The John Report: WWE NXT 03/19/24 Review

WWE NXT March 19

This is WWE NXT featuring Trick Williams in action against Noam Dar, plus some high-stakes tag team matches as we continue on the road to Stand & Deliver.

It’s my typical NXT review meaning summary style for most of the show and one or two matches getting play-by-play. NXT Stand & Deliver takes place on Saturday, April 6th so they are continuing to build to that big show.

This episode took place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Follow me on Twitter/X @johnreport. My WWE NXT Review archive is here. Let’s get to it.

The commentary team was Vic Joseph and Booker T as usual.

Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley

Perez attached before the bell. They went into the ring to start the match and Paxley fought back. Paxley hit a dropkick. Perez hit a single armbar takedown and Perez worked on the left arm some more. Perez pulled back on the left arm in a violent way. Vic mentioned CM Punk, Booker said “tell me you didn’t just say that” and Vic said they’ll let the internet have fun with that. Paxley hit a jawbreaker along with a dropkick and enziguri kick. Paxley hit a flipping neckbreaker style move for two. Perez grabbed the arm to send Paxley into the turnbuckle followed by Pop Rox and a Crossface submission. Paxley tapped out to give Perez the win.

Winner by pinfall: Roxanne Perez

Analysis: ** Easy win for Perez as she continues to build momentum as a heel. Paxley really isn’t being pushed much at this point, but she does sell well and has plenty of cool moves in her arsenal.

WWE Photo

Roxanne Perez did a promo and told Ava to give her the NXT Women’s Title since Perez injured the champion Lyra Valkyria. That led to Lyra Valkyria to appear at ringside with her left arm in a sling. Perez overpowered Lyra when Paxley went up to Lyra and that led to Perez applying the Crossface on the left arm of Lyra. As Prez posed with the NXT Women’s Title, Lyra was down on the ground selling the attack.

Analysis: A vicious heel attack from Perez. She did that very well. I’m enjoying this heel side of Perez.

Noam Dar was backstage with Meta-Four talking about how he can’t wait to get his hands on Trick Williams. That led to Lash Legend saying she also can’t wait to get her hands on Trick, so Noam and the group freaked out. Noam said he couldn’t wait to beat him up. Alpha Academy’s Otis, Akira Tozawa & Maxxine Dupri talked to them with Otis trying to flirt with Lash, but Lash left. Noam and Meta-Four left. The Alpha Academy crew walked toward the locker room in another direction.

The NXT North American Champion Oba Femi was shown walking backstage for a promo up next.


Lyra Valkyria was in the trainer’s room telling the doctor she was fine. Ava walked in to check on Lyra, who told Ava to make the match for Stand & Deliver. Ava made it official so it’s Lyra defending the NXT Women’s Title against Perez at NXT Stand & Deliver. Lyra was happy with that and she left.

Analysis: I’m going with a title change there. I think Perez will win the Women’s Title at Stand & Deliver.

Let’s Hear from Josh Briggs, Oba Femi & Dijak

Josh Briggs showed up at ringside talking about how Oba Femi beat his buddy Brooks Jensen last week. Briggs didn’t like how Femi did it, so he called out Femi. Oba Femi arrived with the NXT North American Title saying that he relishes the idea of pushing a man’s limits. Femi said when he steps through the ropes, there’s no place for emotion – all that matters are the results and his results speak volumes.

Femi got into the ring with Briggs saying he was a man of courage. Briggs said that Femi walks around here with so much confidence and he thinks that he is the baddest dude here. Briggs introduced himself as Josh Briggs, the Man of Mayhem and he’s here to throw hands. Briggs wanted Femi to put the NXT North American Title on the line. Femi said “Don’t say I didn’t warn you” so that was his way of accepting or so I thought.

Dijak joined the promo party featuring men that are wearing all black attire. Dijak called Femi the man of destiny but he must not be a man of memory while saying that Dijak told Femi he’ll be the man waiting for him. Briggs called Dijak “wannabe Shaft” and said that this was between him and Femi. Dijak pointed out he’s white unlike Shaft. Dijak told Briggs to get lost. Femi said when it comes to this title, there’s Oba and then there’s everyone else. Briggs pushed Dijak into Femi so Femi punched Dijak and Femi clotheslined Briggs out of the ring. Femi went for a move to Dijak, but Dijak landed on his feet. The referees broke it up.

Analysis: That’s a simple way to set up a rivalry for the NXT North American Title. They are all heavyweights who are good athletes, so I like the mix of talent there. Femi still has a long way to go in terms of promos, but in ring, I have been very impressed by him. Dijak is probably the most underused in all of WWE considering how talented he is. I’m glad he’s in the title picture. The Shaft line by Briggs was weird, so I’m happy that Dijak called him out on it.

Shawn Spears was shown watching on a TV about the downfall of a man and his ego. Spears said it was such a shame. Joe Gacy was in the background after Spears left. Gacy asked: “But is it?” That looks like a new rivalry.

Nathan Frazer and Axiom entered for tag team action.


A clip was shown of Trick Williams challenging Carmelo Hayes to a match at NXT Stand & Deliver and it’s official.

Carmelo Hayes was shown arriving with his private security joining him.

No Quarter Catch Crew – Charlie Dempsey & Myles Borne (w/Drew Gulak & Damon Kemp) vs. Axiom & Nathan Frazer

The winners will move on to the triple threat match to determine the NXT Tag Team Title number one contenders.

Axiom and Frazer used their speed to hit a couple of kicks on Dempsey to take control. When Borne tagged in, Frazer hit a couple of arm drags, Axiom did a kick while on the apron and Frazer clotheslined Born out of the ring. Axiom & Frazer each hit two dives on their two opponents on the floor. Dempsey got some offense going by blocking a move leading to a German Suplex on Axiom, who left the ring. They went to a break.


The NQCC guys were in control as Dempsey hit a bridging suplex on Axiom for two. Axiom broke free and Frazer tagged in with a running SSP on Borne for two. When Frazer tried a springboard attack, Borne caught him with a powerslam. Axiom got some illegal offense on Borne with a Spanish Fly while Frazer hit a Phoenix Splash off the top on Borne for the pinfall win after ten minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Axiom & Nathan Frazer

Analysis: *** This was a good match. Axiom & Frazer are too talented to not have a good match, so any time they get at least ten minutes it’s going to be fun to watch. I liked the finish a lot even though it was some illegal offense from Axiom. I thought Borne had some impressive spots in the match while Dempsey is one of the better technical wrestlers on the brand.

A clip was shown of Mr. Stone arguing with Von Wagner (filmed by NXT Anonymous) after last week when Stone was angry at Wagner for carrying Stone in his arms last week. Wagner said he’ll take care of Lexis King and Stone said he didn’t care what Wagner did.

Sol Ruca entered for a singles match. It’s good to see her back in action after missing nearly a year with a serious knee injury.


Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin, the NXT Tag Team Champions, were interviewed by Kelly Kincaid. Bron and Baron argued about how Bron walked out on the dinner bill. Alpha Academy’s Otis, Akira Tozawa & Maxxine Dupri interrupted saying if their team beat Bron & Baron next week then they get added to the NXT Tag Team Title match at Stand & Deliver. Bron accepted. Otis and Tozawa were excited about it. Bron said that it’s going to be Spear, End of Days and it’s over just like all your hopes & dreams of holding these titles.

Analysis: I’ll take Bron & Baron to win that. I don’t see the losing non-title to Alpha Academy.

Brinley Reece (w/Edris Enofe & Malik Blade) vs. Sol Ruca

Ruca did an impressive move when she avoided a hiptoss by landing on her feet and hitting an X-Factor into the mat. Reece came back with a body slam and clothesline. Ruca hit a double underhook suplex. Reece missed a corner charge so Sol jumped off the turnbuckle for that awesome Sol Snatcher finishing move for the pinfall win. It went about three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Sol Ruca

Analysis: *1/2 They are two women early in their careers and it’s a reminder that this is a developmental show for a lot of the talents. Ruca and Reece are both talented athletes with bright futures. That Sol Snatcher finishing move is one of the coolest moves in all of WWE.

After the match, Blair Davenport knocked down Sol with a forearm to the back. Blair hit Sol with a knee to the face.

Analysis: Blair was the one who injured Sol in the storyline in the past, so it was another cheap attack to set up a match between them.

Tony D’Angelo and The Family walked backstage for a promo up next.


Gigi Dolin was talking to Wren Sinclair in the locker room. Gigi complained about her loss to Arianna Grace last week. Grace walked in to brag about the referee’s decision being final and she won. Grace said that she had to bring out the true lady deep inside of Gigi. Grace called her “Georgina” and had a gift that was a sash that said: “Miss NXT In Training.” Grace took some photos of Gigi.

Analysis: Grace makes me laugh with some of his lines and actions. She knows how to be that character, that’s for sure. Poor Georgina…I mean Gigi.

Ridge Holland was shown doing a promo on Instagram saying he needs to be honest with himself after losing to Shawn Spears last week. Ridge said he’s going to do what everyone wants him to do. Ridge took a deep breath to end it.

Analysis: I guess that means Ridge will be more aggressive next week.

Let’s Hear from Tony D’Angelo with The Family

Tony D’Angelo made his entrance in a suit with Channing “Stacks’ Lorenzo, Luca Crusifino, and Adrianna Rizzo. The new theme song is okay and I’ll get used to it, but I liked the old song. Tony D said that he’s getting the opportunity at the NXT Title at Stand & Deliver. Tony D talked about how Luca had a law degree and a sociology degree. Tony D said that Luca has the wisdom to add to the power that Tony D has. Tony introduced his new consigliere Luca Crusifino, who said it was his honor and he pledged his loyalty to the D’Angelo family.

Tony spoke about NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov being an unbeatable and unbreakable champion. Tony said he respects Ilja, but over the past few weeks, he has shown everybody that he is a man that will break the unbreakable.

Ilja Dragunov interrupted with a promo on the video screen. Ilja said that his championship is a power beyond his reach. Tony said that Ilja had no idea what Tony could do. Tony spoke about how he spoke to Ava and next week, Ilja has a match with Stacks next week. Tony D said he’ll see him at Stand & Deliver, but the question is what shape will Ilja be in at Stand & Deliver? Tony said that the decision was up to Ilja. Tony threatened Ilja by telling him not to make a mistake. The promo ended there.

Analysis: That was okay. I wouldn’t call it great. I think sometimes they let Ilja go home to Europe and so that leads to taped promos like that or absences. It was done in a way where Ilja only spoke about 30 seconds before he was cut off and Tony did the rest of the promo. I don’t know if Tony D is officially a heel at this point because he does get cheered at times, but being a mafia boss with allies certainly could lead to him adopting more of a heel persona moving forward.

Thea Hail talked to Riley Osborne and she spoke about how she hasn’t been herself for a while, but she feels better now. Riley said he was happy that Thea was back to her normal self.

Riley Osborne made his entrance for a match joined by Chase U.

A commercial aired for The Rock returning to WWE Monday Night Raw on April 1st in Brooklyn.


Lola Vince answered a social media challenge from Karmen Petrovic by showing off her MMA skills in a training session.

NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Drew Gulak (w/Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp & Myles Borne) vs. Riley Osborne (Andre Chase, Duke Hudson & Thea Hail)

The rules are that anybody in the No Quarter Catch Crew can defend the Heritage Cup.

Round 1: They did some basic mat wrestling in the first couple of minutes leading to Gulak getting an armdrag and they did a couple of monkey flips together. Riley got an arm drag as well. Riley knocked down Gulak with a knee. Riley went up top and hit a Shooting Star Press for the pinfall.

Riley leads 1-0. It’s best 2 out of 3 Falls.

Round 2: Riley remained on offense with a kick along with a standing press with a twist. Gulak caught a leaping Riley for a sunset flip for the pinfall. Gulak punched Riley after the fall as a cheap shot.

The match is tied 1-1.


Round 3: It was the end of the third round with Riley getting an enziguri kick. Gulak came back with his Gulock submission on the mat, but the 3-minutes expired, so the round ended. Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nix were at ringside watching the match since they had issues with Thea Hail.

Round 4: Riley hit an impressive hurricanrana into a pin for two. Gulak got a couple of two count nearfalls. Riley got an inside cradle for two of his own. Gulak came back with a clothesline. Jayne got involved with Hail, who went after Jayne and the referee was distracted by that, so Nyx held onto Riley’s leg while they were battling over a superplex and that led to Gulak landed on top of Riley for the pinfall win. It ended at 4:46 in Round 4.

Winner: Drew Gulak 2-1

Analysis: *** A good match that had a controversial finish due to the women getting involved at ringside. Since Jayne & Nyx don’t like Hail anymore, they cost Hail’s friend Riley the match. I thought they did a nice job by doing the two falls early in the match. Gulak is technically sound while Riley is fun to watch.

Brooks Jensen was shown leaving when his friend Fallon Henley wondered where he was going. Brooks said he was sick of everything going on here so he was leaving. Henley tried to talk him out of it, but Brooks insisted on leaving. Kelani Jordan walked up to Henley saying she wanted revenge on Kiana Jams & Izzi Dame while Henley offered her help. They walked into the building together.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson aka The Good Brothers entered for tag team action.


Ava the NXT GM was talking on the phone when Thea Hail and Chase U’s Duke Hudson interrupted. Hail complained about Jacy & Nyx running that match. Ava put Hail in a match against Nyx in Nyx’s first match. Hail liked that. Ava said she would put Duke in a match next week and if he wins then he could be in the NXT North American Title picture. Duke said that sounds good to him.

The Good Brothers – Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Hank & Tank

Hank & Tank were aggressive early with dives onto Luke & Karl on the floor. Hank slammed Karl into the turnbuckle. Hank & Tank hit a running body attack on Karl. After Karl managed to tag out, Luke took over with an uppercut while Hank was on the top rope and Karl provided a distraction. Luke & Karl were in full control of Hank for a couple of minutes. After Hank did a headbutt, Tank got the hot tag leading to an atomic drop on Karl along with a shoulder tackle. Hank tagged back in for a suplex for two on Karl but Luke broke up the pin. Hank & Tank hit a double shoulder tackle on Luke to knock him out of the ring. Luke pulled Hank out of the ring and threw Hank into the steel steps. Karl hit a spinebuster on Tank. Luke is back in for the Magic Killer double team move for the pinfall win after about eight minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Good Brothers – Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Analysis: **1/2 A solid tag team match. The Hank & Tank team are fun to root for as babyfaces that are early in their careers, but they aren’t a point where you can believe in them winning a match like this. Gallows took out Hank on the floor to set up the Magic Killer in the ring and that was it.

That means it will be LWO vs. Axiom/Frazer vs. Gallows/Anderson for a shot at the NXT Tag Team Titles at Stand & Deliver.

There was a rundown for the Stand & Deliver card:

* NXT Women’s Championship: Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez

* NXT Championship: Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Tony D’Angelo

* Trick Williams vs. Carmelo Hayes

Trick Williams was interviewed by Kelly Kincaid, who asked about his thoughts going into this match. Trick said he’s traveling light and he’s making his own decision, which is what he wants. Trick said he’s going to look good while he faces Noam Dar tonight. Trick told Carmelo Hayes he’s going to whoop that ass because that’s all it is and that’s all it’s going to be.

Analysis: That was Trick’s version of Melo’s catchphrase at the end there.

Noam Dar made his entrance with Meta-Four for the main event.


Roxanne Perez did a quick parking lot talk about her title opportunity at Stand & Deliver. She said she’d rip the NXT Women’s Title from Lyra Valkyria.

There was a heel woman chat between Jacy Jayne, Jazmyn Nix, Kiana James, and Izzi Dame. They complained about their issues with various women on the show. Jacy & Nix left. Kelani Jordan & Fallon Henley attacked James & Dame, so that should set up a tag tea match.

Next week on NXT:

* Ilja Dragunov vs. Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo

* Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin vs. Alpha Academy – Otis & Akira Tozawa

* Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx

* Duke Hudson vs. Josh Briggs

* Shawn Spears vs. Dijak

Trick Williams got a big pop for his entrance.

Noam Dar (w/Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson) vs. Trick Williams

As a reminder, last week on NXT Trick kissed Lash Legend, who is his girlfriend. They haven’t said that they are dating on NXT on the show, but they are definitely a couple.

Trick hit Dar with a couple of body slams. Dar caught Trick’s foot going for a submission, but Trick got out of it. Dar hit a punch to the jaw of Trick and Trick came back with a forearm. Dar applied a tight headlock with a body scissors so Trick broke it by driving Dar into the turnbuckle. Trick came back with punches including an uppercut strike. Trick went to the middle turnbuckle, so Dar kicked Trick’s leg to take over. They showed Carmelo Hayes’ locker room when one of his security guys knocked and said that it’s time. Trick launched a charging Dar into the air and Trick nailed him with an uppercut punch. Dar rolled out of the ring leading to a break.


Dar was in control with a sleeper. Trick was bleeding on the left side of his head or maybe around the ear. Dar went for a submission on the upper body, but Trick countered it with a Powerbomb for two. Trick delivered some punches while Dar hit a leaping punch to the jaw. Trick hit a jumping clothesline to knock Dar down. Trick lifted up Dar for a move and I guess Dar countered a flatliner move. Dar applied an Ankle Lock leading to a kneebar submission on the mat until Trick got his hand on the bottom rope to break it. Dar stomped on Trick a bit, then Dar celebrated a bit and Trick hit a Rock Bottom/Book End so Booker said he’s seen that move before. Trick was on a roll with two jumping side kicks along with a flapjack. Trick punched Oro off the apron. Lash called over Trick, she tried a slap and Trick blocked it, so Dar hit a German Suplex on Trick followed by Dar hitting an elbow smash for two. Dar wanted another move, but Trick caught him with the move they are calling the Trick Shot (jumping knee) for the pinfall win after about 15 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Trick Williams

Analysis: ***1/4 It was an entertaining match. I thought they did a nice job of using Dar’s friends at ringside leading to some cheap attacks and nearfalls for Dar, but obviously, we knew Trick was going to win a match like this. Trick is a top babyface on the NXT brand that is probably going to be NXT Champion later this year so it’s all about building momentum for him.

After the match, Trick Williams did a promo saying that they didn’t have to wait and he called for Carmelo Hayes to come out for a fight right now. Melo’s security guys were at ringside, but then it was a trick because Melo was dressed as a security guy rather than the guy that was in the aisle. Melo attacked Trick from behind with punches and kicks. Melo’s security guys held Trick, so Melo nailed Trick with repeated punches to the head. Melo hit a running knee strike to the head. Trick sold it like he was knocked out. Melo’s music played to end it. Melo trash talked Trick telling him he was going to take him out. That was the end of the show.

Analysis: A cheap attack by Melo to get some more heat on him going into their Stand & Deliver match. The attack worked well because it showed that Melo would continue to do anything to get the advantage and continue to take cheap shots against his buddy Trick.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Trick Williams
  2. Nathan Frazer & Axiom
  3. Roxanne Perez


The Scoreboard

This week: 7 out of 10

Last week: 6.25

2024 Average: 6.88


Final Thoughts on WWE NXT

It was an entertaining episode of NXT that did a nice job of balancing some solid wrestling matches, promos that built up future matches, and a lot of attention on the Stand & Deliver card too. Trick Williams got the big main event win over Noam Dar, but his call out of Carmelo Hayes failed miserably since Melo did the cheap attack. It gets more heat on Melo while I think Trick winning at Stand & Deliver makes a lot of sense.

I’m enjoying the heel turn of Roxanne Perez. She didn’t have much of a character as a face, but now she’s got an edge to her and she’s showing how talented she is by becoming a heel. It’s a reminder of what NXT is for a lot of these young talents. It’s a place to allow them to learn, try different things, and grow as performers. Perez is better as a heel than she was as a face and it’s still early in that heel run.

They have done a nice job of putting the NXT Tag Team Titles in the spotlight with Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker as the champions while several teams try to earn their way to a title shot. I like the Stand & Deliver card so far. It will be interesting to see how they build it up more.


The next NXT PLE is Stand & Deliver on Saturday, April 6th in Philadelphia. Here’s the lineup so far.

* NXT Championship: Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Tony D’Angelo

* Trick Williams vs. Carmelo Hayes

* NXT Women’s Championship: Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez

* NXT Tag Team Championships: Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker (c) vs. Tournament Winners


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