talking about how he got to get in the ring with The Undertaker. Taker was shown talking to Roman Reigns at ringside. Styles said he wanted Taker to be so satisfied with their match that he could be done. Taker said there’s nobody else out there that he would come back for. They showed Taker talking with Kofi Kingston and Big E of The New Day while squirting water on his hair. Taker spoke about how he had been off TV for a long time and it felt like the right place to kick everything off. Styles was in the ring after being in a tournament to win some trophy specific for the event and that’s when The Undertaker showed up. Styles talked trash to him, then Undertaker grabbed him and hit a Chokeslam leading to a pin on Styles. When Taker was backstage in Gorilla after, he joked with Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman that the walk was going to be longer than the match. It was on that night!

Taker was shown saying that it didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what was going to happen because it was a launching pad to WrestleMania. Taker said that he was excited about it and he’s anxious to see how it all turns out.

They showed Taker at the gym on March 10 at the Lakeway Crossfit gym in Austin, Texas once again. Taker joked that his trainer had something sinister for him. The trainer Harry said that it was about helping his lung capacity to have a long match. Taker did some training where his nose started bleeding for some reason. They showed Taker working out in the gym. Taker spoke about how he’ll be 55 years old when he steps in the ring for WrestleMania and said that his cardio needs to be better than in the previous years. If you’re not conditioned or ready against Styles then you’ll get exposed. Taker said he’ll get out on his terms and it’s his responsibility to be the best he can be on that given night.

A clip was shown from Raw on March 9, 2020 with AJ Styles talking about how he saw Undertaker beaten by Roman Reigns three years earlier. After that, Undertaker put his hat, jacket and gloves in the ring as if he was riding off into the sunset. Styles said it was a powerful moment, but the Undertaker ruined it when he came back to WWE. Present day Styles said that he knows it’s about making moments in WWE and he wanted to make as many moments as possible. Styles said that he was going to make it so personal that you’re not going to want to leave until Taker destroys Styles. That led to AJ talking about Taker’s wife Michelle and Michelle said she didn’t know that AJ was going to cut such a good promo that she would start hating him (she laughed). Michelle texted Allen’s (AJ) wife about how she was starting to hate him and she was laughing about it. Styles also mentioned Taker’s name Mark Calaway. Taker said that Styles crossed every boundary that he wouldn’t let others cross, but that’s why it resonated so well with other people. Taker was shown watching the promo saying that people won’t be satisfied unless Taker puts his face back six inches.

Taker said that AJ forced his hand in terms of the character. Taker said he can’t go out there and be classic Undertaker while saying you’re handcuffed a bit by what you can do. Taker said around 2000 he felt stale a bit and the business was changing so fast. Austin talked about how the character needed to change because everybody was louder, ruder and rowdier. Taker said if his character doesn’t fit in then he’ll be lost. They showed American Badass Taker debuting at Judgment Day 2000.

Taker spoke about how he had to keep elements of Undertaker, but bring it into that era and make it work. Taker said he could talk smack and not be the traditional Undertaker character. They showed the Chokeslam on Rikishi off Hell in a Cell on a bed of hay on a truck. Taker said that he didn’t think traditional Taker would have survived without that change. Edge and Roman Reigns talked about how it worked because he stayed true to who he is. Taker said that to the fans, it told them this is the other side of who Undertaker is. Bruce Prichard talked about how The Undertaker is Mark Calaway – they have merged.

They showed a clip of The Undertaker’s promo that aired on Raw talking about going after Allen Jones, which is AJ Styles’s real name. Taker said he was wrapping The Undertaker, American Badass and Mark Calaway together as he defended his wife’s honor. Taker told Styles he would suffer and he would rest in peace.

Taker said when he agreed to do it, he envisioned a match in a wrestling ring in front of 80,000 people, but that’s not what we got due to the Coronavirus affecting the world in a major way in mid-March of this year. They spoke about how COVID-19 made the news with Taker saying it was so bizarre while Taker said it was a tough time. Hunter spoke about how the fans deserved to be entertained. Hunter said that they knew they couldn’t be at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, but they’re going to adapt and do it at the Performance Center over two nights while other things can be done off site.

Taker said it was crazy times and he spoke about how the audience is such a vital factor to the product. They showed Styles doing a promo saying he was going to bring back the Deadman in a Boneyard Match. Hunter said he asked what a Boneyard Match was and he was told they didn’t know, but they would figure it out. Hunter spoke about how they went 40 minutes outside of Orlando to a one acre plot at the end of a residential neighborhood. It had a barn one end and Michael Hayes was saying that this won’t work. They showed Triple H, Michael Hayes and Jeremy Borash along with others working on it. Taker said that they played the cards that were dealt as they turned “chickens**t into chicken salad.” Taker said they transformed the place into a phenomenal way and they loved it.

Hunter said he took it to Vince saying they would use multiple cameras and shoot it in a cinematic way. Vince okayed it, so they went forward with it. They showed more behind the scenes footage of Undertaker, Triple H, Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows along with the crew that was part of the match. Taker said it was probably the best thing they could have done in that situation.

Taker said it was probably 45 minutes from the Performance Center to the site of the Boneyard setting. Taker said they were on the way back with Triple H, Michael Hayes and his phone started to ring. Taker said it was his niece and something told him to answer the call. Taker was told by her that her dad (his brother Tim) had a heart attack and he asked her what hospital they sent him to. He said he lives outside of Austin and then corrected himself to say “lived” meaning that he died. Taker’s niece told Uncle Mark that Tim was gone and he didn’t make it. Taker got emotional talking about it because he found out as he was going to the Boneyard Match. They showed Tim’s obituary that as well. Tim was born in 1956, so he was nine years older than Mark. Taker said that now he had to call his brothers, let them know and call his mother knowing what that was going to do to her and not be able to be there. Taker said it was another example of how important it was to be present with your family because you never know what’s going to happen. Taker said it was an extremely rough day.

TJR Thoughts: You could tell how hard it was for Taker to tell that story. It’s easy to see why because his older brother passed away and like he said, it’s not the kind of phone call you want to make to your mother or anybody else.

It was the next day when they had the Boneyard Match and everything was about being buried when he had his brother’s death on his mind, so it was tough. At that point, he felt the show must go on, so how do we make this great?

They showed highlights from the Boneyard Match that aired on the first part of WrestleMania 36 on April 4. Triple H talked about how it was a 25-minute fight scene where they beat the crap out of eachother. There were more highlights shown of the Boneyard Match where it looked like Styles would win after getting help from Gallows and Anderson, but that’s when The Undertaker recovered to kick AJ’s ass in the latter stages of the match. Taker beat up Gallows, Anderson and Styles on the top of a shed with Styles taking a Chokeslam onto some wooden pallets that likely had some padding. Taker kicked Styles into the grave and then buried him in dirt to win this unique match.

Taker said he was really happy with it. He thought it was really cool how he had this hellacious fight, you get on your motorcycle and you ride off. Taker said there was more to riding off into the darkness.

Taker: “This may be the last time I do this.”

Taker said it was a difficult night while noting that it was every bit as rough as it looked. Five minutes into shooting, he cut his arm when he punched the hearse window, so they had to clean up his arm and stop shooting immediately. Taker: “His arm was a crimson mask.” They had to dig the pieces of glass out of his arm. What happens when you film that way is you get started, then there’s a stoppage and you have to switch cameras around. Taker said that standing in one place is the worst because of how he felt physically because the adrenaline comes down and then his body that’s hurting causes more pain. Taker said it was a really long night where they wrapped at around 5am. When he saw the final product, he thought it was really cool and then the feedback was icing on the cake. They showed different media outlets praising the match.

TJR Thoughts: I enjoyed the match a lot too. It felt like a major fight in a movie or television show. It was unlike what we usually get to see in WWE, but as Hunter and Taker said, they made the best out of a tough situation since they weren’t able to be in front of a crowd. I think the Boneyard Match is going to hold up very well as one of the best cinematic “matches” in WWE history.

Taker said that everybody had nothing but positive things to say about the Boneyard Match. Taker said it was very rare. Hunter talked about the performances were phenomenal, the trash talking, the storytelling and all of it was great. Hunter said it was successful because it meant that Undertaker was back. Taker said that you look back at that build up and the payoff of the match is storytelling at its best. Taker said it wasn’t what he envisioned when he said yes to the match, but it was damn good and “damn good” is what he was looking for. Taker wondered how do you top that?

It was two months later (meaning June 2020 – the month we’re in right now) as Taker was shown home going fishing with Michelle. Taker said it was time to relax and Michelle said time to slow down. They spoke about how there was not a worry in the world and having fun being at home. Taker said that considering everything that was going on, he feels very fortunate that they were able to do the Boneyard Match. Taker said that by the end of the Boneyard Match shoot, it felt like a 45 minute match. Michelle said it was a rough week because Mark’s brother Tim passed away and then that Sunday night, her nephew passed away in a car accident – he just graduated high school.

Taker said even before his brother passed, Kobe Bryant’s death (in January) struck home and made him realize you aren’t getting this time back. Taker said you had to give home what he gave the business because you never know when your number is going to get called. They showed Taker and Michelle’s daughter talking about how she cheered for daddy at WrestleMania after joking that she was cheering for AJ. Taker joked in replay by saying he was glad he beat Styles.

Taker said that he didn’t want to miss out on anything else. Taker said that his career, his legacy speaks for itself and he’s happy with it. Taker said that at the end of the day, he has this other life to experience and enjoy the blessings that he has – his wife and his children. Michelle said that he left his legacy a long time and now he trusts himself to be Mark Calaway.

TJR Thoughts: It wasn’t mentioned in the documentary, but Undertaker has four children. Undertaker had a son that’s 27 now and he had him with his first wife. Undertaker’s second wife Sara was on WWE TV in 2001 in a storyline. Undertaker has two daughters with Sara and I believe one of them was shown earlier in the documentary. Undertaker has one daughter with Michelle McCool, who he has been married to since 2010.

Taker said he’s at a place now post-Boneyard where he had a hellacious battle against one of the best in the business and he was taking off after that. He wondered if he was happy enough with that. Taker said it was a powerful moment and you don’t always get those. Taker thought that was a “perfect ending” to a career.

Undertaker: “If Vince was in a pinch, would I come back? I guess time will only tell there. ‘In case of emergency,’ you break glass and pull out The Undertaker. I would have to consider that. Never say never.”

Undertaker: “At this point in my life and in my career, I have no desire to get back in the ring. (Pause). I’ve got a pit in my stomach right now. (Laughs)”

Taker continued saying this time the cowboy really rides away.

TJR Thoughts: If you watched it then you could tell how hard it was for him to admit that. He laughed about having a pit in his stomach because of how difficult it was for him to admit that he had no desire to get in the ring, which essentially means he is retired.

Taker said that there is nothing left for him to conquer or accomplish. Taker said that the game has changed, it’s time for new guys to come up and the timing seems right. Taker said that this documentary has helped him discover that and open his eyes to the bigger picture. Taker said it has helped him see things on a broader scale. Taker said it was cool to have his peers give their insight and want the best for him. Taker said that he can do more good outside the ring now than he can inside and he’s finally at a place where he’s able to accept that. He is okay with it.

TJR Thoughts: There’s the big revelation from this documentary right there. The Undertaker said that he thinks he has wrestled he has wrestled his last match. He also said that if Vince asked him that maybe he would do one more match, but it sounds to me like he has come to the decision and he has accepted it. I think it’s the right call.

Taker said he has been blessed to have two families with his wife and children along with his family on the road. They showed a lot of pics of Undertaker with his family as well as photos from his career.

Taker talked about guys like Bryan Adams (Crush), Yokozuna, Godfather, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Kane, Edge and he can’t name everybody or leave somebody out, but it’s important that the guys know how much they meant to him on a professional level and personal level. Taker talked about how Vince McMahon always had his back and he said to Vince: “Thank you.”

There were more videos and photos of Undertaker shown with his brothers in the wrestling business. Taker said he was blessed to do something for as long as he was able to do it. A clip from 2003 was shown of Undertaker saying you had to love the business because it’s all about heart.

Edge talked about how Undertaker caught lightning in a bottle for 30 years. Bret Hart spoke about how Taker raised the bar. Shawn Michaels talked about his work ethic, ability and talent along with how he handled himself. Roman Reigns said Taker was the Godfather of professional wrestling. Kane said Taker was the rock that always there and always stood firm.

Taker said that he has devoted most of his adult life to this business and he wouldn’t change a thing. Taker said all the injuries, surgeries are things that he wouldn’t change because it helped shape the person that he is today. Taker said that he’s going to miss the guys and most of them he already does miss them. Mark Henry said he doesn’t know one wrestler that has ever criticized him and said the guys love Taker. Godfather said Taker was his friend and brother. Kurt Angle said that there’s only one Mark Calaway that can do what he does in the ring. Mick Foley said that he would literally have a different life if he and Taker didn’t cross paths because Taker put him and a lot of people on the map. JBL said that he wrestled Taker more than anybody in JBL’s career and Taker never had an off night. Batista said he learned a lot from Taker, he loved Taker and he respected him. John Cena said that the bar for respect is The Undertaker and everybody else is below that.

Taker said that it doesn’t happen without them and the fans buying into this character. Taker said he never tried to mail it in – he always did the best that he could. Taker said he hoped the fans realized what it meant to perform in front of them. Taker said he can’t think of a better way to spend the last 30 years of his life.

Steve Austin spoke about how to ride the edge of a lightning bolt for 30 years has been nothing short of phenomenal. Ric Flair said that Taker gave his life to this business and there will never be anybody like him. Triple H spoke about the character, the performances and said that the legacy will be that there will never be another like him. Shane McMahon said it was an amazing career and he should be extremely proud.

Vince McMahon: “There’s no question that Mark has made the best of every opportunity, from family to the business, to his professionalism and who he is as a human being. That man can look in the mirror and say…I did good.”

Undertaker: “This business has given me everything. It’s ingrained in me. It’s always going to be a part of me. I did things my way and I’m going to leave my way. And I’m good with that.”

The final shot looked like this with Undertaker standing on his property, No, that’s not his house. Just a part of the property. That was the end of the documentary.

This episode had a runtime of 1:09:24 on WWE Network.

AJ Styles tweeted about it.

Final Thoughts

This was outstanding just like the previous four chapters, but perhaps you can say this one was the best of all because you could see how at peace Mark Calaway is in terms of putting an end to his in-ring career as The Undertaker. Yes, he did say “never say never” before he said he was walking away from wrestling, but I think he’s truly at peace with his decision.

As a fan of The Undertaker that has watched him from the start of his WWE career 30 years ago at Survivor Series 1990, I would love to see him have one more match in front of a crowd and get that big sendoff that he truly deserves. However, after watching this documentary, I know from watching this that he is fine with his decision to walk away after the Boneyard and I think that we, as fans, have to respect that decision. I know I do.

Thank you, Undertaker. It’s been amazing to watch this documentary about his career, his life and his journey to decide whether he wanted to end his career. Thank you for the memories in the ring too. There are so many. There will come a day when I will write about it more as best I can. For now, I’ll just say please check out this documentary if you haven’t watched it because it’s amazing. Fantastic work by the WWE team that put this together and thank you again to Mark Calaway, Michelle Calaway and everybody else for their tremendous insight from Chapter 1 all the way to Chapter 5.

This was the best documentary WWE has ever produced. There have been a lot of them that I have loved too. It’s going to be hard to top this one. Kudos to the guys and girls behind the scenes that worked hard to make it happen.

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