TJR: The Bloodline’s 10 Best Moments Of 2022 Review

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This is a top ten list produced by WWE looking back at The Bloodline’s Best Moments of the year.

The Bloodline is the most dominant group in WWE consisting of the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Roman’s cousins the Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy & Jey), their younger brother Solo Sikoa, the “Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn and Special Counsel, “Wise Man” Paul Heyman.

They have dominated much of WWE this year, so it’s interesting to see how WWE ranks their best moments of 2022.

It was posted on WWE’s Youtube channel on December 15th. The full video is at the bottom of this post.

10. Solo Sikoa Debuts

It was at Clash at the Castle in September. Drew McIntyre hit Roman Reigns with a Claymore Kick, Drew covered, the referee counted one…two…and Solo Sikoa appeared from under the ring to pull the referee out of the ring to stop the count. Reigns would capitalize with a Spear shortly after that for the pinfall win.

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9. Sami Zayn Sacrifices Himself For Roman Reigns

Drew McIntyre was setting up Roman Reigns for a Claymore Kick on Smackdown. That led to Sami Zayn jumping in front of Reigns to take the kick for Reigns. That allowed Reigns to hit McIntyre with a Superman Punch. The scene ended there on this highlight.

8. Sami Zayn’s Distraction Saves The Usos

This was a Tag Team Title match on Smackdown on June 3rd. Matt Riddle teamed up with Shinsuke Nakamura to challenge The Usos in a match where it looked like The Usos might lose. Riddle was going for a Super RKO, but then Roman Reigns’ music hit. Riddle was distracted by that, Jey made a blind tag and hit an Uso Splash on Riddle to win. We found out that Sami Zayn played the Reigns song for the distraction. Zayn: “It worked!”

7. The Bloodline Injures Sheamus’ Arm

It was a Smackdown moment when The Usos, Solo and Zayn attacked Sheamus’ left arm with a steel chair attack by the steel steps. This would lead into WarGames at Survivor Series. It was also a way to write off Sheamus for a few weeks since he was getting married.

6. The Bloodline Wins At WrestleMania Backlash

The trio of Roman Reigns, Jey & Jimmy Uso were in a six-man tag at Backlash against Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton and Matt Riddle in a competitive match. Reigns would get the win by hitting Riddle with a Spear.

5. Jey Hasn’t Been Very “Ucey”

This was a memorable Smackdown promo where Roman Reigns was mad with Jey Uso for being angry about a lot of things. Sami Zayn had been at odds with Jey as well, but Sami showed his loyalty to the group by trying to defend Jey. Sami delivered a funny line saying that Jey hasn’t been very “Ucey” lately. That line made everybody involved laugh, including Jimmy Uso in the background covering his mouth. Reigns and Jey busted out laughing too. The fans started an “Ucey” chant for that one.

4. The Usos Win The Raw Tag Team Titles

It was on the May 20th edition of Smackdown when The Usos put up the Smackdown Tag Team Titles against Randy Orton & Matt Riddle defending their Raw Tag Team Titles in a title unification match. After a distraction from Paul Heyman, Reigns held onto his cousin to prevent a top rope move by Riddle and Jey capitalized with an Uso Splash on Riddle for the pinfall. The Usos have been Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions for the past seven months.

This was also the last match that Randy Orton wrestled this year due to the back injury he has been dealing with, which required surgery. Best wishes to Randy coming back to the ring in 2023 hopefully.

3. Sami Zayn Shows His Loyalty To The Bloodline

Let’s go back to Survivor Series last month. Sami Zayn saved Roman Reigns after Kevin Owens hit Reigns with a Stunner with Zayn holding the referee’s arm to stop te pin. Owens yelled at Zayn about it, Owen blocked a superkick from Jimmy and that allowed Zayn to hit Owens with a low blow. Zayn also gave Owens a Helluva Kick to the face. It wasn’t shown in the video, but Jey Uso would hit Owens with an Uso Splash and covered KO for the win. After the match, Zayn was hugged by Reigns, Jey and The Bloodline celebrated the win.

sami zayn roman reigns the bloodline survivor series wargames

2. Jey Uso Hugs Sami Zayn

After Survivor Series, The Bloodline was on Raw minus Reigns and Heyman, so it was The Usos, Zayn & Solo. Zayn was in the ring telling Jey that they are on the same page. Zayn initially wanted a handshake, then Jey slapped the hand and Jey gave Sami a big hug. Jimmy joined in the hug too. As for Solo, he’s not the hugging type. It was still a fun moment.

1. Roman Reigns Gifts Sami Zayn A T-Shirt

This was a memorable Smackdown moment when Sami Zayn became the Honorary Uce…in t-shirt form. At the time, Zayn was wearing “The Bloodline” shirt featuring the members of the group. Reigns questioned why Sami was wearing The Bloodline shirt and Reigns told Sami to take that shirt off. Since Sami was reluctant, Jey ripped the shirt off Zayn. At this point, some people might have thought that The Bloodline was going to attack Zayn. Nope. Reigns told Zayn he got him a new shirt. Zayn showed off the new “SZ Honorary Uce” shirt. Zayn hugged Reigns since he was excited about the gift.

sami zayn honorary uce shirt

Final Thoughts

I like a lot of the list, but I also question some of the choices. For example, Roman Reigns beating Brock Lesnar to add the WWE Title to his Universal Championship should be on here since it was the main event of WrestleMania. They have The Usos unifying the Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Titles, so why not Reigns beating Lesnar? I also think Reigns beating Lesnar in a great match at SummerSlam should definitely have made the list as well because The Usos helped Reigns win that match. With that said, they did a nice job of picking moments like Sami being gifted the “Honorary Uce” shirt and Sami saying that Jey wasn’t “feeling Ucey” which led to some laughter in the ring, so I did like that.

Overall, it’s a good list and it was fun looking back on some big moments of The Bloodline this year. I just think they could have included a few other things that were big as well.

Anyway, the video is available at the link below.


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