Ring of Honor TV for 9/6/21 Review

In the latest Ring of Honor TV review for 9/6/21, episode #520 featured three matches, two of which will determine the ROH Women’s Championship finals. Quinn McKay returns and shares the two semi-finals matches slated to take place leading to the finals at Death before Dishonor on September 12th. McKay also shares that LFI are slated to face Shane Taylor Promotions, with them having their eyes set for their six-man titles.

We then see the lead into the Alize/ Adora matchup. Adora points out what she’s looking to do to Alize, whereas Alize doesn’t think Adora will be able to catch her in order to do so.

Miranda Alize And Trish Adora Earn Tickets To Gold | ROH Wrestling
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Trish Adora vs. Miranda Alize

Adora makes her way to the ring first. Bobby Cruise reminds us that this match will have a 30-minute time limit. Alize then makes her way to the ring next after Adora. The Lucha Baddie channels those of luchadores before her as she makes her way to the ring. The two women lock up with both women in the ring, and Adora tosses Alize to the mat. Miranda Alize was overconfident coming into this match. Adora hits a hip toss and turns that into an arm drag. She then turns that into a cattle mutilation on Alize, but that’s short-lived. Alize catches Adora with a hurricanrana and then connects with a kick to Adora’s midsection. Adora is then on the receiving end of Alize’s attack. She is working on the wrist and even bites on the wrist of Adora. Alize throws a series of body shots on Adora. Adora then recovers and hits a series of pinning combinations on Alize. She then picks up Alize in a fireman’s carry, but Alize reverses that into a backstabber and a pinning attempt.

Both women are getting their offense. Alize is small, but it doesn’t prevent her from hitting moves like a delayed DDT off the middle rope. Adora recovers and throws Alize to the floor. She then hits a series of chops but is then whipped into the barricade by Alize. With the count at 19, both women make their way back in the ring. Adora hits Alize with a furry of strikes and then drives Alize down with a wristlock to the mat. Alize struggles to make it to the bottom rope as Adora has a submission choke on her. Alize then has the Miranda rights on Adora in the middle of the ring. Adora counters but is caught with a kick to the head. Alize then makes a pinfall attempt but only a count of two.

Trish Adora has Alize on her shoulders and hits a Samoan drop on Alize. Adora then locks in cattle mutilation, but Alize continues to move around. She then hits Adora with a kick to the back of the head. Alize then hits a ripcord knee and hits a cutter, and then hits a drive-by on Adora. Adora is caught in the Miranda rights on Adora. Trish has no choice but to tap.

Winner via submission and advancing to the finals: Miranda Alize

After the match, the code of honor is adhered to by both women.

Angelina Love then gives a promo, saying that regardless of what the brackets set up happens to be, she was set to face a monster. She says Rok-C will be her last stepping stone. Much like Love said earlier, Rok-C has been alive less time than Angelina Love has been wrestling.

Rok-C vs. Angelina Love

Rok-C makes her way to the ring first. Lenny Leonard, Ian Riccaboni, and Chelsea Green are all on commentary for this final semi-finals match. Angelina Love then comes to the match next. Angelina Love is favoring her shoulder after the beating she received last week at the hands of Max the Impaler. Love is barely living her left arm, giving Rok-C a target to work on before the match. Love denies shaking Rok-C’s hand in a code of honor. Angelina is attempting to fight this match with one arm. She is having a hard time making a pinning attempt using both arms. Rok-C is trying to work on Angelina’s shoulder, who manages to avoid it.

Both women are on the outside, but Angelina Love has the advantage over Rok-C. Every time Rok-C tries to fight back, Angelina tries to maintain control. But Rok-C hits a side Russian leg sweep on Angelina Love. Both women get to their feet. They are exchange forearms in the middle of the ring. Love then pokes the eye. But it only temporarily slows down Rok-C, who hits her with an array of moves. When it appears as though Angelina was putting Rok-C away, the protege counters it. She then has Angelina in the cross face. She then hits a Fujimura armbar and makes Angelina Love tap!

Winner and advancing to the finals, Rok-C

The finals are set, with Miranda Alize set to face Rok-C for the ROH Women’s Championship on September 12th at Death before Dishonor.

We then see the matches scheduled The OGK against the Briscoes, LFI against Shane Taylor Promotions, Woods vs. Gresham, a fatal four-way for the ROH World Title.

Before the match, Shane Taylor Promotions hopes to end it with LFI and their hopes to capture the ROH Six-Man championships.

Shane Taylor Promotions vs. La Faccion Ingobernable

Upon both teams’ announcement, LFI are giving up nearly 200 ibs as a faction. The match doesn’t even get to the ring as all eight men battle on the floor. Security comes out and separates both teams in hopes of resorting order. All eight men are in the ring, and Kenny King starts off against Moses. King suckers Moses, and he’s hit with a right first. Dragon Lee then comes into the ring, and he battles Kaun. Both men exchange forearms in the middle of the ring. Lee maintains control of Kaun temporarily. Kaun then falls to the floor, and Lee attacks him, but the rest of STP attacks Lee. Bestia del Ring comes and protects his son Dragon Lee. O’Shay and Bestia battle one another hard. O’Shay Edwards takes Bestia del Ring out of the ring.

Eventually, Rush and Shane Taylor Promotions come at one another hot and heavy. Dragon Lee comes to the aid of Rush. Bestia del Ring clips members of STP. In the ring, Taylor tries to make the pin, but the referee is pulled out. With his opposition appears hurt outside the ring, Kenny King kicks Shane Taylor in a low blow and goes for the pin for the three count and the win.

Winners: La Faccion Ingobernable

After the match, LFI stand tall over a beaten Shane Taylor in the center of the ring.


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