WWE Judgment Day 2006 Review

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The WWE Judgment Day PPV name was used for the company’s annual May PPV event from 2000 to 2009 and there’s also an October 1998 PPV using the name. I don’t know why they stopped using it, but that’s WWE changing things up occasionally like they love to do. During the brand extension years, Judgment Day was a Smackdown show.

The main stories going into Judgment Day involved Rey Mysterio trying to survive as the World Heavyweight Champion in his first PPV title defense against a former champion in JBL. They also were building up The Great Khali (ugh) as the next great threat against The Undertaker.

I don’t remember much about this show at all. I don’t even know if I watched it live when it happened. A lot of it is going to feel fresh to me, so that’s a good thing. Whether it’s a good show or not, that’s something we can find out together as I go through it.

For the past two years, I have been reviewing WWE PPVs starting in 2003 and going into 2006. Check out my WWE Retro PPV archive here if you want to read any of the reviews during that period. Let’s get to it.


WWE Judgment Day
May 21, 2006
From the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona

The show earned the TV-14 rating and “V” for Violence.

The opening video package focused on the key feuds for the show. The theme song was actually “This Fire Burns,” which was CM Punk’s first theme song in WWE. It looked like a big crowd in Phoenix.

The announce team of Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show while the Spanish announcers were also at ringside.

MNM, the WWE Tag Team Champions, entered with manager Melina by their side. The announcers mentioned that they have lost five times in a row to the challengers. Good ovation for Paul London and Brian Kendrick as the challengers.

WWE Tag Team Championships: MNM (Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury) w/Melina vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Pre-match notes: MNM were the three-time Tag Team Champions that were heels. London and Kendrick (sometimes called Londrick) were faces that have yet to become champions. This should be an awesome match between four exciting wrestlers in their mid to late 20s at the time of the match.

London was in control early with an armbar. Kendrick tagged in leading to a double team forearm by the faces on Nitro. Mercury tagged in, Kendrick with an arm drag and a dropkick for two. London and Kendrick with more double team moves including a double team arm drag on both heels. London with a back body drop on Kendrick that led to Kendrick taking out both MNM guys on the floor. Back in the ring, London up top, he went for a cross body block, Nitro moved and London hit the mat hard. The champs made a bunch of quick tags including a double team gutbuster leading to Melina doing a loud scream to upset the crowd. London and Mercury did a spot where they butted heads, so that led to their partners tagging in. Kendrick cleaned house on both MNM guys including a corner splash on Mercury. Nitro drove Kendrick throat first into the top rope. MNM hit their Snapshot finishing move, but London was there to break up the pin. The crowd was really into this as Mercury shoved London out of the ring. Kendrick was sent out of the ring leading to Mercury sending him face first into the ring apron. That got a two count for Nitro. Kendrick with an elbow that knocked Mercury off the apron and he got an inside cradle on Nitro, but the referee Jimmy Korderas was not in position to count. The heels remained in control with each man hitting a leg drop on Kendrick at the same time. Mercury with a delayed vertical suplex on Kendrick for two. Mercury dumped Kendrick out of the ring near Melina, so Melina kicked Kendrick in the ribs two times. Mercury wrenched on Kendrick’s head and he brought in Nitro, who worked over Kendrick with forearms. Mercury back in with a headlock on Kendrick. Kendrick broke free by kicking the two MNM guys into eachother and here comes London.

London was on fire with forearms for both champs, plus a flying back elbow on Nitro. London with a forearm in the corner for Nitro, but Mercury came back with a boot to the face. London with a double clothesline on both heels at the same time leading to a two count on Mercury. London to the apron, Nitro grabbed him and London hit the dropsault right into a pin attempt on Mercury. Melina went into the ring to scream at the ref to stop the count. That was unique! She had a good scream. The heels did the spot where Nitro held the leg of London during a suplex spot into a pin for Mercury, but London kicked out. Kendrick back in, he sent Nitro out of the ring and missed a dive because of Melina saving Nitro. Nitro held London, Mercury charged, London moved and Nitro fell to the floor landing on Melina. London rolled up Mercury and did a sunset flip into a jackknife pin for the victory for his team after 13:43 of action. There was a big pop from the crowd for the title change.

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Analysis: ***1/4 That was a fun tag team match between two talented teams with excellent chemistry between them. The crowd was hot for it and they popped big for the title change since London/Kendrick were so popular while MNM had a lot of credibility as the champs. By that I mean it meant a lot when MNM lost the titles. If it’s a team that has no credibility then nobody will care, but when they are good champs, fans will react to it more. With another five minutes they could have had a classic tag team match that would have been even more memorable, but what they did was still fun to watch.

Post match, the champs celebrated with the titles. The crowd was happy about it.

MNM were sad about the loss in the ring. Melina got in Mercury’s face and yelled at him about the loss. Melina shoved Mercury and she slapped him in the face. Mercury grabbed her by the arm, so Nitro decked Mercury with a punch to the back of the head. Mercury came back with punches on Nitro. Melina kicked Mercury in the head. Nitro also went after Mercury. Referee Jimmy Korderas tried to stop it, so Melina kicked Korderas in the groin! Great sell by him. When Nitro left the ring, Mercury went after Nitro and they brawled outside the ring. Referees showed up to break it up along with Teddy Long, who bumped to the floor during the altercation. Mercury backed up the ramp alone while Nitro and Melina stayed at ringside.

Analysis: That was the end of the MNM team that started in Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2004 and then debuted on Smackdown in April 2005. They ended the team because Nitro was moved to Raw as a singles wrestler with Melina while Mercury was being suspended for a Wellness Policy violation. The team did reunite briefly later in 2006, which I’ll get to when I cover those shows.

The announcers hyped up the King of the Ring finals still to come with Booker T facing Bobby Lashley. A clip aired of Bret Hart winning the first King of the Ring PPV tournament in 1993.

Chris Benoit entered to a big ovation during this run in his career in the upper midcard. Finlay had his wooden shillelagh weapon with him.

Chris Benoit vs. Finlay

Pre-match notes: Benoit was the face and Finlay was the heel. Finlay was one of the oldest regulars on the roster at 48 years old at the time of this match. The reason for this match is because Finlay beat Benoit with a chair shot in a King of the Ring qualifying match.

There was a slow start to the match with a long lockup between them and neither guy would let go. Benoit locked in a headlock and Finlay got a two count. Finlay complained to referee Charles Robinson about something in his eye, so there was a pause and Finlay came back with a punch on Benoit. Finlay tripped up Benoit leading to a tight headlock. Finlay with a forearm to the back, Benoit came back with a punch and knee strikes. Benoit slapped on another tight headlock. Finlay with a blatant thumb to the eye in front of the ref followed by a stiff clothesline for a two count. Finlay slapped on another chinlock, Benoit broke free by flipping Finlay over and Benoit missed an elbow drop leading to Finlay getting a two count. Tazz said that he loved this style of wrestling because it was a throwback for him. Benoit hit the three German Suplexes in a row on Finlay to take control. Benoit went up top, he jumped off and missed with the headbutt because Finlay moved at the last moment. Benoit took down Finlay by the legs, but Finlay came back with a kick to the face. Benoit with a baseball slide dropkick into the steel chair that knocked Finlay down. Back in the ring, Benoit up top and he connected with the top rope headbutt for a two count. Finlay whipped Benoit into the turnbuckle followed by a forearm to the back. Finlay with an elbow strike to the throat of Benoit.

Finlay remained in control with a running splash to the gut of Benoit. Finlay slapped on a dragon sleeper-like submission to wear down Benoit some more. Finlay followed up with three forearms to the back of the head. Benoit got back into it with punches, but Finlay came back with an elbow to the arm and a shoulder tackle to the ribs. Finlay with a short clothesline for a two count. Benoit got some momentum again with two German Suplexes, Finlay fought back with strikes and Benoit hit an enziguri kick to the head leading to Finlay leaving the ring. Finlay tried to attack with the shillelagh, but Benoit was ready for it with a German Suplex on the floor. Ouch. Back in the ring, Benoit did the Three Amigos vertical suplexes in tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Benoit to the apron and Finlay punched him into the barricade. Finlay tackled Benoit into the barricade. Finlay whipped Benoit shoulder first into the steel ring post. Benoit took down Finlay by the left arm and hooked back on the head leading to the Crippler Crossface submission with Finlay tapping out at 21:10.

Winner by submission: Chris Benoit

Analysis: ***1/2 Very good match with a slow pace in the first half and then they really picked it up in the second half. This was a hard-hitting battle where they didn’t go light on their offensive moves. It was all about having a stiff match with all kinds of heavy blows delivered by both men. There aren’t a lot of wrestlers that would be comfortable in a match like this, but this fit the style of Benoit and Finlay. Benoit getting the win was payback for beating him about three weeks earlier on Smackdown.

Post match, they had a staredown with Benoit standing tall in the ring while Finlay claimed it was not over.

The lovely Jillian Hall was shown backstage getting ready for her month. A clip aired of what happened one month ago when Jillian Hall and Melina got into a fight by the makeup table after Melina mocked Jillian for getting fired by JBL. The women were pulled apart and then they had altercations after that.

Jillian Hall made her entrance. They showed WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham sitting in the crowd. Melina entered with Johnny Nitro and no paparazzi to take photos of them. The referee Chris Kay ejected Nitro from ringside before the match.

Melina vs. Jillian Hall

Pre-match notes: Jillian was the face and Melina was the heel.

Jillian took control early with a Thesz Press takedown followed by a kick to the back and a neck snap. Melina left the ring, so Jillian shoved her into the barricade. Melina kicked Jillian leading to a silly looking bump by Jillian into the steel steps. Melina stepped on Jillian’s head followed by a whip into a back bump for Jillian. Melina slapped on a chinlock followed by a leg scissors around the waist. Melina ran the ropes and did a hair whip takedown for two. Melina with a kick to the ribs. Melina drove her knee into Jillian’s back followed by a double knee attack to the ribs. Melina went for a move off the middle ropes, but Jillian got her knees up to block. Jillian started her comeback with a running forearm, a whip into the turnbuckle and Jillian did a sunset flip into the pinfall win. Melina had her hand on the bottom rope during the pin, but the ref was on the other side and never saw it. It went 4:18.

Winner by pinfall: Jillian Hall

Analysis: 3/4* A quick win to put over Jillian, who they were trying to get over as a new face on Smackdown. Melina had a reason to be mad since her hand was on the rope when she got pinned. The wrestling wasn’t that good, but they looked hot, so at least it was fun to watch. I’m trying to be positive here!

Post match, Melina was mad about the result. Kristal Marshall showed up for an interview. Kristal said it hasn’t been a good night for her, so Melina punched Kristal and Kristal punched her back. Melina went to the back while the ref pulled Kristal off.

Analysis: The theme of Melina having a bad night continued.

John Bradshaw Layfield, who was the US Champion and challenger for the WWE Championship, was backstage doing a promo into a camera. JBL said that Rey’s fairytale story is coming to an end. He said that this is where he thrives when the lights are on bright and he called himself a true American hero because he was the United States Champion. Chavo Guerrero was standing backstage saying he was there to support Rey Mysterio. JBL told Chavo he is there to watch Rey get his ass kicked for the World Heavyweight Championship just like Chavo watched his uncle Eddie Guerrero lose the WWE Title to JBL two years ago. Fans chanted “Eddie” as Chavo told JBL he’s not leaving with the title and ended it with a “viva la raza” like Eddie used to say.

Analysis: Solid heel promo from JBL with Chavo in a babyface role, which was not the norm for him, but that’s what he was at this point.

They showed a classic King of the Ring 1996 moment to hype up the KOTR finals.

Gregory Helms made his entrance as the Cruiserweight Champion. Super Crazy was the opponent. He was in the Mexicools group and rode his lawn mower down to the ring with none of his buddies at ringside with him. He’s super and crazy. They showed baseball player Luis Gonzalez of the Arizona Diamondbacks at ringside.

Cruiserweight Championship: Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy

Pre-match notes: Gregory Helms was the heel Cruiserweight Champion while Crazy was a face.

Crazy got a couple of quick nearfalls early. Helms with a back body drop to the apron, Crazy broke free and hit a clothesline that sent Helms over the top to the floor. The referee Nick Patrick stopped a dive to the floor, so Crazy did the spot where he jumped over the ref onto Helms on the floor. That’s a classic spot that always pops the crowd. Helms got back into it by sending Crazy into the top rope. Helms with a swinging neckbreaker followed by another neckbreaker. Elbow to the face by Helms and he worked on Crazy’s neck with more punches. Helms slapped on a submission pulling back on the arms of Crazy. Suplex by Crazy led to nothing because Helms slapped on another headlock. After Crazy got a rollup, Helms hit a knee to the face. Helms missed an elbow drop on Crazy leading to Crazy hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a moonsault for two. Crazy with a punch to the head and he went up top leading to a missile dropkick for a two count. Crazy went up top for a moonsault, he jumped, Helms moved and Crazy hit the mat hard. Helms went for the Shining Wizard, Crazy moved and Crazy hit a spin kick for two. Helms came back with another neckbreaker. Helms got a rollup for a two count. Crazy got back up, but Helms put him down with a Blockbuster neckbreaker off the middle ropes for a two count. Crazy sent Helms into the turnbuckle. Crazy charged, Helms caught him into a powerbomb into a pin leading to Helms getting his feet on the middle ropes for the pinfall win at 9:55.

Winner by pinfall: Gregory Helms

Analysis: ** It was a decent match with Helms continuing his long title reign. I liked the fast pace of the match early on with Crazy and then Helms wore him down. Helms connected with about four different types of neckbreakers. The crowd was into most of the match.

Johnny Nitro and Melina were shown backstage complaining to GM Teddy Long, who said that he’s not going to do anything about their losses earlier in the night. Melina slapped Long in the face. Long fired both of them. The crowd cheered.

Analysis: They were both headed to Raw after about one year as Smackdown stars.

Highlights aired of Kurt Angle winning King of the Ring in 2000. Angle was an obvious choice that year.

Mark Henry made his entrance. Clips aired of Henry attacking Angle with a splash through a table and then he did it again off the apron onto Angle through the table. Henry cleared off the monitors on the announce table. Henry did a promo saying that he hurts people. Henry said Batista got hurt and he’s gone. Henry said that he knows Angle and he smiled as he looked at the table. That was it.

Analysis: It was another year where WWE was trying to elevate Henry. Earlier in the year, Angle beat Henry at the Royal Rumble, then Henry lost to Undertaker at WrestleMania 22 and it was back to Henry vs. Angle again. It took until 2011 for Henry to really break through as a top guy.

Kurt Angle made his entrance to a big ovation. This was near the end of his WWE run. I missed him.

Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle

Pre-match notes: Angle was the face and Henry was the heel.

Angle kicked away at Henry’s left leg. Angle had his ribs taped to sell the injury from Henry’s attacks. Angle jumped off the middle ropes with a body attack that knocked Henry down. When Angle went for a sunset flip, Henry went for a splash, Angle moved and Angle kicked Henry in the face leading to Henry bailing to the floor. Angle set up Henry by the table that cleared off earlier, but Henry elbowed him and they went back into the ring. Angle tripped up Henry followed by a leg lock. Angle charged at Henry and Henry decked him with a clothesline. Henry with a kick to the ribs of Angle. Henry slapped on a chinlock to show us that Angle’s new mouthpiece says “Revenge” on it. Angle back to his feet, he charged in, Henry caught him and Angle hit a DDT for a two count. Angle with a German Suplex followed by an Angle Slam for two. When they got back up, Henry decked Angle with a clothesline. Henry picked up Angle and hit a version of the World’s Strongest Slam for a two count. Angle got back into it with an Ankle Lock, but Henry rolled through and sent Angle out of the ring. Henry sent Angle into the apron and then he put Angle back first on the announce table. Henry went to the Spanish table and teased a splash, but Angle moved. Angle splashed Angle into the steel ring post and went back into the ring while the ref’s count reached 10 to give Henry the win at 9:12. The crowd booed the finish.

Winner by countout: Mark Henry

Analysis: **1/2 It was a solid match that was about as good as you could get from Henry at this point in his career. Angle had his working boots on and sold everything well. I think it was booked like that because WWE wanted to give Henry a win, but they didn’t want to have Angle lose the match by taking a pin, so they opted for the countout.

Post match, Henry left the ring and Angle was still on the floor. Henry punched Angle, so Angle fought back with punches and Angle hit Henry in the leg with a steel chair. Angle hit Henry in the back with a steel chair five times. Angle slapped on the Ankle Lock on Henry on the floor with Henry tapping out. Referees and officials showed up to pull Angle off Henry. When Henry got back up, Angle hit an Angle Slam onto Henry on the announce table, which did not break. Angle picked up a chair, hit Henry in the head with it and Henry went crashing through the table stomach first, so there’s the break. The fans loved that attack from Angle.

Analysis: Good revenge from Angle. Henry won the match, but Angle won the war because of what happened after the match was over. I assume the table was supposed to break when he hit the Angle Slam onto the table, so that’s why they did the next stop with Angle hit Henry in the head with the chair to break the table. Angle was moved to the ECW brand shortly after this, which was not a good move and eventually led to his departure.

Sharmell was shown walking backstage giving her husband Booker T a pep talk saying that he’s going to become the king of the WWE and better than all the kings while listing off some names of kings. She said that he’ll be the greatest king of all, King Booker. That led to Booker saying “King Booker” repeatedly, they kissed and he said “King Booker” again.

The road to King of the Ring was shown with Booker and Lashley meeting in the finals.

A video package aired about Teddy Long bringing back the King of the Ring to Smackdown as clips aired of previous King of the Winners like Bret Hart in 1993, Steve Austin in 1996, Hunter Hearst Helmsley in 1997, Kurt Angle in 2000 and Edge in 2001. Sorry Mabel in 1995, you didn’t make the cut. Clips aired of the matches with Booker T hitting a cheap shot low blow on Matt Hardy leading to the win. Lashley beat Mark Henry by countout. Booker got a bye to the finals due to Mark Henry injuring Kurt Angle. Lashley beat Finlay in the semifinals to set up the finals.

There was a king throne, robe, crown and scepter on the stage by the entrance. When Booker made his entrance with Sharmell, he touched all of the items with Cole noting that Booker said that he’ll officially change his name to King Booker if he wins. Bobby Lashley was up next to a decent pop. This was Lashley’s rookie year in WWE and he won most of his matches as a powerful face.

2006 King of the Ring Finals: Booker T (w/Sharmell) vs. Bobby Lashley

Pre-match notes: Booker was the heel with his wife Sharmell and Lashley was the face.

Lashley was in control early with a corner clothesline followed by a suplex. Clothesline by Lashley got a two count. Lashley with a waistlock takedown for a two count. Booker got some offense going with chops to the chest, but Lashley came back with a clothesline out of the corner. Lashley charged at Booker against the turnbuckle, Booker moved and Lashley went shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Booker sent Lashley into the steps at ringside. Back in the ring, Booker worked over Lashley with stomps. Booker hit a weak looking kick to the head for two followed by an armbar. When Booker charged at Lashley he was met by a lefty clothesline from Lashley. The offense continued for Lashley with two running forearms, an atomic drop and a clothesline. Sharmell with a distraction, so Booker hit a kick to the head, but Lashley came back with a belly to belly suplex. Sharmell grabbed Lashley’s leg. When Lashley turned around, Booker decked him with a superkick and a Book End slam for a two count. Good nearfall. Lashley caught Booker and hit a running Powerslam for two. Lashley with a corner clothesline as some fans chanted “Bobby” and Booker stopped the momentum with a jumping side kick. Booker with a Scissors Kick to the back of the head for a two count. When Booker went for a kick, Lashley ducked and hit a Spear. Sharmell was in the ring distracting the referee, so Finlay ran into the ring and hit Lashley in the head with the shillelagh. Booker back up and he hit a Scissors Kick for the pinfall win at 9:15.

Winner by pinfall and King of the Ring: Booker T

Analysis: **1/2 The match was okay with Booker using his veteran savvy to find a way to get the win. Lashley was still green and you could see a few moments where he was lost a bit, but the veteran Booker did well to get him through it. The finish was obviously very cheap with Finlay attacking Lashley with the shillelagh to help Booker win.

After the match, Booker went up to the stage with Sharmell where the King of the Ring gear was. Booker put on the robe and Sharmell put the crown on Booker. Lashley hated what he saw, so he hit a Spear on Booker into the throne that was there. Sharmell checked on her fallen husband. Booker put the crown and robe back on as the crowd booed.

Analysis: King Booker was official. It was the right decision because of what Booker became using the king gimmick. It was the best run of his WWE career over the next year or so.

The video package aired to set up The Undertaker vs. Great Khali. It was the typical Undertaker story where Khali walked out during an Undertaker match and attacked him on the first Smackdown after WrestleMania. The announcers did their usual spiel about how this was the biggest threat of The Undertaker’s career.

The Great Khali entered first with Shawn Daivari as his manager. They were booed as you would expect.

The Undertaker made his entrance that lasted about four minutes. Good ovation for him as usual.

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali (w/Daivari)

Pre-match notes: The Undertaker was the face like he always was in this era and Khali was the heel in his first WWE PPV match.

Taker with punches to the ribs and Khali dumped Undertaker out of the ring easily. Taker got back into it, so Khali threw him out of the ring again. Taker tried to do his rope walk move, but Khali tossed him across the ring with the announcers saying “nobody has ever done that to Undertaker before” about almost everything Khali was doing. Khali worked over Taker with punches, when Khali whipped Taker into the turnbuckle you could see Taker oversold the bump and Khali kicked Taker out of the ring. They battled on the floor with Taker hitting a kick to the ribs, but Khali came back with a hard whip that sent Taker into the steel steps at ringside. Daivari got in some cheap shot kicks on Taker on the floor. Back in the ring, Khali with a body slam. Khali with a chop to the head, he put a foot on Taker’s chest and Taker kicked out at two. Taker hit a jumping headbutt to Khali’s head and Taker connected with the old school rope walk into a punch into the back. That did not knock Khali down. Taker with two running clotheslines followed by a leaping clothesline and Khali had his arms locked in the ropes. That’s a classic Andre the Giant spot where the giant is trapped against the ropes. Taker punched Khali repeatedly. Daivari tried to interfere, Taker grabbed, the ref stopped that and Khali was free with an elbow to the heat. Khali whipped Taker into the ropes and hit a boot to the head. Taker sat back up, Khali had the hand up and Khali hit a big chop to the head. When Taker got to his knees, Khali kicked Taker down again and Khali covered with his foot on Taker’s chest for the win at 8:31. Weird ending. The crowd was shocked. Cole: “I can’t believe this!” Neither could most people.

Winner by pinfall: The Great Khali

Analysis: * It was a boring match as expected any time Khali is in a match. This was all about trying to get Khali over as a new heel that could be booked as an unbeatable monster. The commentary pushed that idea hard as they talked about how dominant Khali was. It was the kind of decisive ending you don’t see in an Undertaker losing effort as well. Taker losing clean was rare especially to a guy that had a basic chop and kick as a finisher. Taker deserved a lot of credit for bumping his ass off to try to make Khali look credible.

After the match, Khali posed over the fallen Undertaker and left with a smiling Daivari while Taker was out in the ring. Replays aired of the key spots in the match with the announcer putting over Khali’s dominant win.

There were members of the Phoenix Suns shown at ringside watching the show.

The video package aired for Rey Mysterio defending the World Heavyweight Championship against John Bradshaw Layfield. At WrestleMania 22, Mysterio became World Champion and JBL became US Champion. JBL told Mysterio he didn’t deserve to be the World Heavyweight Champion and Mysterio said he would face anybody, so Mark Henry beat Rey Mysterio clean. Great Khali also beat Mysterio. Next up was Kane, who also destroyed Mysterio.

Analysis: I hated the booking of Mysterio during this World Title reign because they booked him to be such a loser. I realize it was WWE trying to tell the story of Mysterio as a beatable champion since he was small, but I don’t think it did the champion any favors to lose non-title as often Mysterio did.

JBL made his entrance in a limousine beside the stage. JBL entered with his USA jacket and a cowboy hat. He had the US Title in his hands. The fans booed him as usual. JBL got in the face of Rey’s wife Angie and talked trash to her.

Rey Mysterio made his “Booyaka” entrance as the World Heavyweight Champion. Good ovation for the champ.

World Heavyweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Pre-match notes: Mysterio was the face World Heavyweight Champion and JBL was the heel challenger whose US Title was not on the line.

The fans chanted “Eddie” as the match began with JBL shoving Mysterio down two times. JBL put Mysterio on the top rope, so Mysterio slapped him in the face. JBL took control with punches to the back followed by punches to the face that knocked Mysterio down against the turnbuckle. Mysterio got back into it with a kick, JBL to the floor, baseball slide dropkick by Mysterio and Mysterio hit a running senton attack on JBL on the floor. Back in the ring, Mysterio hit a cross body block followed by low dropkick for a two count. Mysterio with a leg drop to the back of the head. Mysterio worked over JBL with ten punches against the turnbuckle. Mysterio pointed towards the crowd, the referee was distracted by that and Mysterio hit a low blow dropkick to the groin that the ref Nick Patrick was too blind to see. That drew a nice pop from the crowd. JBL bailed to the floor, Mysterio missed a kick and JBL kicked Mysterio in the head. JBL whipped Mysterio head first into the steel steps. It looked like the top of Rey’s head hit the steps. Ouch. JBL with a punch, then he talked to him and rolled Mysterio back into the ring. JBL with another hard punch that knocked Mysterio out of the ring. JBL whipped Mysterio face first into the steel steps again and JBL showed Rey’s blood he had on his hand. Mysterio was bleeding from under the mask. JBL hit a vertical suplex, then he hit a second one like Eddie, the fans booed and JBL hit a third suplex to complete the Three Amigos spot. JBL kicked Mysterio out of the ring and did an Eddie taunt, so that drew boos. There was a better shot of Mysterio bleeding under his mask. JBL hit a fallaway slam on Mysterio on the floor. Back in the ring, JBL covered for a two count. JBL with three short arm clotheslines and he told the referee to check on Mysterio. There was a closeup on the blood on Rey’s face under the mask. Rey got up before the ten count.

JBL with a stiff boot to the face for a two count that drew a good reaction as a believable nearfall. Eye poke by JBL followed by a chinlock for about one minute. They battled by the turnbuckle with JBL wanting a fallaway slam, Mysterio elbowed him down and Mysterio hit a moonsault press into JBL’s arms for a two count. Mysterio with a springboard cross body block followed by a kick to the head for two. Mysterio charged in for an attack against the ropes, but JBL got his foot up right into the groin of Mysterio. Good counter. JBL set up for a Powerbomb, Mysterio with a headscissors and a 619 kick to the face connected. Mysterio went for a springboard attack, but JBL put the ref in front and Mysterio took the referee out. JBL hit a Powerbomb on Mysterio for two as Charles Robinson went into the ring as the new referee counting a two count. JBL punched Robinson in the face to take him out. JBL brought a chair in the ring, Mysterio kicked it into his face, Mysterio hit the 619 and Mysterio went up top with a Frog Splash as referee Nick Patrick woke up to count the pinfall win at 15:56. The crowd popped big for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Rey Mysterio

Analysis: ***1/2 That was a good match that followed the easy story of the bigger JBL using his power against Mysterio and Mysterio kept coming back. They got enough time to build up some big spots and the crowd was into the whole thing. The last three moves by Mysterio were great as he countered the chair attack with the kick, then the 619 and the Frog Splash in tribute to Eddie. As I said, the crowd was into it and that finish worked well.

Post match, Chavo Guerrero went into the ring to celebrate with Mysterio. Replays aired of the key spots in the match.

Analysis: Shortly after this, JBL retired from active competition to become a commentator on Smackdown when Tazz left Smackdown to be a part of ECW. JBL did return for another run as a wrestler.

Mysterio continued the celebration in the ring with Chavo as the fans chanted “Eddie” while a bloody Rey held up the title. That was it for Judgment Day.

Analysis: The relationship between Rey and Chavo went well for a few more months, but then things changed. I’ll cover that soon.

The show had a run time of 2:45:16 on WWE Network.


Show Rating (out of 10): 6

It was a slightly above average show with three matches over the three-star level, but nothing was that memorable. There were some bad moments on the show as well. The whole thing was fine although I would call it largely forgettable because there was nothing that really stands out as a memory that fans will remember forever.

Best Match: Rey Mysterio vs. JBL and Chris Benoit vs. Finlay (***1/2 out of 5)

Worst Match: Melina vs. Jillian Hall (3/4*)

Five Stars of the Night

  1. Rey Mysterio
  2. Chris Benoit
  3. Kurt Angle
  4. JBL
  5. Finlay

Next up: One Night Stand 2006. That’s a great show.

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