The John Report: AEW Dynamite 06/07/23 Review

aew dynamite june 7

This week’s AEW Dynamite featured Orange Cassidy defending the International Title against Swerve Strickland while it was a Ricky Starks-Jay White main event.

This was AEW Dynamite episode #192 at the Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Check out the AEW PPV listing archive only on TJRWrestling as well. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means. Excalibur, Taz and Tony Schiavone were on commentary.

International Championship: Orange Cassidy vs. Swerve Strickland (w/Prince Nana)

I thought this match would main event, but the audience is bigger at the start of the show nearly every week. Plus, AEW loves putting Orange on first. Orange had kinesio tape on his neck/upper back to show he’s been hurting.

There were some mind games to start with nothing going on, then Swerve got an armbar and Orange applied an octopus hold submission. Orange sent a charging Swerve over the top to the floor. When Orange left the ring, Swerve sent Orange into the barricade. Swerve rammed Orange’s right hand into the ring post. Orange went on Swerve’s shoulders, then they went over the top together and Orange sent Swerve into the barricade. Orange hit a suicide dive on Swerve on the floor. Back in the ring, Orange hit a cross body block off the top for two. They battled by the turnbuckle and then both guys bumped onto the turnbuckle leading to bumps on the apron followed by bumps onto the floor.


It continued with Orange delivering some strikes, Swerve tried a lifting move and Orange hit a Stundog Millionaire. Swerve barely sold that, tried a kick, Orange moved and Swerve hit a jumping flatliner. Orange got a backslide for two along with a Tornado DDT for two. They set up the next spot in a silly way because Orange climbed the turnbuckle, then stood on the outside of the turnbuckle and Swerve hit him with a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Orange delivered three kicks on the apron, Swerve had to wait on the steps and Orange DDT’d Swerve on the floor. Back in the ring, Orange hit a diving DDT for a two count. Orange was back up with a hurricanrana into a pin for two as Orange sold the hand injury. Nana was on the apron, Orange avoided a charging Swerve and Orange hit a Superman Punch on Swerve. Orange hit Beach Break for one…two…but Swerve got his right shoulder up. Swerve left the ring, Orange tried a dive and Swerve hit a brainbuster on the floor. Swerve went for the running kick, Orange got crucifix pin for two and Swerve kicked out. Swerve kicked the knee followed by the House Call kick. Swerve went up top and hit a Swerve Stomp (double foot stomp) for just two because Orange kicked out. They exchanged pin attempts with each guy sitting on top, Swerve held onto the jeans, but Orange kicked out and Orange pinned Swerve while grabbing the tights for the pinfall win after 16 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Orange Cassidy

Analysis: **** I thought it was a great match. Going into it, I thought maybe this was the match where Orange Cassidy would lose because Swerve Strickland winning singles gold would be good, but it didn’t happen. There were a lot of nearfalls throughout the match. Swerve tried to cheat to win, it didn’t work and Orange gave it right back to him, which was enough for Orange to win. I agree with people that say Orange Cassidy is very good in the ring. No doubt about it. He also gets way more opportunities than a lot of people on the roster, so kudos to him making the most of the time he gets. I just think they could be using some different people in these longer matches sometimes.

Post match, Swerve’s buddies including Brian Cage and the Mogul Embassy attacked Orange. The lights went out. When the lights came back on, Sting & Darby Allin were in the ring with baseball bats and the heels were already in the aisle since they ran away.

A video aired about Jay White facing Ricky Starks to set up their main event match later in the show.

Bryan Danielson made his entrance. There was a video that aired about Bryan facing Kazuchika Okada at the Forbidden Door pay-per-view on June 25th. That’s going to be amazing.

Bryan Danielson joined commentary for the next match. Bryan complained about how Okada was called a “once in a lifetime performer” and Bryan said he’ll prove he’s better than Okada ever was.

The Blackpool Combat Club was up next.


The Chaos team entered first to lose a match. Blackpool Combat Club was next as they made their entrance from the back part of the arena. The BCC guys have a 7-0 Trios record according to a graphic on the screen.

Chaos – Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta & Rocky Romero vs. Blackpool Combat Club – Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

There was a lot of chaos to start the match with the referee losing control early. The babyface Chaos guys were in control in the ring so they hugged. Trent hit a half-n-half suplex on Moxley. Yuta grabbed Taylor’s leg, so Moxley hit a Cutter on Taylor. Claudio and Yuta each made tags leading to a Hart Attack double team clothesline move. They went to a picture-in-picture break.


Yuta was in control of Taylor with a German Suplex, then Taylor hit a knee out of the corner and Trent tagged in against Moxley. Trent with a Spear followed by a German Suplex. Romero tagged in with a cross body block off the top and a hurricanrana on Claudio. Trent in illegally with a double jumping knee attack. Trent put Moxley across the top rope, Romero with a leg drop and Trent hit a running knee as Rocky got a two count. Why make tags or ever leave the ring if the referee does nothing? Taylor jumped off the ropes with a double stomp while Trent sat on top of Moxley. The referee did nothing about the illegal move as Claudio broke up the pin. Romero had Moxley trapped with an armbar while Claudio hit an uppercut on Trent on the floor. Yuta with a knee to Chuck and elbow strikes. Moxley choked out Rocky with a Bulldog Choke for the win. It was about nine minutes.

Winners by submission: Blackpool Combat Club – Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

Analysis: *** It was the typical BCC TV match where you know they are going to win and the other team has no chance so it’s hard to get into it. It would have been better if they stuck with following team rules and didn’t just have guys randomly going into the ring just to do double team moves, but it’s an AEW tag team match, so that’s what we usually get. Claudio didn’t do much in the match while Moxley easily got the win for the team. I always feel bad watching Trent and Chuck since they lose so many TV matches for so many years. Things never really change for them. They just constantly lose.

After the match, Yuta kept on doing elbow strikes to Taylor. Bryan Danielson was laughing about it.

The Young Bucks and “Hangman” Adam Page were shown backstage with Page saying great match, but they didn’t watch it. Hangman challenged the BCC trio in the ring to a match on Dynamite for next week.

Bryan Danielson accepted the challenge. Bryan said it will be their last time on television because they will end them.

Analysis: A big six-man tag team match for next week on AEW Dynamite.

The AEW World Champion MJF was up next.


There was a video about Kenny Omega defending the IWGP US Title against Will Ospreay at AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door on June 25th. That will be an incredible match.

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Let’s Hear from MJF

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the AEW World Champion, made his entrance as the graphic noted that Max has had a 200-day reign as the AEW World Champion.

MJF told the drug addict fans (they like marijuana in Colorado) to shut their mouths. MJF said that he’s bored while adding that there is no competition in this company. The fans chanted “you suck” so MJF told Colorado that their mothers swallow. MJF said that nobody is on the level of The Devil, so here comes Adam Cole.

Adam Cole was cheered by the fans as he made his way down to the ring. When Cole was in the ring about to do his “Adam Cole bay-bay” bit, MJF shouted for them to cut the music, the music stopped there.

MJF said he’s excited because finally there’s some worthy competition for the champ. MJF told Cole that he is a big fan of Cole. MJF said when CM Punk left him as a kid, he thought his fandom of pro wrestling was over and then he came across a TV show called Ring of Honor. MJF said he agreed with the fans that Ring of Honor sucked. MJF said when he was about to change the channel again, he saw Adam Cole and MJF complimented him. MJF said he was instantly hooked. MJF said he watched Cole all the way into his days in CZW. MJF watched Cole become the hottest free agent and then go to Florida to shock the system. MJF said that Cole was the greatest World Champion in the history of that company (referring to the NXT brand) and that is undisputed. The fans chanted “mark” so MJF admitted that he was a mark. MJF talked about how he went to CZW, then became an indy star and then he signed with AEW. MJF said he knew Cole would come there and they would have the rivalry of a lifetime – two generational talents Adam Cole and MJF.

That led to MJF trashing Adam Cole for playing video games. MJF said that Britt Baker leaves the house with Adam’s balls in her purse. MJF asked Cole, didn’t he used to have the body of a World Champion? MJF said Cole is so frail that he makes crack whores jealous. MJF said that he sees people online saying that Cole isn’t featured properly. MJF trashed the fans for thinking that way. MJF said that AEW has done all they can to make Cole look cool. MJF said all you have to do to make MJF cool is ring the bell. MJF bragged about his matches like the Dog Collar Match, Ironman Match, Fatal 4-Way match and called himself the best professional on God’s green earth.

MJF said that he read a rumor that Cole left the other company because a certain person didn’t think Cole had top guy potential. MJF said that was Vince McMahon who felt that way. MJF said he’s a big fan or maybe Vince is a big fan of MJF. That led to MJF saying when he stands eye to eye with MJF, he thinks that Vince was right.

Adam Cole said that was really the best you have? Cole said that MJF came across like an internet troll. Cole trashed MJF for making fun of relationships and mentioned MJF’s fiancée left him. Cole said that MJF is world class – a world class douchebag. Cole said MJF mentioned Adam’s body because of the body of work that Cole has had as a wrestler in terms of matches and promos. Cole said they could go piss in a couple of cups and see who is natural and who is not. Cole said that the boys and girls in the locker room respect him. Cole said he’s been a bad guy in the past, but they respect him as a human being. Cole told Max there was not a single person back there who respects him. Cole said they think Max is selfish, conceited and does the bare minimum to collect the paycheck and carry that World Title. Cole told Max that “no one respects you.”

MJF said that’s a lot of tough talk coming from Keith Lee’s manager – an online rumor. Cole said if MJF was a real champion he would tell Cole to shut his mouth and fight him, but he won’t do that because Max is a coward. Cole said he knows everything is going over Max’s head. Cole said that MJF won’t fight Cole because Cole is better than Max and they (the fans) know it. Cole tried to leave. MJF stopped him and said he’ll wrestle him any day of the week. Cole said it looks like we have a match. Cole held his arms up to do the “Adam Cole bay-bay” taunt to end it.

Analysis: That was an entertaining promo exchange, albeit a bit long. MJF always delivers on the microphone, so it was another example of that. I figured there would be an MJF-Adam Cole feud next. Cole beat Chris Jericho in a boring feud and it just made sense to use that rivalry to try to elevate Cole into the AEW World Title picture. Cole using that line about how they should do a piss test to see if MJF could pass a drug test is interesting because that takes a shot at AEW to suggest they don’t do drug testing. I have no idea what their drug testing policy is or if they have one, for what it’s worth. Anyway, MJF also mentioned some of the wild Cole rumors about things WWE wanted Cole to do and whether they are really true is unknown, but AEW knows they have an audience that reads about wrestling on the internet all the time, so they will always reference that kind of thing. I liked Cole’s confidence in the promo and I certainly don’t mind seeing him in this kind of spot with Max.

They showed highlights from the Double or Nothing pre-show when Ethan Page lost a tag team match to Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Hook, which means Ethan now works for Matt.

Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Isiah Kassidy were backstage with Matt telling Ethan Page to apologize. Matt owns Ethan’s contract now. Matt said that he will make Ethan a better man.

Analysis: This company loves the “somebody else owns another person’s contract” story. They have been doing those kinds of stories for four years with no end in sight. It’s silly because you treat the fans like they are smart during MJF-Cole insider promos, but then we have to be stupid in thinking that another wrestler can own a wrestler contract. That’s pro wrestling, my friends.

Tornado Tag Team Match: Hook & “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Dralistico & Preston Vance (w/Jose The Assistant)

A tornado tag team match should be what AEW does more often because it will make their referees look less inept. Dralistico was choking Jack with a cable while Vance tried attacking Hook, who avoided it and Hook beat up Vance while they were fighting in the crowd. Hook punched Vance ten times in the chest as if he was watching some Sheamus matches. Jack was ripping at Dralisitico’s mask while Vance was in control of Hook on the floor. They went to a picture-in-picture break.


Dralistico hit a double foot stomp on Jack by the apron. Hook was battling Vance around ringside with Hook putting a steel chain on his hand to punch Vance on the floor. Vance was bleeding profusely from the left side of his head. Jack sent Vance into barricade, but Dralistico jumped onto Jack on the floor. Hook suplexed Dralistico on the floor. Vance decked Hook with a discus lariat on the floor. Vance was choking Hook with a chain around the throat. Jack saved Hook by hitting Vance in the head with a chair. Ouch. Hook gave Vance a T-Bone Suplex off the apron onto the table on the floor. Jack hit Dralistico with a DDT on the chair, but Jose was there to break up the pin. Hook gave Jose the Red Rum submission and Jack put Dralistico in the Snare Trap submission, so Dralistico tapped out to give Jack the win. It went nine minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Hook & “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Analysis: ***1/4 A chaotic brawl all around ringside where they made the most of the time they were given. They used a bunch of weapons, there was blood and a good finish to the match. The problem with a match like this is there wasn’t a single good nearfall for Dralistico or Vance to make it look like they could win. It was an easy win by Hook & Jack as you would expect. I’d rather see a more competitive match with the losers getting a few moments where it looks like they might win.

The AEW CEO & GM Tony Khan did one of his robotic announcements by reading the prompter in a pre-tape segment. Tony announced the main event of Collision on Saturday, June 17 with Jay White, Juice Robinson & Samoa Joe teaming up against AEW Tag Team Champions FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) and CM Punk. The announcers/cheerleaders were all excited about it.

Analysis: It’s not a surprise that CM Punk is in the main event and gets to team with his buddies FTR since Punk gets a lot of creative input in the show. My prediction is that Punk beats Juice in that match. The most shocking thing about the announcement by Tony is that he didn’t start with “Thanks, guys” this time.

Konosuke Takeshita (w/Don Callis) vs. Damon Ace

Takeshita has no theme music. Takeshita worked over Ace with strikes along with an elbow strike that rocked Ace. Callis hit a forearm to the back. Takeshita hit a running knee for the pinfall win after less than two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Konosuke Takeshita

Analysis: 1/2* A squash win to put over Takeshita as a heel.

Don Callis was trying to do a post match promo standing beside Takeshita while the fans were booing. Callis said that unlike last week, he will be heard. Takeshita spoke in Japanese while saying Kenny Omega’s name. Callis claimed that everything Omega has in his life is because of Callis and this is all Kenny’s fault. Callis said that everything The Elite has is because of him and Kenny beat Will Ospreay because of Callis. Don said that Kenny has been like a cancer to Don, so he is going to cut it out and they will cut The Elite out of this company for good. The fans were booing all of it.

Analysis: The angle is working in terms of getting heat. The fans hate these guys, so it has accomplished that goal. I’m all for Takeshita getting a push in AEW.


Christian Cage was interviewed by Alex Marvez backstage. Christian said that at Double or Nothing, Arn Anderson took the TNT Title from him. Christian knocked on the door of the room, Luchasaurus walked out and Brock Anderson (Arn’s son) was shown on the ground looking like he was beaten up. Christian wished Arn an early Happy Father’s Day.

Analysis: I guess that Christian/Luchasaurus rivalry with Wardlow/Arn Anderson is continuing.

TBS Championship: Kris Statlander vs. Anna Jay (w/Matt Menard)

Kris had control early with a chinlock. Jay reversed it and Kris countered with a belly-to-back suplex. Jay left the ring, Kris tried to chase after her and Jay kept running away while Kris ran into Menard, who yelled at her. Kris blocked a kick and tripped up Jay on the apron. Kris ran over Jay with a shoulder tackle. Jay avoided a charging attack leading to a spinning kick to the back. They went to a picture-in-picture break.


Kris was in control with running forearms, a running knee and a powerslam. They showed Taya Valkyrie watching from the backstage area trying to look angry about how she lost the TBS Title match. Menard distracted Kris, so Jay punched her and slammed her down. Jay hit a Gory Bomb for two. Kris hit a discus lariat. Menard with a distraction, Jay applied her Queenslayer submission and Kris powered out of it. You could tell Kris was talking to Anna about what to do next. Anyway, Kris slammed her down, then a lariat and Kris hit a Tombstone piledriver for the pinfall win after eight minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Kris Statlander

Analysis: ** It was decent. I think if Statlander won in four minutes it would have been better to show she’s going to be tough to beat. However, AEW loves matches with picture-in-picture breaks so that’s why it went up to eight minutes. Statlander will likely have a long run as the TBS Champion. Jay is solid as a wrestler that has improved, but I think she’d be better as a face.

Kris Statlander celebrated with her TBS Title while Taya Valkyrie was watching and looking angry.

Analysis: It’s the second week where Taya had to silently be angry watching a match. Just let her do a promo to explain why she feels that way.

There was a rundown of Rampage matches. I don’t watch it anymore.

Toni Storm was backstage with the AEW Women’s Title with her buddy Ruby Soho standing by. Toni talked about how on Rampage we’ll find out the number one contender for the AEW Women’s Title and the winner will face the greatest AEW Women’s Champion.

Next week on AEW Dynamite:

* Toni Storm defends the AEW Women’s Title against the winner of the women’s four-way match on Rampage, which was taped after Dynamite.

* 8-Man Tag: Mogul Embassy vs. Darby Allin, Sting, Orange Cassidy & Keith Lee

* MJF vs. Adam Cole in a World Title Eliminator Match meaning if Cole wins then he gets an AEW World Title match.

* Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta) vs. “Hangman” Adam Page & Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Analysis: The last two matches mentioned there should be very good.

They also mentioned the June 17 Collision main event and the two Forbidden Door matches.


Ricky Starks entered for the main event with the fans cheering him. I think the cheers were louder in the past. Jay White was the opponent all alone without his pal Juice Robinson at ringside. Jay is 5-0 in his AEW career. Starks went after White on the ramp.

Ricky Starks vs. Jay White

When they got into the ring, Starks clotheslined White out of the ring. Starks chopped and threw White into the barricade. Back in the ring, Starks hit a back body drop on a charging White. White went up the ramp and Starks went after him. Referee Paul Turner told them to go back in the ring. The referee should be counting them out, but that wasn’t happening. Starks clotheslined White on the ramp to knock White down. White finally got some offense with a back elbow to the head and he sent Starks into the apron. Starks came back with a suplex on the floor.


White was in control with chops to the chest. Starks fought back with punches and White countered a move by putting Starks onto the top turnbuckle. White hit a superplex off the top turnbuckle for a two count. White missed a corner attack when Starks moved and Starks hit a clothesline. Starks hit a running elbow followed by a Tornado DDT off the ropes for two. Starks hit a full nelson slam for a two count. White countered a Starks move leading to a uranage slam for two. They exchanged chops again, Starks avoided a move and Starks went for a Spear, but White delivered a knee to the head. Starks got out of a move by White, Starks ran the ropes and Starks hit a Spear. Starks picked up White for the Rochambeau and poor referee Paul Turner had to walk right into it, so he took White’s knees to the head. They could have set up that referee bump better. It looked way too fake here. Starks covered with no referee to count. The Gunns – Austin & Colton, showed up at ringside and hit the 3:10 to Yuma double team flapjack move. The Gunns ran away through the crowd. White picked up Starks and hit a Bladerunner neckbreaker on Starks for the pinfall win after 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jay White

Analysis: ***1/2 It was a very good, competitive match with a cheap ending. I liked the intensity shown by both guys. The first half of the match before the break wasn’t that interesting. It did get better after the break with a bunch of nearfalls with both guys fighting hard to try to get the win. There have been rumors of more people joining the Bullet Club Gold group, so maybe The Gunns will be part of the group. As I said in the writeup of the match, I think the referee bump could have been done better because it looked ridiculous, but I understand why it was done to set up the finish.

Post match, Jay White celebrated the win while Juice Robinson went into the ring to congratulate White on the win. White and Juice celebrated the win while Excalibur plugged future things. End show.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Orange Cassidy-Swerve Strickland
  2. Jay White-Ricky Starks
  3. MJF-Adam Cole


The Scoreboard

This Week: 7.25 out of 10

Last Week: 7

2023 Average: 7.47


Final Thoughts

It was a good show overall, but I wouldn’t say great. The Orange Cassidy-Swerve Strickland match got a lot of time to open the show and it was an exciting match. I thought that Swerve might win, so that made it interesting too. Jay White got the cheap win over Ricky Starks in the main event with The Gunns randomly helping, which could lead to The Gunns being part of the Bullet Club Gold group with White and Juice Robinson. Other matches were okay. They were mostly predictable and nothing stood out that much other than Preston Vance bleeding a lot.

That MJF-Adam Cole promo segment was interesting. They threw in a lot of insider references and online wrestling rumors out there whether they are true or not. It’s AEW, so they are always going to cater to the hardcore fans and try to reference things like Cole being Keith Lee’s manager in WWE, which was a rumor, but we don’t even know if it’s true. When something is out there online, it takes on a life of its own. Anyway, Cole makes sense as the next logical contender against MJF just based on Cole beating Chris Jericho in their feud. MJF mentioning Vince McMahon was funny too.

They have the Forbidden Door PPV in about less than three weeks with two matches announced, so they will need to announce more matches and try to actually have some stories going into it. We also found out about the Collision main event on June 17th. Maybe Collision can be renamed the “People Who Don’t Hate CM Punk Show.” I’m just kidding. Relax. I just need to entertain myself knowing I have yet another show to review every week. Thrilling.

The next AEW pay-per-view is AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door on Sunday, June 25th. Here’s what we know so far.

* Bryan Danielson vs. Kazuchika Okada

* IWGP US Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Will Ospreay


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