The John Report: AEW Dynamite 02/12/20 Review

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Welcome to another AEW Dynamite review on TJRWrestling. The next PPV is getting closer with Revolution set to take place on Saturday, February 29th in Chicago. Let’s see how they continue the build to that show.

Live from Austin, Texas, this is episode #19 of AEW Dynamite. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Thanks to Melo Man for the banner up top. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive. I’m watching on TSN2 in Canada, so there might be different commercial breaks or split-screen moments.

The show began with highlights from last week’s episode of Dynamite. There was some pyro in the arena from there.

The two tag teams were already in the ring for the AEW Tag Team Championship match as ring announcer Justin Roberts did the introductions. The announce team is Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur as usual.

The match was about to begin when a Dark Order video was shown with Evil Uno joined by his buddies saying one of them is closer than you think. Uno said that they are prepared for the arrival of the Exalted One. Christopher Daniels went to the back to check on things.

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page vs. SCU – Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky

The SCU team are the former champions. Omega with two arm drags on Kazarian. When Omega ran the ropes, Sky hit him with a knee to the back and Omega was mad about that. Omega kicked Sky off the apron, Kazarian got a rollup on Omega, Sky got in another kick and Kazarian hit a release German Suplex to send Omega across the ring. Sky tagged in with a jumping flatliner for two. Page went into the ring with a clothesline on Kazarian, elbow on Sky and Omega lifted Page into a suplex on Sky. Kazarian with a clothesline on Page on the floor. Omega sent both opponents out of the ring. Omega ran the ropes, Sky tripped him and Sky hit a somersault dive over the top on Page. Omega hit a somersault dive over the top on Sky and Kazarian. Back in the ring, Omega with a missile dropkick off the top on Sky followed by a Fisherman’s Buster for two. Omega wit the kitaro crusher legdrop on Kazarian. Page and Sky were legal I guess as Page hit a fallaway slam. Omega with a rolling senton, Page with a splash, Omega with a moonsault and Sky got the knees up to block. Kazarian knocked Page down, Sky with a slam on Omega and Kazarian drove Omega into the turnbuckle. Kazarian hit a springboard leg drop on Omega for a two count. Sky stood on Omega’s lower back followed by Sky hitting Omega with a knee to the ribs. Kazarian with a cross body block on Omega and then he slapped on a body scissors around the ribs of Omega, then Omega got up and slammed Omega down. Page was down on the floor as Omega tried to tag out. Kazarian with a splash on Omega against the turnbuckle, Omega fought out of the corner and Page was there to receive the hot tag. Page with chops for both SCU guys, a running boot for Omega and Sky jumped off the turnbuckle right into a boot by Page. Page with running clotheslines on both guys, then a standing moonsault on Sky and that was good for a two count. Sky with a back body drop on Omega out of the ring. Sky ducked the lariat by Page and Kazarian hit a clothesline on Page for a two count. Kazarian with a swinging assisted DDT on Page for a two count. Kazarian with a backstabber, Sky with a Cutter on Page, Kazarian with a Cutter on Omega and both SCU guys tried dragon sleepers, but Omega pushed the pile to break it up. The referee Bryce Remsburg wasn’t counting the submission anyway when all four guys were in the ring. The fans chanted “this is awesome” for them. Omega with a V-Trigger knee on Kazarian, snapdragon suplex on Sky. Sky pulled on the leg of Omega, Page hit a powerbomb on Kazarian, Page with a knee to the back of the head of Kazarian and Page hit a suicide dive on Sky. Page hit a Buckshot Lariat at the same time as Omega hit a V-Trigger knee to the back of Kazarian. Omega covered Kazarian right by the ropes for a three count and Kazarian got his hand on the bottom rope right after the three count to show it was close. The match went about 13 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page

Analysis: **** This was great. It was an exciting, fast paced tag team match with a lot of believable nearfalls and they built up to the finish well. The match wasn’t too short or too long – it felt just right in terms of the length. Omega is amazing in the ring, Page is right there with him and SCU work very well as a team as well. The champs retained against the former champions in a very competitive match, which is what you want to see to establish the new champions as a credible team. The finish was interesting with Kazarian grabbing the bottom rope right at the time of the pinfall to show how close of a finish it was.

I was waiting for a replay of the finish with Kazarian grabbing the bottom rope, but they never showed one. I watched it again to see that the count was right before Kazarian grabbed the rope. They should have shown a replay.

Post match, Omega celebrated up the ramp while Page got a beer and went into the crowd.

The Dark Order group led by Evil Uno in a mask and suit walked to the ring to surround SCU in the ring. The Best Friends team of Chuck Taylor and Trent went into the ring to face off with the eight Dark Order guys. The Butcher and The Blade walked out with The Bunny as well as The Hybrid 2 team of Angelico and Jack Evans. The Young Bucks went to the ring as well. JR called them the “Bucks of Youth” which is a Matt Hardy term and I don’t think that was an accident. All of the tag teams got into a brawl in the ring because there’s a battle royal next week on Dynamite. Best Friends and Young Bucks were cleaning house. Butcher with a double lariat on Best Friends. The Bucks hit double dropkicks on Butcher and Blade followed by Nick hitting another dropkick. The Young Bucks were alone in the ring. Nick and Matt went up with cross body blocks off the top onto the other teams on the floor.

Analysis: It was a way to preview the tag team battle royal match next week on Dynamite. The winner of that match gets a title shot at the AEW Tag Team Champions at Revolution. I don’t think JR saying “Bucks of Youth” shortly after they got in the ring was an accident. I think Matt Hardy is headed to AEW in March when he’s a free agent. I think they should do Omega/Page vs. Young Bucks at Revolution, so a Young Bucks win makes sense to me.

(Commercial – The tag teams had staredowns again. Orange Cassidy showed up and put his hands in his pockets in the faces of the Dark Order. The Young Bucks hit double superkicks on Dark Order. Orange Cassidy did his low kick comedy spot with the Young Bucks and the Bucks put a bandana on his head. The Young Bucks joined the Best Friends in a group hug.)

The announce team was shown on camera talking about what’s to come including the AEW Women’s World Title and Moxley vs. Santana in a battle of two guys with eye injuries.

Interview with Santana

They showed an earlier today interview with Santana in the ring with Jim Ross. Santana said a little over ten years ago, he was at the deepest, darkest point in his life and he was broke living a bullshit basement in the Bronx. Santana said one night he called his father at 3:30am and he picked up like he knew that he would. Santana said that it was dark even when it was daytime while Santana added that his father couldn’t see. Santana said that his father started going blind at 14 years old and he was told by the time he’s 25 he wasn’t able to see a damn thing. Santana said that his father was stolen from him, no chance to say goodbye or tell him what he meant to him. Santana said that’s what he lived with every day. JR said what Moxley did to Santana last week (stabbing him in the eye with a key) seemed to be retaliatory, so Ross wondered if Jericho was the guy that Santana should be pissed off at. Santana said that Moxley had a real chance to join Inner Circle, but he pissed it away and Jon built his own coffin. Santana said that Moxley will know what it’s like to live in the dark.

Analysis: That was well done. Santana’s story about his father was legit and his father died recently as well. The eye injury story has dominated the Moxley/Jericho feud, so

There was a Darby Allin video showing his skateboard as Allin held a paper that said “smashing my throat with the skateboard, you made a mistake” and “sooner or later I’ll find ya” as well. Other signs said, “but in the meantime, Sammy you busy at Revolution” (no question mark) and had a drawing of Sammy saying hit me up.

Analysis: It was a challenge by Allin to Sammy Guevara for the Revolution PPV on February 29. That makes sense considering Guevara was the one that jabbed the skateboard into the throat.

Sammy Guevara entered with Jake Hager of the Inner Circle by his side. Dustin Rhodes got a big ovation from the crowd since he was introduced from Austin, Texas and Dustin still lives in the area.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara (w/Jake Hager)

They have wrestled previous with Guevara getting the win thanks to Hager’s help and that was on January 1. Hager tried to distract, but Rhodes was ready and he hit Sammy with a clothesline followed by a knee lift. Sammy tried to leave, but Rhodes met him with a clothesline. Rhodes got in Hager’s face while holding up the Texas Longhorns “hook em horns” hand gesture. Rhodes with an uppercut followed by a whip into the guardrail.

(Commercial – When Rhodes sent Sammy into the ring, Hager grabbed Dustin’s legs to prevent him from going in the ring. Sammy hit a suicide dive on Rhodes on the floor. Sammy whipped Rhodes into the barricade. Sammy got into an argument wit the referee and Hager sent Rhodes over the barricade, but the director missed that. That’s some bad directing. Sammy hit Dustin in the head with some giant hand that a fan had in the crowd. Back in the ring, Sammy hit a Samoan Drop for a two count and Rhodes countered into a crucifix pin for two. Sammy hit a clothesline for two.)

Sammy went for a springboard attack, but Rhodes caught him with a flatliner into a slam. Rhodes with two clotheslines, then an uppercut punch and JR noted that Dustin has wrestled for 32 years while Sammy is 26 years old. Rhodes with a powerslam for a two count. The fans chanted “you still got it” as Dustin went to the ropes, Hager stared at him and Sammy hit a forearm to the back. Sammy slammed Rhodes off the shoulders into a knee to the face for two. Sammy went up top, he took way too much time and Dustin hit a back body drop off the top. Rhodes with a slam off the ropes followed by the Canadian Destroyer that he loves to do these days. Rhodes hit the Final Wreckoning suplex into a neckbreaker for the pinfall win after about seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Dustin Rhodes

Analysis: **3/4 The match was solid with Rhodes countering the top rope attack by Sammy leading to the win. You can complain about the older guy beating the younger guy, but sometimes you have to do that to advance a story. Rhodes continues to look impressive at 50 years old and he moves around the ring like he was 20 years younger. I’m so impressed by him and also so happy for him that he can continue his career while performing at a high level.

Post match, Rhodes had the microphone and told them to turn around, so Sammy turned around and Dustin said he wasn’t talking to him, he was talking to “Jericho’s bitch” in reference to Hager. Rhodes asked if Hager is going to step into the ring or will he keep collecting a paycheck? Rhodes said that Jake is failing at his MMA career and he is failing here. Rhodes said that Hager broke his arm, so he wants a piece of his ass at Revolution. Rhodes told Hager to accept it, then he asked the fans and they cheered. Hager walked near the ring while JR note that Hager’s MMA career is not failing because has never been beaten. Hager and Guevara walked to the back to boos.

Analysis: Great promo from Dustin issuing the challenge. The match makes sense at Revolution and they made it official later in the show. That will be Hager’s first match in AEW.

There was a video of Britt Baker knocking out a tooth of Yuka Sakazaki last week after Sakazaki won.

Dr. Britt Baker was interviewed by Tony Schiavone on the stage to continue her heel turn. The fans greeted her with boos as Baker hugged Schiavone. Baker said what she did last week was being a dentist, while saying that Sakazaki’s tooth had decay while using some more dental terms that pissed off the fans. Baker said that she did Yuka a favor and they don’t know anything about her. Baker said that they can only assume she doesn’t have health insurance, but Tony does “Mr. Starbucks.” Baker said Tony is trying so hard and he’s killing it, which led to “Tony” chants. Schiavone asked Baker her thoughts on the Riho vs. Nyla Rose match while saying we’ll be in awe of Rose and impressed by Riho, but at the end of the day they’re still #2 compared to Baker. That drew boos. Baker noted confusion in “these chubby Whataburger faces” which drew loud boos. Baker bragged about her degrees and how she was the first woman signed to AEW. Baker said this is her division, she is the women’s division and what she did last week was a statement. I think fans were chanting “Whataburger” at her while Baker did the downward horns to mock the Texas Longhorns. Baker left.

Analysis: I like her promos better than her matches. That’s not a knock on her matches, but I think she’s just average in the ring. These heel interviews have been entertaining. The Whataburger line got huge heat because Whataburger is a huge fast food chain in Texas. I’ve been to Texas a few times and I know that. Baker did well with that promo.


The show returned with highlights of Riho beating Nyla Rose on the first episode of Dynamite on October 2, 2019 to win the AEW Women’s World Title. Since then, Rose has attacked other women on the roster get this title shot.

Nyla Rose made her entrance with the announcers putting over how powerful she is. Riho entered next as the AEW Women’s World Champion with JR noting that she is 98 pounds while Rose is a 200 pounder. The announcers mentioned that Riho has wrestled for 13 years and she’s only 22 years old, so she’s wrestled since she was 9 years old. They mention that all the time with Riho.

AEW Women’s World Championship: Nyla Rose vs. Riho

Riho attacked with a running knee, Riho charged and Rose knocked her down with her body. Riho avoided a suplex, Riho with a headscissors and a dropkick that sent Rose out of the ring. Riho went up top, she jumped off, Riho caught her with a backbreaker and put Riho on the ring apron. Rose got a table from under the ring because she has put several people through tables in recent months. Rose set up a table on the floor with JR joking she’s not even from Dudleyville. Riho ran across the table and hit a dropkick to knock Rose down.

(Commercial – When they went back into the ring, Rose took over using her power moves including kicks to keep Riho down. Rose with a knee to the ribs.)

Riho with a dropkick, Rose no sold it and Riho hit a crucifix bomb that knocked the wind out of Rose, but Riho was too hurt to try to make a cover. Rose blocked a 619 attempt, Rose missed a splash and Riho hit a low dropkick on Rose for a two count. Rose hit a Samoan Drop for a two count. Rose sent Riho across the top rope with Riho holding the middle rope to keep her balance, so Rose hit a jumping knee attack off the turnbuckle for a two count. The problem with that move is it looks too fake with Riho holding the middle ropes to keep her balance, so I don’t like spots like that. Rose hit a running splash against the turnbuckle. Rose set up Riho on the top rope, Riho tried to fight her off, Rose bit her face and Rose hit an avalanche Death Valley Driver off the top rope for a two count. That could have been the finisher. Rose set up Riho on her shoulders, Riho slipped out of that and hit a Snapdragon Suplex on Rose two times in a row. Riho was bleeding from the mouth. Riho missed a corner charge because Rose moved and then Riho got out of that with a low dropkick. Riho hit an impressive Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. The fans chanted “this is awesome” as Riho went up top and hit a double foot stomp off the top for just a one count. Riho went up top again, another double foot stomp to the chest, Rose tried to block a third attempt, but Riho still hit the double foot stomp for a two count with Rose getting her foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin. Riho charged in, Rose hit her with a Spear and Rose hit a sitout Powerbomb called a Beast Bomb for the pinfall win after about 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW AEW Women’s World Champion: Nyla Rose

Analysis: ***1/2 This was pretty good with the women telling the proper story with Rose as the bigger woman while Riho was overmatched, yet she kept coming back. The spot with Riho hitting the third double foot stomp and Rose getting her foot on the bottom rope was really well done. I think the title change makes sense because now the title is on the biggest heel woman on the roster since Awesome Kong is out of the picture for now. I was really impressed by Riho here with some of the moves she was doing. They had plenty of good nearfalls throughout the match as well. Rose works well in her role and now AEW must build up other women to try to take her down.

After the match, the crowd applauded the wrestlers for having a good match. Rose left with the title while Riho was helped out of the ring.

Rose was shown walking backstage with the AEW Women’s Title and AEW President Tony Khan was there to congratulate her with a hug. Kenny Omega was there, Rose held up the title in his face and some other AEW women were standing by. Rose wondered where her party was. Omega told her to just go and Rose told him it’s not over, it’s just beginning. Rose complained about the disrespect she’s received in this company. Rose walked away on her own.

Analysis: I was a bit surprised that Tony Khan was there to hug Rose like that since Khan has not been featured on TV much at all. I think it was just a way to show that the boss is proud of her. Rose complaining about the lack of celebration is right for her heel persona.

The Inner Circle group led by Chris Jericho were interviewed backstage by Lexi Nair, who is DDP’s daughter. Chris said that he is “Mr. Jericho.” Jericho said that last week when Jon Moxley took a car key that he stole from them and shoved it into Santana’s eye showed that Moxley is human garbage. Jericho said he’ll defend the title against Moxley because he’s an honorable man. Jericho said he scoured the globe looking for an assassin to tear Moxley apart limb from limb, so if Moxley survives Santana tonight then next week he faces a man that has beaten people up all over the world…Jeff Cobb. Jericho said that he always thought he would see Moxley in the Inner Circle, but now he’ll see him in hell.

Analysis: That’s cool that AEW is bringing in Jeff Cobb. The reports on Cobb is that he’s not signed to an AEW deal yet and he’s considered a free agent. Cobb is 37 years old, has had a lot of success in pro wrestling and it wouldn’t be a bad thing if he signed with AEW long term.

There was a brief video shown of Jeff Cobb in action.

A video aired showing highlights of last week’s dramatic main event segment that featured MJF (and Wardlow) giving Cody ten lashes with a belt.

Brandi Rhodes joined the commentary team to talk about husband Cody’s attack last week. Tony mentioned Cody’s cage match with Wardlow is next week while Brandi talked about how difficult it was to watch that last week.

Analysis: Brandi quietly ended the Nightmare Collective stable without addressing it on television. She mentioned it in interviews. I feel like they could have addressed it on TV, but they have just moved on from it.)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his entrance for a match, he gave his ring to Wardlow and told him he’s got this, so Wardlow went to the back. MJF waved at Brandi at the announce table.

(Commercial – MJF taunted some fans all around the ring. I think he threw some gum at a fan in the crowd. MJF also ripped up a fan’s sign and he slapped a beer away form a fan at ringside. A guy was dressed as Scooby Doo, so MJF just stared at him and walked into the ring.)

Jungle Boy made his entrance alone without his Jurassic Express buddies. Jungle Boy is Jack Perry, the son of late actor Luke Perry as JR likes to point out.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Jungle Boy

They are two young guys with MJF at 23 years old and Jungle Boy at 22 years old with JR claiming that this could be a PPV main event sooner or later. MJF knocked down Boy, then did a Flair strut and Boy got a takeover with a headlock. They did a nearfall exchange of pins followed by both guys standing up in the ring at the same time. Boy with an impressive arm drag off the ropes followed by a dropkick. MJF worked over Boy with kicks against the turnbuckle, then MJF pulled him out of the ring and whipped Boy into the barricade. Arn Anderson, who is Cody’s head coach, was shown watching on a TV backstage. MJF with a body slam on the floor.

(Commercial – MJF worked over Boy with a chinlock, Boy broke free and MJF hit a backbreaker for two. MJF hit two back body drops in a row.)

Boy whipped MJF into the ropes and he got the back body drop this time. Boy hit a clothesline on MJF, who left the ring and Boy hit two suicide dives on MJF on the floor. Boy went back in the ring, ran the ropes and hit a tope con hilo (somersault dive) over the top on MJF on the floor. Back in the ring, Boy hit the poison rana for a two count while Excalibur noted that MJF hasn’t been pinned or submitted in an AEW ring. Boy tried a power move, but then he sold a back injury. MJF with a superkick against the turnbuckle followed by a spinebuster. MJF hooked up Boy on his back and MJF pulled on Boy’s legs for a submission attempt, but Boy got out of it. Boy got a rollup for two. Brandi was rooting for Boy to win as Boy hit a boot to the face of MJF. Boy went up top, but MJF hit the ropes to trip him up. MJF yelled at Brandi while grabbing his jock and JR yelled “shut up” twice at MJF and called him a little jerk. Jungle Boy came back with a running Powerbomb for a two count. That’s when Wardlow appeared at ringside in a suit. Wardlow put the diamond ring on MJF’s hand, which the referee didn’t see and MJF punched Boy in the face with the ring on MJF’s hand. The referee never saw the ring was on the finger. MJF said this is for Cody and he hit the Double Cross neckbreaker finisher into the mat for the pinfall win after 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Analysis: ***1/2 It was another very competitive and entertaining match on this show. MJF getting the win made sense since he’s on the road to that big match against Cody later this month. I continue to be very impressed by Jungle Boy, who really does have the potential to be one of the biggest babyfaces in this company. His comebacks are believable and he sells moves the right way. MJF is also one of the best true heels in AEW or anywhere else right now. They are a good pairing to have a match like this. The win was cheap with MJF cheating with the ring, which is fine because a heel wrestler should cheat to win sometimes. I don’t mind that finish at all.

After the match, Wardlow picked up Jungle Boy, spun him around on his shoulders and slammed Boy down to the mat. Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt checked on Jungle Boy in the ring.

Analysis: It put over Wardlow ahead of his match against Cody next week on Dynamite.

A commercial aired for AEW’s first PPV of the decade (and 2020) on Saturday, February 29th with Chris Jericho defending the AEW Title against Jon Moxley as the main event. They also plugged for AEW merchandise.


There was a video package featuring Pac saying that Kenny Omega is just a shadow of who he once was. Pac said that Omega has not been the same since has choked him out in Chicago. They showed clips of Pac training in a gym. Pac said that all of Kenny’s problems are all because of Pac and Kenny knows that Pac is the goddamn best. Pac said that Kenny is scared as he f**king should be. Pac said that two weeks until Pac gets his bloody rubber match for 30 minutes. Pac was ready for it.

Next week on Dynamite (Feb. 19) in Atlanta: Cody vs. Wardlow in a Steel Cage Match, Tag Team Battle Royal with the winners get a Tag Team Title match at Revolution and Omega & Page vs. Lucha Brothers for the AEW Tag Team Titles. The announcers explained it saying Lucha Brothers beat Omega and Page in a recent 8-man tag team match that they were in. There’s also Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Cobb.

Analysis: I like the Lucha Brothers as much as anybody, but they have not been booked well. They have these AEW rankings every week and Lucha Brothers are the 5th ranked tag team, yet they are getting the title shot on Dynamite yet other teams have to be in a battle royal next week. That’s some weird logic.

In two weeks on Dynamite (Feb. 26) in Kansas City: Kenny Omega vs. Pac in a 30-Minute Ironman Match.

It was also officially announced that Dustin Rhodes will face Jake Hager at AEW Revolution on February 29. It is Hager’s first match in an AEW ring.

A video aired of Chris Jericho attacking Jon Moxley with a spike to the eye, which was last month. Last week, Moxley hit Santana in the eye with a key, so that set up this “Eye for an Eye” main event.

The AEW World Champion Chris Jericho led his Inner Circle buddies Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara to a private box in the arena. The fans sang along with Jericho’s “Judas” theme song as well. Even when the music stopped playing, the fans sang along with it. That’s cool to hear every week.

Santa made his entrance along with his Inner Circle buddy and tag team partner Ortiz. Santana had his left eye covered up to sell the attack from last week.

Jon Moxley made his entrance with his right eye covered up with a black bandage. Moxley entered through the crowd like he does every week. Great ovation from Moxley, who JR called the “Maestro of Mayhem” as fans chanted “Moxley” for him.

Santana attacked Moxley in the crowd, which makes sense after what happened last week. The referee tried to stop the fight, but they kept brawling in the crowd. They went over to the ringside area with Moxley whipping Santana into the barricade. When they got into the ring, the bell rang to officially start the match.

Jon Moxley vs. Santana (w/Ortiz)

Moxley worked over Santana with chops as Excalibur noted it was 457 days since Santana has had a singles match. Santana with a running back elbow, then Moxley with a clothesline over the top to the floor and Moxley went up top with a double axehandle off the top on Santana on the floor. Santana tried to send Moxley eye first into the steps, but Moxley stopped that and then Santana hit a running kick to knock Moxley down on the floor. Ortiz did his “we the best” yelling into the camera.

(Commercial – Santana worked over Moxley with punches to the back and shoulder tackles while Moxley was against the turnbuckle. Santana was trying to work on the eye of Moxley. There wasn’t much going on here.)

Moxley got some momentum going with an armbar, but Santana broke free and kicked him away. Moxley hit a release German Suplex with Santana flipping over to bump onto his chest. Moxley charged, Santana with a boot to the face and Santana sent Moxley into the turnbuckle. Santana did a roll through into a Cutter for a two count with Moxley standing right there waiting for it. Santana gave Moxley a piledriver for a two count. You don’t see that move very often in wrestling anymore. Santana went up top, he jumped off with a Frog Splash and Moxley got the knees up to block it. Ortiz went on the apron, he was about to attack with his sock that had baseballs in it, the referee saw it and Moxley got a rollup for two. Santana with a superkick to the face followed by Moxley hitting a running clothesline leading to a flip bump from Santana. Moxley went up top, so Ortiz spit some liquid into Moxley’s face and the referee never saw it because he was checking on Santana. Ortiz had a flask in his hand, so the idea was that Ortiz spit alcohol into the good left eye of Moxley, who sold it like it did a lot of damage. Santana with a cannonball attack on Moxley against the turnbuckle, Santana went up top and connected with a Frog Splash for two. Moxley got back into it by putting his thumb into the right eye of Santana. Both guys were stumbling around selling the eye injuries, Moxley with a kick to the gut and the Paradigm Shift DDT led to the pinfall win after 11 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jon Moxley

Analysis: ***1/4 A solid match with Moxley getting the win as expected since he’s in the main event of the next PPV while Santana is a tag team wrestler. Moxley beat Ortiz last week too, so Moxley continues his hot streak of winning every match he has. I liked the way they sold the eye injuries towards the end of the match as well because you don’t see that kind of thing very often, but they told that story well.

Post match, Ortiz went into the ring to take down Moxley as soon as the match was over. Ortiz was digging his fingers into the eyes of Moxley. The Inner Circle members Hager, Guevara and Jericho went down to the ring to attack Moxley. Hager and Guevara attacked Moxley while Jericho slowly took his time getting into the ring while carrying some champagne with him. Jericho used the AEW title to hit Moxley in the back with the title. Ortiz hit Moxley with his ball of socks. Hager followed up with a running knee to the groin of Moxley, which always looks brutal. Guevara hit a 630 Splash off the top on Moxley as well. There was only one referee at ringside to try to help Moxley. Jericho hit the Judas Effect back elbow to knock Moxley down. Jericho posed over Moxley while Ortiz counted the pinfall and Hager posed over Moxley as well.

Jeff Cobb made his entrance to join the Inner Circle guys in the ring. Cobb was in his wrestling gear as JR said that he may be the baddest man in all the land. Cobb picked up Moxley leading to a spinning slam called the Tour of the Islands as Excalibur called it. The Inner Circle celebrated in the ring with Cobb standing with them. They posed over Moxley’s fallen body to end the show.

Analysis: It was a good heel beatdown like we have seen many times before. It feels like every three weeks, Dynamite ends with Inner Circle beating up somebody in the main event while nobody tries to help that person. That’s what happened here. I don’t know if this means Cobb is in the Inner Circle, but I guess that depends if he is in AEW for the long term or if he’s only there for a few appearances. I like the group with the five guys they have although Cobb’s a talented guy and if he is part of it, that’s fine with me.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Kenny Omega/Adam Page
  2. Scorpio Sky/Frankie Kazarian
  3. Nyla Rose/Riho

The Scoreboard

This week: 8 (out of 10)

Last week: 8

2020 Average: 7.32

Last 5 Weeks: 8, 7.5, 6.25, 7.75, 7

Final Thoughts

This week’s Dynamite gets an 8 out of 10.

This was a fun wrestling show that was easy to watch with quality matches all night along with some good storyline progression. That’s the second straight week where I gave a rating of 8 out of 10 for Dynamite. They are on a roll right now. With the Revolution PPV coming up in over two weeks, they know where they are headed with the big feuds and it has led to better shows. I thought the Tag Team Title match to open the show set the tone and was the best match of the night. Some of the matches had obvious outcomes with Moxley and MJF getting wins as you would expect, but they still had competitive matches where the losers looked valiant in defeat. The Women’s Title match was very well done too. They do the Inner Circle stands tall ending too often although I get it this time because it led to Jeff Cobb showing up to set up his match with Jon Moxley next week.

I think they should have more matches announced for Revolution on February 29th because right now only two matches are official. I know other matches will be official next week, though.

The next AEW PPV is called Revolution on Saturday, February 29 in Chicago. Here’s what we know so far.

AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Jon Moxley

Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hager

That’s all for now. Cody vs. MJF is likely, but it’s not official yet.

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