The John Report: AEW Dynamite 09/13/23 Review

aew dynamite september 13

This week’s AEW Dynamite featured Jon Moxley defending the International Title along with a Roderick Strong-Samoa Joe main event.

I am going to do a summary-style review for every match except the main event, which will be a play-by-play review.

This was AEW Dynamite episode #206 at the Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Follow me on Twitter/X @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. Excalibur was on commentary with Tony Schiavone and Taz.

International Championship: Jon Moxley vs. Big Bill (w/Ricky Starks)

The fans were behind Moxley since it’s in Cincinnati, where Moxley is from and where he lives. I don’t know how many singles matches Big Bill has had on Dynamite, but here he is. Bill overpowered Moxley with punches early on. Bill hit a fallaway slam. Moxley kicked Bill out of the ring allowing Starks to do a cheap shot kick on Moxley on the floor. Moxley was talking to Bill telling him what to do and then Moxley sent Bill into the steps, but Bill came back sending Moxley into the timekeeper’s table. That led to a break.


Moxley hit a superplex off the top. Moxley was bleeding because that’s what he does. Bill hit a Bossman Slam for two. Moxley did a no selling routine leading to a clothesline for two. Moxley hit a Cutter leading to Bill rolling out of the ring. When Moxley went up top, Starks shoved Moxley, who was crotched across the top rope. Bill hit a running boot to the face for two. Bryan Danielson finally showed up to fight with his All Out opponent Starks since Bryan is in the BCC with Moxley. Bill hit a Chokeslam for two. Moxley was on his back and applied a Triangle Choke submission with Bill tapping out from a standing position. It went 12 minutes.

Winner by submission: Jon Moxley

Analysis: *** An obvious win by Moxley as most of us assumed watching the show. Bill got a few nearfalls in the match so at least he was competitive. I thought the finish mad Bill look weak since he was in a standing position and he gave up without being able to overpower Moxley. I’d rather see Moxley win by pinfall.

After the match, Bill & Starks attacked Moxley. Danielson got into the ring to help Moxley. Claudio Castagnoli ran down to the ring to join his BCC friends. Claudio lifted up Bill, but couldn’t slam him and Starks pulled Bill out of the ring.

Analysis: It was okay for post match action. This will lead to a tag team match based on what they did after the match.

Next week: Jon Moxley will defend the International Title against Rey Fenix at Dynamite Grand Slam.

Roderick Strong and The Kingdom were interviewed by Renee Paquette. Adam Cole walked up telling Strong that Samoa Joe could break his neck. Strong said now you care about me. Strong said he’s going to beat Joe and then beat Cole’s friend MJF to become AEW World Champion. Cole said nothing as Strong and his friends left.

Let’s Hear from Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita

Don Callis said that Konosuke Takeshita beat Kenny Omega twice so he’s not just the Ace, he’s The Alpha. Callis said we should refer to Takeshita as The Alpha from now on. Callis said that beating Omega twice isn’t enough. Callis said they broke Omega’s body, but now they will break his heart. Callis said that Takeshita’s next target is a former IWGP World Champion and the heart of Kenny Omega, it’s Kota Ibushi. There was a painting of Takeshita holding a sword over Ibushi. Callis said they will butcher him, skin him and burn him. Callis said that when they spill Ibushi’s blood in this ring, Omega will be watching at home helpless like the “pathetic cuck” that you are. Callis put a screwdriver onto Ibushi’s head on the painting. Callis handed Takeshita flowers and Takeshita put the flowers into Tony Schiavone’s chest. Callis and Takeshita left.

Analysis: That means we will see more of Kota Ibushi in AEW. I would expect Takeshita to beat him too just like he beat Omega because Takeshita is a star on the rise.

The Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli were interviewed by Alex Marvez. Danielson challenged Big Bill & Ricky Starks to a match on AEW Collison. Rey Fenix showed up saying he’ll beat Moxley next week. Eddie Kingston stared at Claudio and said: “One more week.” The fans were chanting Eddie’s name.

Analysis: Now that CM Punk is fired, some of these wrestlers have to work twice a week. I’m sure that makes them hate CM Punk even more. I’m kidding.


Hook, the FTW Champion, was about to be interviewed by Renee Paquette. Orange Cassidy walked up, Renee wondered what he wanted and Orange said he was just walking around. Hook said Orange was a great champion. Orange said Hook is a great champion too. Hook left. Orange said he was still tied. Thrilling conversation as usual.

Toni Storm vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose (w/Marina Shafir) vs. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

The winner of this match gets a shot at the AEW Women’s Title at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam next Wednesday night. They are all former AEW Women’s Champions.

Strom was acting weird at the start of the match since she’s got that over the top gimmick now. Shida went her three opponents on the floor and hit a cross body block on two women along with Shafir. They went to break.


Storm was on fire with a German Suplex and running hip attack. Rose hit a Beast Bomb on Storm for a two count. Shida got a two count on Rose, but Baker broke it up. Baker hit the worst Stomp in history on Shida, who sold it too early. Storm did a ROLLUP OF DEATH~! on Baker for the pinfall win after about seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Toni Storm

Analysis: *3/4 A weird match with some awkward spots toward the finish. That Stomp by Baker to Shida looked really lame. They were just off in their execution of that move. Anyway, the ROLLUP OF DEATH~! winning a four way match is a weak finish. Half of the match was shown in picture-in-picture, so that’s not good either. The booking of the women’s division continues to be a weak point for AEW.

The win by Toni Storm means she’ll challenge Saraya for the AEW World Title at Dynamite Grand Slam. Meanwhile, Hikaru Shida was mad at Britt Baker.

Saraya, the AEW Women’s Champion, and Ruby Soho were interviewed by Renee Paquette. Saraya said she walked in a year ago and she was new in AEW while Storm was the champion. Saraya said she is the biggest star while Storm has lost her mind because she’s crazy. Saraya said that she’ll keep her title and Storm will be left with nothing.

Analysis: The Outcasts group didn’t last long enough as a trio. Storm going off on her own to become a crazy character is getting her attention, but the trio ended far too early for my liking.

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara were up next.


Let’s Hear from Le Sex Gods – Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

I don’t know why it’s Le Sex Gods when it should be Les Sex Gods because it’s plural. Chris Jericho did a promo about how for the first time in four years they will have a match against each other next week. Jericho said they have been the best of friends in AEW for four years.

A video package aired about all the great moments between Jericho and Sammy over the last four months. They also showed some of the problems they had. Taz: “That was beautiful.” Sammy joked that he still didn’t know the lyrics to Judas. Jericho said you weren’t in key either.

Jericho said in 2018 he was watching an NWA Pay-Per-View pre-show and said he saw Sammy Guevara. Jericho said he called Tony Khan saying they need to sign this guy. Jericho said he wanted Sammy with him to help him out as much as he possibly could. Jericho said over the years, he’s watched Sammy grow from a boy to a man. Jericho has seen Sammy get married and he’s about to become a father to a baby girl. Jericho said he’s proud of Sammy and everything he’s accomplished over the last four years.

Sammy said the typical wrestling thing is to talk trash. Sammy said that when he was a kid he used to do Codebreakers in his mom’s backyard. Sammy told Jericho “thank you” for changing his life. Sammy said without Chris Jericho, there is no AEW so Jericho changed so many people’s lives. Sammy said he didn’t come to this company to just be Jericho’s sidekick. Sammy wants to be World Champion and for people to look at him the way they look at Mox, Danielson and Jericho. Sammy knows that won’t happen as long as he is in Jericho’s shadow, so that’s why he needs to beat Jericho next week.

Jericho said it’s true. Jericho said that Sammy was brought here to be a main event player and become a money making draw. Jericho said if you want to get to the next level, you have to do it on your own. Jericho said next week Sammy has the opportunity to do that. Jericho told Sammy he had to beat Jericho to get to the next level. Jericho said you have to be better than ever before if you have a chance to beat Jericho. Chris said he didn’t think Sammy was ready to beat Jericho yet.

Sammy said that’s why he needs to beat Jericho next week. Sammy said it’s whatever Jericho wants and that’s how it has been for four years. Sammy stared Jericho in the eye saying he is going to beat him, earn his respect, shake hands, hug and they will go on to win some tag team titles. They shook hands and Jericho pulled him in for a nose-to-nose staredown.

Jericho told Sammy he’s going to give him the match of his life. Jericho said he won’t go easy on him because he will beat the living hell out of Sammy. Jericho claimed he’ll punch Sammy harder than anybody in his life and expects the same thing from Sammy. That led to Sammy saying he wouldn’t want it any other way. Jericho’s music played to end it.

Analysis: It was an entertaining promo to build up their Dynamite Grand Slam match next week. They want to go after the Tag Team Titles after their match, but I get the feeling that there will be issues after their match and it’s not going to be a friendship after their match. I think Jericho might cheat to win the match against Sammy, but ultimately Sammy should win the match.

There was a video from last week with an AEW doctor saying AEW World Champion MJF can’t travel next week, but he can return to AEW Dynamite Grand Slam. Adam Cole and Renee Paquette were there. MJR trashed Roderick Strong for faking a neck injury and he’ll kick his ass. MJF spoke about Samoa Joe saying if Joe wrestles him then MJF will choke him out. MJF did a math promo similar to the famous Scott Steiner from TNA many years ago. MJF went on shouting numbers. MJF spoke about his chances to win. Taz said the math is straight out of the University of Michigan, which is a reference to Scott Steiner.

Analysis: Good promo from MJF as usual. Doing some Steiner Math towards the end of it will make fans happy because it’s a memorable promo from many years ago.

Brian Cage (w/Prince Nana) vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

In the battle of guys with names that rhyme, Page knocked Cage out of the ring. When Page tried to do an attack, Cage drove him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Cage hit a clothesline. Page sent Cage into the ropes followed by an awkward 619 kick. Swerve Strickland’s music hit as Swerve made his entrance. Cage grabbed Page on the apron and hit an impressive German Suplex leading to a break.


Cage was in control with a powerslam, but he missed a moonsault attempt when Page moved. Swerve was looking on from the aisle. Page clotheslined cage over the top to the floor. When Page knocked Cage out of the ring again, Page hit an impressive moonsault on Cage on the floor. Page wanted a Buckshot Lariat, Cage caught him and Page did a cradle for two. Page hit Deadeye for the pinfall win after 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: “Hangman” Adam Page

Analysis: ***1/4 A good match with Hangman finding a way to win after Cage hit him with a lot of big moves and Page was able to overcome it all. It was good to see Hangman in a singles match again because it’s been too long. Brian Cage is really gifted in the ring. They just never get behind that much with a significant push. Hangman winning was very obvious.

After the match, “Hangman” Adam Page spoke to Swerve, who was on the ramp. Hangman said last week he thought for one second Swerve had some balls, but he thinks they are still in Prince Nana’s Burger King crown. Swerve responded they sounded like fighting words. Swerve said they’ll do this where he wants and when he wants to do it. Swerve said he chooses October 1st at WrestleDream in Seattle, which is Swerve’s house since he’s from Seattle. Swerve said that the Mogul Embassy will tune him up again, isn’t that right Brian Cage? That led to Cage attacking Hangman from behind. The Young Bucks went into the ring and hit a double superkick on Cage. Prince Nana was dancing, then he turned around and The Young Bucks hit a double superkick on Nana too.

Analysis: That should be a great match between Hangman and Swerve at WrestleDream. As I said last week, they are two guys I really enjoy watching. I like them as talkers too. It’s a fresh matchup featuring two very talented guys, so that’s something to look forward to at WrestleDream.

Daniel Garcia was interviewed by Renee Paquette. Garcia was talking about his dance moves and going viral. Don Callis interrupted talking about his “Family” group. Garcia put his hands up in Don’s face and Garcia did his dance moves, so the fans cheered that. Garcia left with Callis saying that’s money.


There was a video of Jade Cargill returning on Collision to attack Kris Statlander. After that, it was announced that Kris Statlander will defend the TBS Title against Cargill this Friday on AEW Rampage.

Darby Allin & Nick Wayne vs. Matt Menard & Angelo Parker (w/Jake Hager & Anna Jay)

I guess Wayne needs a win considering the opponents never win on the main TV shows. After the match started, TNT Champion Luchasaurus and Christian Cage (with the title) arrived with Christian on commentary.

Parker and Menard worked over Wayne for a few minutes. Jay distracted the referee so that Hager could pull Allin off the apron. Menard gave Wayne a Powerbomb leading to a break.


Wayne finally broke free to bring in Allin. Darby hit a Coffin Splash off the ropes onto both opponents. Allin hit a running dropkick on both guys. Allin hit Code Red on Parker for two. Wayne tagged in and hit his Wayne’s World (Cutter) off the ropes for two because Menard saved his partner. Allin dove onto Menard on the floor. Allin tagged in with a Coffin Drop off the top on Parker for the pinfall win while Wayne dove onto Parker & Hager on the floor. It went about nine minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Darby Allin & Nick Wayne

Analysis: **1/2 It was just an average tag team match with an obvious result. Wayne took a beating for most of it, Allin got the hot tag and they got the win soon after that.

Christian Cage & Luchasaurus were on the ramp where Christian did a promo. Christian claimed he was checking out Nick Wayne’s mom’s Instagram account. Christian wanted more bikini pics, but he put in a request about that. Christian said he didn’t lose at AEW All In and said he didn’t have his regular partner with him. Christian Cage proposed a tag team match at Dynamite Grand Slam with Darby Allin & Sting facing Christian & Luchasaurus.

Analysis: That means Sting has to wrestle twice within a month. Poor guy.

There was a rundown of matches on Rampage and Collision. Neither of those shows are on TV here in Canada. Just saying.

Next week on AEW Dynamite Grand Slam in New York City:

* AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley vs. Rey Fenix

* AEW Women’s Championship: Saraya vs. Toni Storm

* Title vs. Title – ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston

* Chris Jericho vs. Sammy Guevara

* MJF vs. Winner of Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament

I assume Christian Cage & Luchasaurus vs. Darby Allin & Sting is official too.

Coming up at AEW WrestleDream on October 1st:

* “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Swerve Strickland

* Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

A video package aired showing how Samoa Joe and Roderick Strong made it to the finals of the Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament. That match is next.


It was main event time with Roderick Strong joined by The Kingdom’s Matt Taven & Mike Bennett. Strong is 5-1 in his AEW career. The ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe was up next with the crowd chanting “Joe” for him.

Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals: Samoa Joe vs. Roderick Strong (w/Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)

The winner gets to challenge AEW World Champion MJF for the World Title at Dynamite Grand Slam next Wednesday night in New York City.

Joe used his power to lock up with Strong and shove him down with Strong rolling out of the ring. Strong kept on stalling by going to the floor. Back in the ring, Strong delivered chops, but then Joe came back with a running elbow smash. Joe worked over Strong with punches. They went to a picture-in-picture break.


Joe was in control, but Strong managed to knock him down with a few kicks. Strong grabbed a chinlock, Joe fought out of it and Strong hit a boot to the jaw. Strong hit a missile dropkick off the middle ropes. Strong did a neck crank that looked gentle, but we are supposed to think it hurts. It’s basically just placing your hands around a guy’s head. Anyway, Joe came back with an atomic drop, a high boot and a senton splash for two. Joe caught a charging Strong leading to a powerslam for two. Strong came back with two kicks, then three straight forearms and a running knee (with a loud leg slap). Joe sent Strong into the ropes leading to Strong hitting a jumping clothesline for two. Joe kicked Strong into the turnbuckle, then Strong charged and Joe hit a uranage slam. Joe punched Bennett off the apron. Strong hit an Angle Slam followed by a running kick for a two count. That’s not as powerful as a Claymore Kick, I guess. Strong charged and Joe clotheslined Strong to knock him down. Joe applied the Coquina Clutch with Strong tapping out to give Joe the win. It went 11 minutes.

Winner by submission: Samoa Joe

Analysis: ***1/4 A physical match between two veterans that have likely wrestled many times. Both guys were heels, so the fans really didn’t get that fired up for the match although they wanted Joe to win or at least they knew Joe would win. Strong sold the neck injury throughout the match while Joe was relentless in his attacks. I think they should have had more spots in the match where they teased a possible Strong win.

The win means that Samoa Joe will challenge MJF for the AEW World Title next Wednesday at Dynamite Grand Slam in New York City.

Joe did a promo: “Oh Max! It seems my little prophecy has come true and next week, I go to your backyard and I’m coming for you. Because I’m going to walk you down, beat you up and take everything you have, kid. Everything.”

Analysis: Samoa Joe is one of my favorite talkers in AEW and all of pro wrestling because he’s very believable in everything that he says. Joe has credibility, especially after so many years, so that’s why people react so well to his promos.

Adam Cole went down to the ring, Strong saw Cole and Strong collapsed while grabbing the left side of his neck. The AEW doctors checked on Strong and put him on a stretcher. Taz tried to defend Strong saying that Taz could have hurt his neck while Tony blasted Strong for faking it. Strong was placed on a stretcher. Bennett and Taven were overacting while Strong was shouting “Adam” for Cole. Strong was being taken away on a stretcher with Taven and Bennett telling Cole to stay away.

Cole was on the ramp, so Samoa Joe attacked Cole behind and choked him out with a Coquina Clutch. Joe: “I’m going to take everything from you, Max!” Cole sold it like he was passed out while Joe posed over Cole.

Analysis: It was another way to show how dominant Samoa Joe can be in any situation. Joe looked great in the win over Roderick Strong and then he got to choke out Cole too. Nice job by AEW really making Joe look like a threat to the AEW World Champion. That’s the right way to book him.

There were graphics shown of the match at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam next week:

* AEW World Championship: MJF vs. Samoa Joe

* AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley vs. Rey Fenix

* AEW Women’s Championship: Saraya vs. Toni Storm

* Title vs. Title – ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston

* Chris Jericho vs. Sammy Guevara

They didn’t mention Christian Cage & Luchasaurus vs. Sting & Darby Allin, but that’s going to happen too.

Adam Cole was shown selling the attack from Joe while referees checked on him. End show.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Samoa Joe
  2. “Hangman” Adam Page
  3. Jon Moxley


The Scoreboard

This Week: 7.25 out of 10

Last Week: 7

2023 Average: 7.31


Final Thoughts

I thought it was a pretty good show overall. I know that sometimes I am harsh toward AEW about a lack of stories, but I think they are improving in that regard. While I did criticize the people in the Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament in the past, they got the right guy to challenge MJF because that’s Samoa. As I said in the review, AEW has booked Joe the right way by the way he beat Roddy Strong in that match and then attacking Adam Cole. Joe looks like a serious threat to MJF’s World Title reign right now ahead of their match in one week’s time at Dynamite Grand Slam. Also, nice job by MJF doing the “Steiner Math” promo too.

There has been more talking on Dynamite in the last few months, perhaps since Collision started. I assume that was on purpose and while I don’t mind it, I do sometimes wish Dynamite had some better matches. Everything on the show was predictable except for the four-way women’s match, which ended on a ROLLUP OF DEATH~!

They did a nice job in terms of building to the Dynamite Grand Slam episode for next week with four title matches and six matches overall. Plus, I really like the “Hangman” Adam Page-Swerve Strickland match at WrestleDream too.

Here’s the lineup for AEW WrestleDream on October 1st.

* Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

* “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Swerve Strickland


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