Ring Of Honor TV – Episode #517 Review

This past week’s show features a ten-man tag between the all-stars and champions and the final match of the first round of the ROH Women’s Championship. The show begins with a breakdown of the results of all the first-round matches of the tournament. Then, Ian Riccaboni shares how the tournament’s final match is between Max The Impaler and Holidead.

Holidead shares how she was trained by Gangrel and has been all over the world and competed in promotions such as EVE and Stardom, but it is in the US, but she doesn’t feel she gets any respect. During her promo, she shares what she plans to do in this match against Max. We then see the management behind Max The Impaler Amy Rose. Rose doesn’t shy away in saying what Max will do in her match against Holidead.
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Max The Impaler vs. Holidead

As the match is set to begin, we see Holidead’s list of victories, including against current AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker. Amy Rose then leads Max The Impaler, who is coming from The Wasteland and an intimidating force. Max The Impaler, for those that haven’t seen her, presents an intimidating presence about her. With both women in the ring, the match goes to a commercial break.

As the match resumes, Amy Rose attempts to shake hands with Holidead, but Max’s eyes are pointed out as being the most frightening about his monster of a competitor. Both women lock up, but neither gets the advantage. Holidead lays in a series of forearms that do nothing to Max. They neither put in a dent in each other. Max regains control slamming Holidead and allows her to get to her feet. But Max sits up akin to that of The Undertaker. The two competitors exchange clotheslines, with neither getting the better of the other. Holidead eventually goes down to the mat. Max then has Holidead resting between the ropes and pulls on her time and time again. The much larger Max is stalking Holidead. However, Holidead fights off Max’s attack. The commentary team feels that the longer the match goes, the better it would suit Max. Max then lifts Holidead and tosses her across the ring in a release suplex.

After a commercial, Max The Impaler impales Holidead’s face into the match after holding both of her arms. She then picks up Holidead, who reverses it into a DDT. Holidead attempts a pin but only gets a one count. Max recovers and hits a spear on Holidead. Holidead then hits a German release suplex on Max. Holidead then hits a tope on Max through the ropes. Holidead then gets Max into the ring and signals that this is the end. She butterflies the arms but has it reversed by Max. However, she catches Max with a spinebuster. Holidead climbs the top rope but misses a top rope leg drop. Max is back on her feet and hits a backbreaker setting her up for The Wasteland finisher for the pin and the three count.

Winner: Max The Impaler

Max will face Angelina Love in the Quarterfinals. After the break, the Champions versus All-Stars match is slated to take place. Once back from break, we see Matt Taven and how his happiness is now his greatest source of anger. Finally, we see how the split with him and Vincent and that he will take him out in their last stand against one another.
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Champions vs. All-Stars

First to the ring are the all-stars. ‘The Mercenary’ Flip Gordon comes to the ring first. He is followed by Mark and Jay Briscoe, the former multi-time Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions. Next out is ‘the Technical Beast’ Josh Woods. They are followed by EC3, ‘the Essential Character.’ Of all five men, Flip Gordon remains on the floor with all the faces awaiting their opposition.

After the commercial break, the champions begin to make their way to the ring. First out is the ROH World Television Champion, Dragon Lee. Lee is followed by VLNCE UNLTD’s Homicide and Chris Dickinson, the ROH World Tag Team Champions. Next out is ROH Pure Wrestling Champion, ‘The Octopus’ Jonathan Gresham. Finally, the ROH World Champion, Bandido, is last to make his way out to the ring.

Woods and Gresham start off the match for their respective teams. Both men jockey for position with Gresham trying to size up Woods, who allows him to grab his leg. It seems like the two are busy playing with one another. Where respect was initially given, that is out the window. Dickinson is tagged in the ring, and he and Woods attempt to square up with one another. Dickinson is on his back and attempts to tie in an ankle lock on Woods, who gets out of it. Dickinson is on his back and then gets to his feet. Woods then tags in Mark Briscoe, who tags in Dragon Lee. Lee and Mark Briscoe exchange blows with one another. Jay Briscoe is tagged in, and together the brothers work over Dragon Lee. EC3 is then tagged in, and he hits a neckbreaker on Dragon Lee. Flip Gordon tags himself in the ring, and he goes at Dragon Lee. Both Gordon and EC3 are staring at one another going into a commercial.

Dragon Lee manages to tag Dickinson in the ring, and he takes the fight to Gordon. Gordon tags in Josh Woods, who hits a suplex on Dickinson. Homicide then throws out Woods, and the tag team champions, and the top contenders take the fight to each other. Woods is then pushed into the corner of the champions, and Gresham is tagged in. Gresham hits a DDT on Woods and makes a pinning attempt. EC3 is tagged in, and he measures up Gresham. A tag is then made to Jay Briscoe. Briscoe and Gresham exchange punches. Mark Briscoe is tagged in and continues the assault on Gresham. EC3 is then tagged in, and Flip Gordon makes a blind tag in the ring. An accidental spear by EC3 on Gordon leads to an advantage by the champions.

All hell breaks loose as all ten men make their way. Bandido and Gordon are the legal men in the ring. Lee and Bandido showed a mutual respect for one another. But Mark Briscoe hits a dropkick on the world champion. Dickinson hits a move followed by Dragon Lee. The action is nearly impossible to call. Homicide hits a Uranagi on Gordon. Gordon then hits the Flipfly, but Homicide kicks out. He then hits a piledriver on Homicide. He makes a pinfall for the three count and the win.

Winners: All-Stars

After the match, Gordon stares down his teammates who are leaving the ring. The show ends with a build to the upcoming Glory By Honor two-night event on August 20th and 21st in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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