Lucha Underground Review 05/04/16 by Mark McAllen

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Taped in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California this is Lucha Underground for Season 2 – Episode 15.

I’ve been very busy the past few days, so that’s why this review is going up a little later than expected.

Catrina walks into Dario Cueto’s office to demand that Mil Muertes gets a rematch for the Lucha Underground Title, since their title match two weeks ago ended in a no contest. Catrina and Cueto argue for a little bit over who truly won that match, before Cueto grants Mil his rematch against his brother Matanza. It will be next week in a Grave Consequences Match, which is pretty much Lucha Underground’s term for a Coffin Match. Catrina is delighted by this news since Grave Consequences is Mil’s specialty, according to Catrina. Cueto says next week’s Grave Consequences will be different than usual because there will be 4 coffins’ available for use. Catrina leaves and tells Cueto that after next week’s match, there will be no question as to who really won the fight.

Mexican rock band Bang Data kick off this week’s episode with their musical stylings as our commentators Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us back to The Temple. Striker lets us know that tonight is all about Gift of the Gods because every match will be for one of the ancient Aztec medallions. Texano, Aerostar and Cage currently hold Aztec medallions, so there are 4 more up for grabs.

Marty vs Mack

Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. The Mack (Winner earns one of the seven Aztec medallions)

Marty exits the ring while Mack makes his entrance, but Mack wastes no time as he dives over the top ropes onto Marty. He throws Marty back in the ring and hits him with a series of suplexes. Mack throws Marty into the ropes, but Marty counters a nails Mack with a running dropkick. Now in control, Marty suplexes Mack into the second turnbuckle. He goes for the cover, but Mack kicks out at two. Mack starts to slowly gain control. He hits Marty with a couple powerslams and a big leg drop. He hits Marty with his signature stunner and then an airplane spin into a stunner. He covers Marty for the win after four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: The Mack

Evaluation: Pretty generic and short match. Really nothing special about it. Neither of them stood out.


Catrina is backstage with King Cuerno. He has a match against Sinestro de la Muerte for one of the Aztec medallions. Cuerno tells Catrina that “tonight, your disciple is my prey.” He also lets her know that if Mil gets the LU Title back, he won’t make the same mistake he made last time; meaning he’ll capitalize on possessing the Gift of the Gods Title and take the LU Title away from Mil. Cuerno: “The hunt is on.”

Sexy Star is called to Cueto’s office. Cueto tells Sexy that he respects her and he knows something bad happened to her because he’s seen a change in her eyes. He compares the look in her eyes to the look in his eyes many years ago. He tells Sexy how him and his brother were captives from his mother who would torture them. He said she didn’t stop until they stood up and said “no more.” He said that tonight Sexy will do the same to Mariposa. Sexy has a match against mariposa tonight for one of the Aztec medallions and Cueto says that it will be a No Mas Match; meaning that the only way to win is to make your opponent say “no mas.” Cueto gives Sexy some advice though. He tells her to not stop once she makes Mariposa yell “no mas.” He wants Sexy to inflict the same pain on Mariposa that Mariposa inflicted on her. Sexy agrees with Cueto and tells him she understands.

Evaluation: Heel turn alert. Sexy possibly teaming up with Cueto as a pawn in his Temple sounds interesting. Let’s see if Sexy follows through with Cueto’s orders and if it turns her to the “dark side.”


Sinestro de la Muerte w/Catrina vs. King Cuerno (Winner earns one of the seven Aztec medallions)

It’s felt like a long time since we’ve seen King Cuerno in action. It’s good to have him back in the ring. Cuerno dominates the action as he hits Sinestro with dropkicks forcing Sinestro to retreat to ringside. Cuerno looks to hit Sinestro with a suicide dive, but before he can perform the dive Catrina gets on the apron and hits Cuerno over the head with that rock she carries around. Sinestro hits a dazed Cuerno with a springboard leg drop to the back of the head. He goes for a pin and gets the three count after about two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Sinestro de la Muerte

Post-match, Catrina looks to give Cuerno her signature “lick of death.” She teases it, but instead punches Cuerno in the face.

Evaluation: That was disappointing. I was hoping for an actual match between these two, but it barely got going. I don’t like how Cuerno went out so easily. He’s taken and kicked out of much worse this season, so I was surprised when he didn’t kick out this time.

Mascarita Sagrada is lifting backstage. He’s interrupted by Famous B who tells Sagrada he set up the biggest match of the century for him. His opponent holds one of the Aztec medallions and once Sagrada beats him, he’ll be “famous.” That match is up next.


Chavo Guerrero barges into Cueto’s office angry that he doesn’t have a match for one of the medallions. He asks Cueto why and Cueto answers him by saying he doesn’t think Chavo deserves it. He tells Chavo that when he got a shot at the LU Title he got hurt, and that he lost Aztec Warfare twice. Cueto: “You don’t exactly seize opportunities, so I’m done giving them to you.” Chavo furiously exits the office.

As Melissa Santos is starting to do the introductions for the next match, she gets interrupted by Famous B who is accompanied by Beautiful Brenda. He introduces himself to the audience and tells people to call him at 423-GET-FAME. Famous B then introduces his new client, Mascarita Sagrada. I guess Famous B is Sagrada’s personal ring announcer in addition to his manager. Cage enters next as he’s going to be Sagrada’s opponent. He’ll be defending his medallion in this match.

Cage vs Sagrada

Mascarita Sagrada w/Famous B & Beautiful Brenda vs. Cage (Winner earns one of the seven Aztec medallions)

“Please don’t kill him” chants from the crowd. Sagrada gets in a little bit of offense, but it’s really because Cage isn’t trying and he’s just sort of shoeing Sagrada away. Sagrada goes to the top rope with the intention of hitting a cross body? For being one of the “best little men in history” that wasn’t too smart. Cage of course catches him and before he does anything to Sagrada he says, “I’m sorry. It’s his (Famous B’s) fault.”He puts Sagrada on his shoulders and just sort of launches him in the air, landing hard on the mat. Cage goes for the cover and picks up the win in slightly under a minute.

Winner by pinfall: Cage

Post-match, Cage checks on Sagrada feeling bad about what he had to do. While he’s checking on Sagrada, Chavo snakes in the ring and takes Cage’s medallions out of the referee’s hand. Famous B sees this and tells cage he got robbed. Once Cage realizes this he chases Chavo backstage.

Evaluation: That was pretty silly. The only point of this match was to start a feud between Cage and Chavo. I don’t like when feuds start or revolve around “you stole this from me, so give it back!” I always thought it was a lame route to take. I’m also not a big fan of Chavo and what he’s been doing this season. He’s not really bringing much to The Temple.


It’s main event time.

No Mas Match: Mariposa vs. Sexy Star (Winner earns one of the seven Aztec medallions)

As they do every week, the El Rey Network’s YouTube channel uploaded this week’s main event in its entirety. You can watch the full match below.

This will be the first No Mas match in Lucha Underground history. The only way to win is to force your opponent to say “no mas.” The bell rings and we’re underway! Mariposa slams Sexy to the mat and hits her with a quick running elbow drop. Mariposa works on Sexy in the corner until Sexy counters and hits Mariposa with three consecutive suplexes (Eddie Guerrero ‘three amigos’ style). Sexy puts Mariposa in a single leg Boston Crab, but to no avail as Mariposa does not give up. Mariposs puts Sexy into a submission of her own, but Sexy refuses to say “no mas.”

The action is taken outside as Sexy jumps off the apron on top of Mariposa. They brawl at ringside until Mariposa gets a steel chair and starts chocking her with it. She throws several chairs at Sexy but she still doesn’t give up. Sexy battles back and now gets her hands on a chair. While Mariposa’s sitting on the floor, Sexy wedges a steel chair in between her legs. Grabbing another chair, she runs at Mariposa and hits her steel chair with the one in between Mariposa’s legs. Sexy and Mariposa start taking their fight around The Temple as Mariposa drags Sexy up the steps by her hair. She also tears at Sexy’s mask. Sexy fights back and both her and Mariposa climb all the way up to the rafters at the top of the building. While in the rafters, Mariposa chokes Sexy by pushing her neck into one of the steel handrails. While Mariposa’s doing this, Sexy’s legs are dangling off the rafters. It’s now when you can see Sexy’s been busted open. Sexy refuses to say no mas, so Mariposa drags her back onto the rafters looking to inflict more damage.

Sexy gets out of Mariposa’s clutches and escapes the rafters, heading back down towards the ring. Mariposa’s brothers Marty “The Moth” Martinez sneaks up behind Sexy and begins to intimidate her. The Mack comes to Sexy’s aid as he shows up behind Marty. Marty and Mack begin brawling in the crowd while Sexy and Mariposa are doing the same. Sexy and Mariposa get back to ringside as Mariposa lifts Sexy up by her legs and starts swinging her into the announce table multiple times. Sexy still has fight though as she kicks at Mariposa and hits her over the head with a trash can.

They get back in the ring and Sexy throws Mariposa into the ropes. Sexy looks for a big clothesline, but Mariposa counters and puts Sexy into a submission. The referee asks Sexy if she gives up and she replies, “f**k you! F**k you Mariposa! F**k you!” Sexy gets out of Mariposa’s submission and jumps on Mariposa’s back, choking her out. Just as Mariposa seems to be fading, Marty gets in the ring and interferes. Mack follows behind him and hits Marty with the stunner. Sexy puts Mariposa in a cross arm-bar and Mariposa has no choice but to yell “no mas!” The match lasted 16 minutes.

Winner: Sexy Star

Post-match, Sexy Star keeps the cross arm-bar on Mariposa. The referee tries getting Sexy off her, but Sexy gets up, throws the ref to down, and puts Mariposa back in the cross arm-bar. She eventually lets go and tosses Mariposa out of the ring. The Mack hands Sexy her Aztec medallion and raises her hand.

Evaluation: That was a really fun main event. You don’t see hardcore female matches in televised wrestling too often, so this was a unique change of pace. They told a great story throughout the match and the crowd was really behind Sexy, especially when she started dropping the f-bombs on Mariposa. Sexy did as Cueto said and kept her submission on Mariposa, but it didn’t feel like a heel turn at all. It just felt like Sexy finally getting her redemption.

Game Ball goes to…

Sexy Star – She was excellent in the main event and got a nice moment in winning an Aztec medallion. She was the star of tonight’s episode for sure.

Final Thoughts

– The three matches that were on before the main event, lasted under 7 minutes combined. They should never have 4 matches on LU. Every time they do it ends up just being a meh show.

– I like Famous B and think he has potential as a manager, but I don’t like how he’s being used as more of a jokey manager who puts Sagrada in unwinnable matches.

– As mentioned above, I think Cuerno went down for the count way too easily as he’s proven in the past he could take much more.

– I can’t say I’m excited at all for a Chavo/Cage feud. I’m not a fan of Chavo’s and as I mentioned, the “you stole this from me, give it back” way of creating a rivalry is lame to me.

– Sexy Star and Mariposa were great. I think the main event saved tonight’s episode from being a complete stinker. Up until that point it was the worst episode of Lucha Underground this season.


That’s it for me. Thanks for reading. If you like Lucha Underground and have other friends who enjoy the show too, then give this review a share. I appreciate any thoughts or conversation in the comment section below.

Pictures used above are courtesy of Lucha Underground.